What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Cathy) #3549

Before and after pics of roasted sausage and veggies from last week.

(Jody) #3550

Still around … just a lot of the same raw ground beef / eggs / butter. However, last night was different:

14oz TriTip (from the Grill)
6 Medium boiled eggs
6tbs butter

(Doug) #3551

Cathy, you’re rolling with some good color there. :sunglasses:

Slightly less chromatic for me today.

(Susan) #3552

Jamaican Curried Goat

(Karen) #3553

Thai pad see ew
Zoodles, broccoli leaves, ground beef, bit of carrots, egg. Spices
image a-


Thank you, @monsterjuice and @velvet. :slight_smile: … We’ve been getting hit with bad weather since the end of January and it hasn’t let up, at least not much. The Ice is making things much worse, and just creating havoc all over the region. But at least I was able to get back home tonight, or should I say this morning, since it’s now 1am and I just got home. Was able to end the shift a few hours early, only leaving a few of my operators to handle things till morning. But hoping it’s over for a while now. and I would much rather be at home than having to stay at Hotels due to un-safe travels. I would just love to have a chance to enjoy a nice weekend for a change. I think I’ve only had one day off since this all started, and honestly just want a break and relax some. :tired_face:

Wife made me this for today’s meal, or yesterday, I honestly can’t remember. … Crock-Pop Roast with Radishes, Celery, etc. Along with the Deviled Eggs I made some days ago, and didn’t get to.


(Jane) #3555

(Robin) #3556

Oh my gosh… cauliflower, broccoli, Italian sausage, bacon, onion, heavy whipping cream, chicken broth, spinach, sour cream, shredded cheddar, cream cheese, and loads of spices. Had a medium bowl before tracking it. Score! Surprising to me is that onions had more carbs that broccoli or cauliflower. Total was 540 calories, 12 g carbs. My limit is 17. I am thrilled. I can do my usual meat roll up for dinner, and be fine. I had assumed most veggies were carb heavy. And I LOVE veggies. So… Happy day for me.

(Allie) #3557


Salmon and poached eggs

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #3558

Jalapeño popper casserole


(Karen) #3559

Sole fritters w almond flour green onions and egg. Veg salad w vinaigrette.

(Jane) #3560

Root vegetable so stores carbs in the bulb as “food” for the plant.

(Tracy) #3561

Did you poach the eggs in sandwich bags? I’ve been wanting to try that method so I don’t lose all the egg in the water.

(Tracy) #3562

This is my new favorite way to cook chicken and it’s cheating a bit. I buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco and put it in the fridge until the next day. When it’s cold, it’s easy to carve and the skin stays adhered. Then I put it skin side down in a hot pan with bacon grease and put a lid on it. In just a few minutes it’s as crispy as can be. It’s good as is but you can add lemon juice, garlic, or cajun seasoning. The carcass gets vacuum sealed and frozen for stock later.


That is cool. I don’t go to the store often (Covid) so I pick up two rotisserie chickens when I go, eat one half at home while still warm, and freeze the rest in halves. This looks perfect for my thawed halves!

(Tracy) #3564

This actually tastes better than when it’s fresh from the deli. I’ve always thought rotisserie chicken, especially the skin, was kind of slimy. This turns it into something completely different. Give it a shot.


Slow roasted tri-tip with asparagus, roasted nuts and mushrooms.

Chicken liver with bacon, onion and avocado.


Slow roasted pork with caulirice, various veggies, cheese and turmeric. Not shown in any of the above: Fire ant juice.


I love fresh rotisserie chicken, but end up using the frozen mostly in casseroles and soups. Yours looks like a nice alternative, I like crispy skin, too. Usually I only get crispy skin with fresh roasted chicken.

(Tracy) #3567

Cheesecake swirl brownies. There’s a million recipes out there and they’re all pretty much the same.

(Allie) #3568

Yeah I did, first time I’ve done it as I’ve never had any luck with poaching before so tried it. Worked well! :grinning: