What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Ashley) #3488


Dinner… Pork Rinds with Cream Cheese Dip. Then Shrimp and Dungeness Crabs, and finally had 2/3 of a Cookie Dough Rebel. (Son got some of mine and the Wife’s)




(Ashley) #3490

Some pulled pork with a few tablespoons of sugar free bbq sauce.

(Ashley) #3491

Doggies also got pulled pork without sauce.

(UsedToBeT2D) #3492

Pork jowl bacon. Slice, remove skin from each slice with tip of paring knife, rack it, bake 350F, 10-12 minutes. Save rendered lard. Beautiful. Tasty. (Bake the skin strips for the dog)

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #3493


Look at this big beauty

(Ashley) #3494

More pork and sugar free bbq and some without sauce for the doggies! Sams club does a 2lb very clean no sauce precooked pork for $10. A bit pricey but good in a lazy way!

(Tracy) #3495

Girl Scout Thin Mints

(Karen) #3496

Taco Tuesday
Ok Sunday. CoVid isolation so I have no idea what day it is

(Jody) #3497

Friday: Meatball Egg Drop Soup and piece of grilled beef fat:


Saturday: 20oz Chuck Eye Steaks and butter


My meals from yesterday. IMG_6678 IMG_6679 IMG_6681

(Karen) #3499

Denver omelet

(Jane) #3500

Chili. Not shown - crackers made from Lavash bread.

(Ashley) #3501

(Karen) #3502

And more omelettesimage


Lavash Bread Pizza Rolls


• Three bread-sized squares of Lavash Bread, cut in half to form two strips
• 2 teaspoons of Rao’s Marinara sauce
• 8 pieces of pizza pepperoni
• 8 pieces of sliced and sautéed Baby Bella mushrooms
• Some diced onions
• 3 slices of cheese (I used Sargento Colby Pepper Jack)


• Lay the six strips of Lavash Bread onto a microwave safe plate
• Spread a thin layer of marinara sauce
• Place 2 pepperoni onto each strip of Lavash Bread
• Place a piece of Baby Bell mushroom on each pepperoni
• Sprinkle diced onions over everything
• Top each strip of Lavash Bread with a half slice of cheese
• Put plate into microwave for 60 seconds
• Fold each strip over to create pizza “roll”

I like these better than the traditional frozen pizza rolls because there’s a lot more filling in each. The mushrooms add a wonderful flavor to each.

The first picture shows the pizza rolls before the cheese is put on top. The second picture shows them after the plate comes out of the microwave. The third picture shows the final products, with the strips of Lavash Bread folded over, all ready to eat.

(Karen) #3504

Dinner – blackened sole, pickled peppers on a bed of caramelized onions.image

(UsedToBeT2D) #3505

Keto cheesecake. Whittling a few bites each night for two weeks.

(Jody) #3506

1.3 lb Chuck Eye Steak, Butter and 4 eggs (yes, I ate one before the pic)

(Karen) #3507

Charcuterie for dinner. The crackers are for my sweetheart who can tolerate all kinds of carbohydratesimage