What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Lunch & possibly OMAD? - Still Chafflle-ing… Sausage Links, sliced Cheddar Cheese & Egg Chaffle.



Ended up eating a large Salad with Chopped Steak, Mushrooms and Fried Onions. So TMAD today. … You can usually no longer see the Salad itself after I add in all the meats and such, so Wife said take a pic before adding all the rest. Topped with Cheeses and Sour Cream. Used a little Thousand Islands.

IMG_7298 IMG_7301


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First lamb steak all pretty with things picked from my garden, second steak is exactly the same but a little messier. What a delicious midday breakfast. I cooked another 3 large lamb steaks to take away with me…
Can you tell I’m about to go away for 2 nights with a bunch of vegetarians? Lol

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Hello all … yep, still here! Here is a non-raw meal.

22oz Chuck Eye
8oz crawfish/pork sausage
2.5oz cheese (not pictured)
1 scoop carb free protein powder (not pictured)

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I have been enjoying Sunbasket because:
*I live 25 miles from the nearest grocery store

*There’s a great deal of variety

*There is virtually no food waste because they only give you what you were going to use

*You have A dozen and a half meals to choose from each week. There are also pre-prepped meals but they tend to be Carby. You select your food preferences. I use pescatarian. Of the dozen and a half meals some have higher carbs, some are vegetarian but you can add meat for an additional cost.

  • all the vegetables are organic

*you can have organic meats at an additional cost

*I use the bags as fire starters, I donate the small containers, the local food bank uses the insulated boxes and ice bricks. There are some plastic bags but no more packaging than you would get at a store. The peels and ends of vegetables I leave for the turkeys and the deer.

*These meals are pretty easy to make low-carb or Paleo. Much much harder to be keto. I lean a bit lower carb.

*I always get two meals out of my half. My husband only gets one meal out of it.

  • you can definitely make a meal much more cheaply, although with the organic vegetables I don’t know how much more cheaply. If I don’t use organic I’m pretty sure I could make A very good meal for the two of us for about $12. Keeping in mind eating a variety of vegetables and meats is more expensive than eating grains, rice and potatoes. The cost for a meal for two is closer to $24 once you include delivery. My grocery bills have actually dropped using Sunbasket because I don’t have any waste and I’m not driving to get them. But that’s just my experience.

  • I have re-cooked some of their recipes just purchasing my own ingredients. You could certainly do that. I also use the application Mealime for creating meals. It’s free and they build a grocery list for you.

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3 carb cinnamon rolls I made. With orange glaze


It sounds interesting, and I live far from the next supermarket myself. But, I eat only meat, fish, dairy and low carb veg. I try to stay below 20 carbs a day. Is that possible with sunbasket? I can get vegetables delivered fresh from the farmer’s market to a meeting spot a half hour drive away. They are great but expensive.

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Karen, I admire the way you’ve thought this through. Sometimes I buy high-quality prepped foods. I figure out the extra costs involved in cooking it myself, including all the gadgets and incidental ingredients I’d have to buy. Plus, my time is worth something. Even though I’m poor, a prepped meal costing a couple of dollars more than from scratch is worth it to me.

Having worked as a cook, I know that cooking for 100 isn’t that much harder than cooking for one. So of course mass-produced food can be almost as cheap as home cooked. And often just as nutritious, in my opinion.


Lunch… Chopped Steak and Onions, with Fried Eggs and Bacon. Also had 2 Squares Ghirardelli Dark Intense Chocolate and some Sun Flower Seeds, and Almond Milk and Cream Soda Zevia.


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I am not sure how well this would work for you. You can’t do strictly Keto. For example many of the recipes include onions which can be a bit Carby, or tomatoes, or…. I think it works very well Paleo. If the meal requires rice, I may have to use cabbage, cauliflower, or skip it for example. The price break is at four or more meals a week.


I use some onion and tomato - but sparingly. I think I’d have a lot of waste with this. Thank you for explaining. :slight_smile:

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Tilapia with a mayo topping. Cauli-egg salad


Dinner… A Chicken/Bacon/Italian Sausage/Broccoli with Alfredo Cheese Sauce. Just a sort-a Dump-Mix thrown together. Along with some Greek Yogurt with Strawberries, and some Sunflower Seeds.



Tried something new today… 22 hr. Sous Vide Turkey Gizzards, with Gravy. Also had 2 Squares of the Ghirardelli Dark Intense Chocolate and 7 Sausage Links. Also ate some Sunflower Seeds.



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Made what has become my regular Saturday morning mug cake breakfast today, then threw it away as I didn’t want it. Bizarre.


Dinner… Made a snack plate, while the Jalopena Poppers were still cooking. Had Smoked Vienna’s, Cheese and Pepperoni. Then had 4 Bacon Wrapped Jalopena Poppers, two Bacon Wrapped Cheese Balls and some of the Chicken/Bacon/Italian Sausage/Broccoli with Alfredo Cheese Sauce from last night. Also ate half of the pint of Triple Chocolate Rebel I had in the freezer. Smokehouse Almonds.




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Hey you got the recipe for that lobster bisque? Oh my GAWD!
That looks so flipping incredible!
Can you please link it or tell me how you made it?

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Made this last night. It was amazing and filling.
Keto chilli. Attempting to get rid of salt for a second. Adding more cracked pepper. (Which I love love love

Least until I stop retaining. I’m noticing it. Then I’ll revisit my beautiful Himalayan salt.

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Oh my Gawd that chwaffle looks incredible! Mine always overflows in the waffle iron. I can’t understand why I can’t get mine to just rise up nicely and evenly to look like a regular piece of bread? Maybe my iron is too small?