What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


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Not irrelevant at all, Laurie. :slightly_smiling_face: Using a lid is a good idea - I’d always use one when raising the temperature of the top of the food is a concern; it’s going to block the temp sensor though, so I didn’t do it this time around.

Even at fairly low heat, the pan and the air inside - when the pan is covered - will be plenty hot to cook eggs. I think a lot of “the secret” is really getting to know the stove, even the individual burner. The thermometer can help there, i.e. as with a gas burner there will usually be some guesswork as to how hot the pan is really getting.


I love the way they look, and I like a bit of crispiness in my eggs. I have been shoveling hot butter from the pan over the tops, and cooking them on higher heat than I used to. That works, too.

Eggs still are the food that most satisfies my hunger, the satisfaction lasts longer than any other food for me. Is that just me or do you guys see the same?

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:sunglasses: Heck yes - baste those eggs! I do the same thing with scallops; really good. The temperature of that butter or other fat/oil is going to be a lot hotter than what’s required to set the yolks, so it shouldn’t really take all that much…

I do think eggs are very satisfying. Most days now I just have black coffee in the morning and then at some point a few hard-boiled eggs or fried eggs. And then one ‘big’ meal in the evening.

For me, fat is very satisfying, as is protein. I’ve seen quite a few people say that just fat really doesn’t do it for them - and eggs have a nice mix of protein and fat, so eggs should pretty well cover things…


Same here, coffee and eggs for lunch, meal in the evening. Sometimes I skip the eggs and go OMAD, sometimes I don’t.

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No idea, never heard of that. It was just an idea I tried that works really well.

(Laurie) #3533

@velvet, yes, eggs – especially bacon and eggs – are very satisfying. I can easily feel full on other foods, but fried eggs are most satisfying. (I mean good farm eggs.)

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I never thought about using one of these thermometers for eggs. I too like my eggs not runny, but not completely cooked. I called them “jelled” yolks.

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It’s unbelievable how I NEVER get sick of eggs. I think I could eat them for every meal for the rest of my life and be happy. This morning I had a bacon, mushroom, scallion omelette. Tonight it’s going to another omelette only I’ll use lots of asian flavors and veggies. Not quite Egg Foo Young, but similar.

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I got mine at a thrift $4. Check goodwill etc

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Pretty delicious 2 g carbs,I think
image crackers made with ultra thin cheddar


Welcome, Johnny!

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perhaps you were French in a past life?:blush: either way you are clearly brilliant!
Here is the recipe I use for my inspiration, I replace the flour with 2/3 c coconut flour.


Well, I haven’t been around much at all in 2021 thus far… Just been swamped with work, and weather, especially the past few weeks. Was actually having the Wife post my pics for me for a bit, but haven’t even bothered doing that these weeks. This damn weather has had me working damn near every day including weekends, since the end of January, even having to stay up in a Hotel last weekend due to the extreme icy conditions. Which unfortunately may be about to repeat again here starting tomorrow. :cold_face: So thought to at least post tonight’s meal for a change. … Full plate of Chicken Livers w/ Onions and some Grilled Chicken, Mushroom & Broccoli in Cheese Sauce. Actually quite a bit of food.


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Friend, I want to save you some money on yogurt. Sour cream and yogurt are exactly the same thing except one is made with cream and one is made with milk. If you take sour cream and sweeten it yourself it’s delicious. I sweeten mine with DaVinci SF vanilla syrup and add either some keto granola or just some pecans. I was very skeptical when I first tried it and was pleasantly shocked.

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Dave, I’ve always liked your plates - the way the sides are higher than the center makes it less likely that a nice big pile of food will partially fall off. :+1::sunglasses:

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I agree, there is a “sweet spot” somewhere in there for most of us. In practice I just go ahead and flip them over. One needs to know their stove and pan, and it doesn’t take too long to be done once you flip them.

Let’s see, a lot of years… I remember my mom, using a heavy cast iron frying pan in the late 1960s, telling me that she turned the heat off right before she flipped the eggs over; plenty of heat left in there to finish things up.

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Your in my thoughts to stay safe while your doing so much traveling and work in the frigid temps!


Good to see you. I was getting worried. I had chicken livers with onion and bacon yesterday. I like chicken livers. :slight_smile:

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Spicy Mexican meatball soup. It was topped with a bit of cabbage, and cilantro. It was a bit too spicy for me

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I might have to try this… :grinning: