What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Zornfast is over and I eat without hunger again… Well I had a tiny borderline one since some minutes… But it was 3pm and it’s not bad for the first meal on TMAD.

I like to start with soup but I had none so I used the next best thing, spicy egg milk. I wasn’t shy with the portion this time and realized that my beer mug is easy to put into my newer, bigger microwave oven (my egg milks never get hot enough for the first try, I can’t use hot water as it has raw eggs and they shouldn’t change too much in the process).
Boiled eggs (I will stop that for a while now… not my fav and I overused it lately :smiley: but it’s so convenient and it’s egg so it’s still good), sausage and a generous amount of egg stew.

This is for 2 meals, I barely had some egg stew and it’s good as it’s quite carby (onions and tomato puree). I plan to do some proper carnivore already but my SO made egg stew from 20 eggs… And it’s fine for me.

I made some garlic crumbles too, let’s call it that, it’s the closest translation I can do… But I got satiated when it got ready so I will eat that later.
The boiled egg (leftover from the ones in the first photo) shows my preferred yolk:white ratio. The other half of the yolks is in the crumbles :slight_smile:

I ate these all except half of the egg stew. And had several coffees with cream, some fried beef liver and more sausage but those weren’t much. It’s a pretty good day for me but I can’t eat this little for long. (About 1400 kcal, below 20g net carbs, adequate protein! :scream: :slight_smile: )


Dinner… Just a Salad, that continued to build. Ham, Cheese, Hard Salami, Pepperoni, Lettuce & Tomato. A small bowl of Greek Yogurt w/ Black Berries, Cream Soda Zevia and Sunflower Seeds.



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My magic purple beans from the garden turn green when cooked! :purple_heart::green_heart: I included other garden produce with plenty of greens. Then I added 5 eggs and butter to make it a meal. Couldn’t quite finish, gotta love the satiety signals from real food!


I had the same happen with purple radishes - they turned a dirty white. Tasted fine though, as I am sure your beans did.

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I didn’t know that happened with radishes! Interesting. Yes the beans were really tasty. It’s a funny commentary on “Eat the Rainbow” really :smile:


Purple asparagus stay purple, so does purple chard. I think it’s just some things that change.


Yep, radishes fade, I almost never cook them though. Purple cabbage becomes dark blue and it makes scrambled eggs turquise, it’s so weird :smiley:
Beetroot loses some of its color but last time it was cooked for longer for a reason and it lost even more. It was dirty, gray-ish, still a bit purple but nothing like its original color.

I never saw purple beans but the change was shocking, it’s nothing like the original…

There is a funny mushroom that has a nice, shiny, grayish purple cap and it’s orange otherwise. I think it becomes some deep purple…? It changes drastically. Lots of mushrooms change color, like from yellow to bright light or dark blue after a cut…

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:astonished: My purple asparagus always loses its colour with cooking! Makes the cooking juice an incredible magenta colour, but still… Ripped off!

that’s my breakfast. Lamb steak and dandelion, sorrel and Zucchini flowers, a tomato on the side. Really really good while listening to Ben Bikman.


I used to grow asparagus for our own use - a couple of kinds of green ones, and some purple and white ones. The white ones are a lot more labor intensive, but worth it to me. Our purple colored the liquids but still looked purple. Purple seemed the sweetest to me, white the juiciest and most delicate flavor, and while I still like green asparagus, they seemed to taste too much like chlorophyll - until the stand was several years old and the shoots were very thick. That improved flavor a lot.


Lunch… Ground Hamburger, with some Fried up Onions and Mushrooms, with Alfredo Sauce & Grated Parmesan on top. Cream Soda and some Sunflower Seeds.



Bad light conditions met my bad gastro photo skills… But here is what I put together for today. What I ate isn’t exactly like this, of course.
I went for low-fat :slight_smile: Did I mention I plan to be a blood plasma donor in the near future and low-carb day before donating is a requirement? It doesn’t need to be super low so I probably can pull it off (I can fast too but I usually like eating every day and in the afternoon so it doesn’t work that I eat at noon and donate a day later). But I always was interested what happens on a low-fat keto day (I had one but only one) but it’s tricky for me as I like my fat:protein ratio pretty much fixed. But even I like some leaner stuff. Like liver! That wasn’t as dark as in the photo as usual…

Beef liver (I couldn’t eat it all), egg stew (I started this bowl yesterday and I barely touched it today…), cheesy egg white things (I find them boring at this point especially without sausage but that would defeat the purpose :smiley: and it’s quick to eat them, mostly egg whites, after all. 2 remained), quark dessert (I finished this and made another half portion). Not in the picture: some experimental and pretty much failed but edible “sponge cakes” (they were flat like a harmonium in The sirens of Titan. sometimes I don’t fully think through my experiments and I totally blame my new microwave too. the oven was busy :)). That’s 4 more eggs.

Alas, I never can show what and how much I ate unless I recreate it afterwards.

But I didn’t eat this little since long and I wasn’t this stuffed since ages. I do it better the next time.


Whiting and Brussel Sprouts. Also ate a few Almonds, and some Sunflower Seeds.



Lunch, and possible OMAD… Bacon, Eggs and Sausage Links and Patties.



Dinner… With the Wife not feeling well & the Son eating some left-overs from last night, I just did some simple Chaffles again. One with Smoked Vienna’s and the other Ham, Cheese, Hard Salami and Mayo.


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I did it! I ate chopped liver. I’ve been wanting to try more non-muscle meats but faced my resistance with the unfamiliar. I’m pleased I achieved both the cooking and eating for the fastbreak meal today. While I didn’t love the taste, I made sure the sauce and accompanying things were very tasty- yoghurt, lemon juice, salt, olive oil, tomatoes, zucchini flowers and onion because I can eat more veg/carbs than others.

The most interesting thing is that it is highly satiating! More than anything I’ve had and this is not a big plate. I was out for dinner last night and I could feel my metabolism being affected, but not too much. I resisted the birthday cake (because it didn’t look that nice, and the baker mentioned there were 3 cups of sugar in the icing recipe ).
Whatever my body craved today it got it.


Pretty food!

Congrats! :smiley: Liver is very common food here, I can get it anywhere, at least chicken or pork liver (while I need to travel a lot for some beef, for example. or arrive when the butcher’s shop opens in the morning, maybe).

I like liver but some onions do good indeed, especially when the liver is bitter. I feel it a bit bitter except beef liver, that’s quite sweet to me.

It’s satiating indeed though I never could get satiated with the little amount of liver I can eat. A little goes a long way and spice up my eating, helping with satiation in the process :smiley:
But I like the taste unlike many others. Not my fav meat but something special and I have it almost every week.

But I thought about eating it differently from just frying it or making it into pâté… Sauce, you say? I am not familiar with sauces except tomato sauce with pizza sauce and onions in it, my eggs in purgatory are great in that, that dish is combining some of my biggest favs! :smiley:
Yogurt is just water with some sugar to me and liver is already lean so I could start with some sour cream or whipping cream, maybe…


If you add salt, make sure you add it after cooking. It tends to make liver hard and dry. Try soaking it in some cream for a while before cooking for better texture. And don’t overcook it. Liver can be really tender. And, yes, it’s the most satiating food out there, I agree. And the one and only superfood, chuck-full of wonderful nutrients.

And if you have dogs or cats, the cream left after soaking over their food is a much appreciated and healthy additive.


Lunch… Beef Liver, Fried Onions and Fried Eggs. Also an Almond Milk and some Sunflower Seeds.



Dinner… Delmonico Steak and Fried Mushrooms



Steak, stuffed Anaheim pepper, mushrooms.