What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jane) #3508

Angel hair cabbage “spaghetti” with onions and mushrooms added in

Walmart was out of all Rao sauces so had to buy a regular one and take the hit on the carbs (extra 5 or so). Will stock up next time I see it back on the shelf

(Karen) #3509

Chicken tagine, with spinach, artichoke, onions, lemon, tomato sauce.
image spices were cumin, ginger, coriander, chili pepper.

(Jody) #3510

Ran 13.2 miles today … shaving 5:14 off my time from 2 weeks ago (a persona best). After the run, 1.5 lb Chuck Eye steak, 4 medium boiled eggs, 6 tbs butter.

(Laurie) #3511

Amazing! Congratulations.

(Susan) #3512

Congrats, Jody, that is terrific.

(Jane) #3513

I first read that as 6 LBS of butter and almost choked on my steak! :laughing:

I adjusted my glasses and saw “6 tbl”.

(Allie) #3514

image image

I’m going through a chocolate mug cake phase at the moment - with sweetened whipped cream on top. Sweetened with erythritol, vanilla essence added.

Also been making this thing as work lunches. It’s just cheese, coconut flour, salt / pepper, & eggs blended together, olives added and mixed in then baked, cooled, and cut into slices. You can add meat or anything else you want to add to this mixture and it works well.


I’ll definitely have to try that!


Omad: bacon cheese burgers, avocado, roasted onion and pecans.


Omad: Steak and buttery salmon

(Karen) #3518

Chicken, onions, in chraime sauce.

(Karen) #3519

Arugula with hazelnuts and a bit of pear. Ground chicken with onions and spices on a stick, sour creamimage

(Doug) #3520

Arugula rocks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Picked up more salmon today - a huge chunk of fresh caught fish. Had it with a piece of a large Portobello mushroom and some asparagus. The salmon was way too big to finish and will be turned into salmon salad for lunch today.

(Karen) #3522

Sammie for lunch. Ham and cheese

(Laurie) #3523

Maybe someday I’ll get a waffle maker. Sometimes I miss having a sandwich.

(Tracy) #3524

Asparagus and cheese stuffed chicken. Instead of just slicing the breast in half, I pounded it out thin and folded it over. It tenderizes it and holds the filling much better.

(Mame) #3525

A keto version of cake salê – yes? I make this as well. I love olives and ham/bacon in it. But as you say the possibilities are endless!

(Doug) #3526

I think “sunny side up” fried eggs look good, but I don’t like the yolks very runny, so I experimented with an infrared thermometer, to see what can be done. An Etekcity Lasergrip 800, currently $34 US on Amazon, a nice cheap one.


I’ve been using clarified butter for frying, which I really like. Notably higher smoke point than for regular butter - 482°F/250°C versus 302°F/150°C for butter. There was no smoking at all.

Had the four eggs in a medium-small frying pan, and I used egg rings to get the round shape. This does make for a thicker fried egg, and for longer frying time.

Egg whites coagulate or solidify at roughly 140°F/60°C. For the yolks, it’s 149° F/65°C. I went from egg, to egg, checking the temperature. There was some slight variation - the eggs went into the pan over a span of ~30 seconds, to begin with, and weren’t all exactly the same size. Even within one given egg, the temperature at the top of the yolk was not exactly uniform, so I waved the infrared thermometer around a little, making the little red ‘laser’ looking dot move, and took a mental average.

Considering that the heat was coming from the bottom, I figured that the bottom of the yolks would get hotter before the top, so at just below 149° F/65°C top yolk temperature, I took them out of the pan.

That proved to be true - the yolks were lightly set on the bottom while only partially coagulated on top; quite good. The longer cooking time did make the bottom of the egg whites browned and somewhat crispy. It can make for a nice texture difference or be a total negative - I think it’s up to personal opinion.

To avoid that and to reduce the cooking time, I think it’s best just to flip the eggs over as normal, but it was an interesting thing to try.

(Laurie) #3527

Great post, Doug! I have fun with my thermometer, but I never thought of using it for fried eggs.

I like my eggs hard, but I test for doneness by pressing with my finger. I use a lid and low heat, flipping only when desperate.

I know all this is irrelevant to you; everyone is fussy about their eggs.