What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Started out Butter Frying some Mushrooms, with Garlic, Red wine Vinegar and Sea Salt. Then added about 10 oz. of Ground Hamburger, with a trace of Taco Sauce. Added this to a Large Salad with Sour Cream. Pulled out the Pork Rinds to top the Salad, but decided to eat a few with Cream Cheese Dip. Then the Wife brought me some Pickles and Olives, and lastly some Bacon we fried up the other day.

IMG_7357 IMG_7358

IMG_7359 IMG_7360


Dinner… Plate of Cheese, Pepperoni & Greek Yogurt with Black Berries. Then 2 Fish from Arby’s.




Looks great! I like such colorful soups :slight_smile:
For some reason, I can’ mix meat and veggies. I either eat vegetable soup or chicken soup (chicken, salt, water, just perfect for me)… But the mixed version was nice when I was a kid… Then came my vegetarian or close decades and then on/off carnivore.
Poached eggs suit both type of soups, of course, I love eggs and they are good in almost anything (not in seitan and I wouldn’t put it into my tea either).

I have some chicken soup here, among others:

Soup with little meat in it, eggs in purgatory, egg sandwiches (boiled egg halves, cheese, sausage), some little lean pork.

I did it again: shot a tray and managed to eat only part of it (I can eat a ton on other times…). I finished most of the leftovers 8 hours later but I had a little other stuff too like my golden milk. It’s not sooo pretty in the mug it is made, it messes the mug up, one day I will make an extra glass dirty just to show it sigh

The next day I roasted pork (ribs without the ribs? it must be some meat near the ribs) and an hour later I put chicken skin into the oven pan next to my half-ready pork. The skin is from the frame minus breast bone (we call it like… “behind-back” in Hungarian and it includes the neck too. at least it did last time) as I dislike super fatty soups. Enough fat was left.
So these are the results and 170g rendered fat, what will I do with it I don’t have any idea… I use very little added fat, no need and can’t afford so much fat, I typically overeat it anyway.

The pork looked like this half-ready (just a small piece, not even 2 pounds after I ate a slice that was separated so 1 hour was enough):

I am not sure I like this very much… Baked/fried into oblivion, at least… It’s my favorite cooking method but this meat had stripes: too lean meat stripes and fat tissue stripes. I prefer somewhat marbled things so I stick to pork chuck, I think (I have a decent sized piece in my fridge, 2.2kg, I won’t figure out it in pounds. 90dkg was easy to convert in my head :)).
Well, still good, I just prefer chuck or shoulders :slight_smile:

I will try to shot my OMAD meals, I never ever went close (somehow I never manage to eat most of it and not a bunch of other things after photo) but I don’t give it up.


Lunch and OMAD… Ran out to get a Covid shot earlier, and came back and ate some Pork Rinds with Cream Cheese, then had a couple Hamburgers with Cheese, Sausage Links and Fried Eggs. Almonds




Making proper food photos is still challenging but I finally shot my OMAD meal and ate it!
And some coffee and vanilla flavored mascarpone dessert (I wrote down all the ingredients :D). I love that.

And I had 2 bowls of broth previously. So it’s not clean OMAD but good enough for me. My broth was almost no calories, I don’t like it fatty.

My golden milk (egg, water, salt, pepper, turmeric, ginger - I am unsure if it’s needed but it’s in the original - and mascarpone as I don’t have cream now), 2 soft-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs with bacon and sour cream (the bacon was just as useless as the decorative veggies, I better stick to the brand I found once and I liked it, it’s not even expensive, tiny bacon cubes are way cheaper), a slice of smoked cheese and a small tower of my fried pork :smiley:

I guessed my macros (it’s never particularly accurate with fatty meat)… 87g protein (unusually low but it’s carnivore-ish OMAD. yesterday it was 170 but 87 is enough for me, theoretically. it hardly can satiate me well enough) and 106g fat (super low, I am mildly impressed. and this is with my fatty meat and mascarpone :D). And low enough carbs, somewhere below 10g and that’s great.

I am not particularly satiated, no wonder but I am not hungry since the first few bites and I will be quite fine I guess. I will eat more protein and less added fat tomorrow. I mean the mascarpone as I didn’t use any added fat, in the contrary, actually as I rendered out fat from my meat.
My beloved sour cream may stay, it was little. I probably could eat a ton of it all alone but I learned some moderation somewhere on the line (and a ton of it probably wouldn’t feel so good either).


Pork loin

covered with bacon

Wrapped snugly in foil and in the oven at 175 for 6-8 hours

The roast, accompanied with

extra hot horseradish, my new favorite. I mix it with some sour cream to make a hot, creamy condiment. It was good.


Tried out a new Chaffle idea today… Came out pretty good. (Will post it below) I had the Wife boil me some Eggs last night, (18) to try some stuff with, but I actually forgot about them until late in the night. So just made up some Egg-Salad. Just Mayo for hers, but added Sea Salt and Old Bay in the rest.

IMG_7386 IMG_7388

Today’s Chaffle test…

  • 2 large Eggs
  • 2 tbsp. Mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp. Coconut Flour
  • 2 tbsp. Almond Milk
  • 2 tbsp. Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1/4 tsp. Baking Powder

Tried 6 min., and a 5 min. Both came out pretty good, but the 5 minute was softer, more bread like.


Just my lunch (minus another pancake filled with my usual coffee and vanilla flavored mascarpone… I can’t get bored of that, and there was another egg and some broth):

Fried thing (after it got solid in the microwave, next time I just use the pan), let’s call it garlic bread. It’s a close relative of my pancake, the same ingredients just garlic powder and some other spices are added too and it’s denser. It’s a long and very much not keto story but I made some zwieback due to an accident, it was my idea to mitigate the problems and it was a huge success, I think, my SO didn’t taste it yet and he isn’t into crunchy things like me. But the garlic butter was so very tasty that I wanted some garlic thing myself. Even if it’s not crunchy (or buttery at all). The next time I will make keto bread, I will make zwiebacks too. Unless I figure out how to make eggs crunchy. I know I probably can’t do it carnivore in the near future and it’s fine but I still want my biscuit/toast like thing very, very eggy.

Tuna deviled eggs, huge success! My SO find eggs and fish a weird combo but it’s wonderful to me. And I don’t like most fishes especially lean ones. But tuna is different and while it’s no good for me alone, mixed with egg boiled yolks, sour cream and mustard it becomes great!
Some leftover roasted pork and a cheese filled pancake.
About 940 kcal, it was enough at 1pm. I had a similar sized dinner.


Dinner… Wife made Spinach & Cheese stuffed, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast. Added Pepperoni, Cheese, Pickles, Olives and Egg Salad. Also a side of Greek Yogurt with Black Berries. Cream Soda.



I get the hang of this!
I mean, actually making photos about my (planned) meals, it takes some work as I often make or decide on my 3rd course after I have eaten my first 2… But I better plan when I want to ensure OMAD anyway.
The quality still could be better but I am rather in the mood to improve my flower shots :smiley:

Chicken soup, cheese whisps, a piece of brie, deviled eggs (I made another batch, this tuna flavor is great. my SO never fails to mention humankind eats too much of them but it’s our first can since many months and it’s normal for us except when we avoid fish altogether. I am innocent in people being too numerous and selfish. he ate his tuna pizza just fine the other day, even thanked me. oh yes, I came such a long way, making 2 smallish pizza and not eating any), the last pieces of my roasted pork and fried chicken skin (they needed some more time to be crispy and the pan contained some not fried enough onions no one ate so they are on the plate too. fried properly, obviously). My meat isn’t black, my artificial light kitchen shots often makes my meat so dark… It is roasted to oblivion, yes but it’s not charcoal…

It’s a too small meal even after yesterday (when I ate more so I probably matched my energy need) but I have some pancake dough and fillings for them :smiley: As I planned some, maybe the usual 5 but then I wanted tuna deviled eggs galore…

Oh it seems I forgot to bring a pretty one yesterday… Here. It’s so great, all have different patterns :slight_smile:

I go to eat my food soon. 6pm is near but my real hunger is as distant as usual. I have some cute not bothering borderline hunger since hours but eating would have resulted in a series of small meals and I prefer one (or two) bigger ones. It’s Zornfast and I wanted to try carni OMAD for reasons. It’s nice to meet my hunger sometimes anyway, I usually eat when satiated or just not satiated but not hungry at all, sometimes when borderline hungry but not really…


Lunch… Cooked up some Sausage Links and Fried up some Eggs in Rao’s Sauce.

IMG_7392 IMG_7391


(Ashley) #3722

One of my easy meal go to. Ground beef with some spices (garlic, cumin, chili powder)some shredded cheese and a few tablespoons of sour cream. Isn’t pretty but it’s super filling


I make that too, for a quick lunch some days. It looks awful but tastes really good. My latest version has some horseradish in it.

(Ashley) #3724

I just love how quick it is to make! I make a few lbs at a time and jus eat lunches with it or freeze the rest!


Dinner… Top Sirloin, Dungeness Crab and Haddock.




(Jane) #3726

Instant pot roast and cauliflower rice with onion, mushrooms, asparagus and lots of butter and cream

The key to cauliflower rice is to get it drained very well. I line a small colander with paper towels and put the cooked cauli rice in. Then put another layer of paper towels on top and use a bowl (slightly smaller than colander) and press down until no water comes out.


Lunch… 6 Scrambled Eggs, Fried Spam and Sausage Links.



The cauli rice is so pretty :slight_smile: I haven’t tasted cauliflower since ages but I was too much into it when I started keto…I am too lazy to drain anything ever (and our real rice is super wet too) but I fry everything anyway (once when I was a kid, Mom made mashed potato. I fried it) especially cauliflower. Only making it into small pieces is a chore. It’s not like we have already riced cauliflower here…
But I would try yours :smiley: I am curious what my tastebuds would do with cauliflower. It would be probably neutral but with onions, butter and cream… I would like it :slight_smile:
Nice looking food, even the plate is very pretty.

I have no photos today but I had very much not keto friendly items anyway. It was keto to me but I don’t really need those, they just were there, being good… I need to feed my inner rebel sometimes :wink: If almost all of my off days will be keto and they will be rare, I will be very pleased with myself, it’s the most I can expect from myself but it’s more than enough.


Dinner… Just made a Taco Salad.



Lunch… Went with more Chaffles… except I forgot to add the Mayo. :disappointed: but it still worked ok. Had one with Smoked Vienna’s and the other with Ham, Cheese and Hard Salami w/ Mayo.

IMG_7403 IMG_7404