What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Tracy) #3629

I’m sorry if I already asked you this, but have you ever tried making your own yogurt? The only difference between sour cream and yogurt is the milk used. I sweeten sour cream with a bit of Davinci SF syrup and top it with nuts or keto granola. It’s the best yogurt I’ve ever had.


Not sure if you have or not? :slight_smile: But no, I actually haven’t tried that yet. Might have to though, I do like the idea of trying to add some nuts or Keto Granola too. I usually just get the large container of Greek Yogurt from Food Lion, and most times eat it plain or maybe with some added Strawberries. I actually don’t think I’ve ever had any Yogurt with nuts or granola, or anything else in it for that matter?.. Even before switching over to Keto. So I look forward to trying it, thanks.

By the way, I couldn’t even honestly tell ya which product cost more, but my guess is that the Yogurt probably does. … But I will have to search where I can get some keto-friendly Granola. :+1:

Todays’ lunch… 6 Scrambled Eggs with Fried Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese added in.


Edit to add:… After posting this, I actually ate a little bit of Pork Rinds with Cream Cheese Dip, and then the wife asked if I wanted a piece of the Spiral Ham she just took out of the oven. Of course, her ‘piece’ was actually a plate full. :slight_smile: So wanted to note it…


(Jane) #3631

The other difference is the culture used to start the batch. Sour cream typically uses a different starter (I use cultured buttermilk) and yogurt uses yogurt.

(Jane) #3632

Took a tri tip roast from the freezer at noon-ish and sous vide for 5-1/2 hours at 135 F. Hubby added a sear on his grill

Roasted some asparagus to go with it.


Dinner… Hamburger w/ Broccoli in Cheese Sauce, Cheddar Cheese and Yogurt with Strawberries.


Also ate the other half of the Mint Chocolate Chip Rebel from last night.


Also, earlier the Wife got a text from the lady in the Meat Department, stating she finally got some of the Turkey Gizzards in that we had requested. She picked up 10 lbs. - We separated them & vacuum sealed them in groups of 6. These were huge, and of course, the Girls got some for treats as well.




(Allie) #3635

Breakfast today.

(Karen) #3636

image Chicken with lemon and olive oil dressing, broccolini, sauté of mushrooms, peppers Kalamata olives, and artichoke. Salad

(Karen) #3637

Salmon on a bed of sautéed onions, zucchini, and tomatillo simmer sauce. Salad. Roasted brussels sprouts onions and a few tomatoesimage


(Karen) #3638

Yerba mate. Mmmmm so grassy

Makes me feel a little sideways

(Cathy) #3639

I believe sour cream uses a different culture than yogurt and results in a different taste. I make yogurt from 10% cream and strain it making it genuine Greek yogurt and not sour cream.

(Jane) #3640

I just want to personally thank everyone who posts pictures on here and talk about what they eat. It helps me to know that I am not eating “weird” combinations of food and the correct things to eat.


Lunch… Fried Eggs, Ham and a couple slices of Scrapple.


There are no weird food combinations IMO. :slight_smile: If it hits the spot, it’s a perfect combo.

(Jane) #3643

Bunless cheeseburger with mustard and homemade mayo from olive oil


Dinner… More of the Hamburger, Broccoli and Cheese Sauce we had left and Ham. Also some Greek Yogurt w/ Strawberries. Also a can of Smoked Vienna’s, for taste & since I hadn’t eaten any in a while.



(Tracy) #3645

It’s very possible the culture is different. I used to make Kefir and would use different milk fats. If I used cream it turned out like sour cream. If I used regular milk it turned out like yogurt. All of this depended on how much whey I removed by straining it. I usually just drank it leaving the whey in.

(Tracy) #3646

I wasn’t a creative cook until I went Keto. Since our food choices are limited, it forces us to starting thinking about different ways to eat our meat, eggs, and cheese :-). When I see people cook with regular flour and sugar it looks like they are cheating. Anyone can make a pecan pie with their eyes closed. Try making one without sugar or flour AND make it taste good. That’s the real challenge.


OMAD… and possibly OMTW - (Not sure yet?) Sous Vide Delmonico Steak with Mushrooms. (About 1/3 of the steak was fat, so also ate Pork Rinds & Cream Cheese Dip & a Pint of Rebel Cookie Dough.




(Jane) #3648

Leftover sous vide tri tip finished on the grill, leftover pork cooked in my smoker ,(yum) and riced cauliflower medley.

I sautéed some onion, mushroom and asparagus in ghee, nuked the bag of frozen riced cauliflower, squeezed all the water out and added to the pan of veggies. Threw in more butter and added a bit of heavy cream. Delish