What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jody) #3467

I’ve only had to explain it at one or 2 places (not exclusivly BK). I think with all the low carb and such, it is getting more common.

When they opened the new BK about 2 miles from the house, the first time I ordered 8 patties, the cashier had to ask the manager who promptly showed her how to ring it up. Every since then … never had a cashier bat an eye. Well, unless they are trying to figure out what all the patties are for.

Went though with our 2 dachshunds in the car and ordered 10 patties. The cashier said "stocking up for the dogs? (with a big smile). My wife (who was driving) said one for each dog, the other 8 are his. She lost her smile … LOL

(Jody) #3468

a few miles outside Baton Rouge … no more civilized then Little Rock.

I LOVE Arkansas … in fact, we got married in Eureka Springs and have vacationed to SEVERAL places in Arkansas.

(Laurie) #3469

I’ve been doing this for years (west coast of Canada). Sometimes they have to ask another employee how to ring it in, but it’s never been a problem.

(Jane) #3470

We do too! We bought property here 15 years ago with the intention of building our retirement home on it. My huband grew up in Shreveport and his family vacationed in Hot Springs and other areas in Arkansas so we decided that was where we wanted to land. Get off the Gulf Coast (Houston) with the annual threats of storms and 9 months of hot, humid weather.

It gets hot and humid here also but only 3 months. 4 distinct seasons, which I love. We live in the north-central part of the state, almost to the Missouri border. On the edge of the Ozarks so hilly and wooded, but you don’t need to be a mountain goat to walk the property :laughing:

Eta: a food thread, not a chat thread so dropping thus here to stay legal LOL. A half brisket I cooked in the oven snd finished in my smoker for 2 hours. Was good.

(Jody) #3471

Funny you say that, My wife and I have talked about retiring there as well. lol

(Tracy) #3472

Don’t bother with the app. I had no idea they would ring me up for just a patty. That’s cheaper than the offers. The best I’ve seen is a Double Whopper for $3.

(Ashley) #3473

Breakfast/lunch Eggs, sausage patty’s and bacon! Also a Perrier strawberry sparkling water!

(Jane) #3474

Almond fries from @Momof5 recipe she posted.

Ok, not potatoes (wasn’t expecting that anyway).but not bad.

And parm crisps made in the microwave In 1 min using a silicon mini muffin pan. I haven’t used this pan since I stopped making fat bombs nearly 2 years ago. Can’t get any easier than this! And waaaay cheaper.

Thanks @collaroygal!

(Ashley) #3475

Dinner: ground beef, sour cream and cheese

(Richard M) #3476

It is called The Best Low Carb Oven Fried Fish with mashed Cauliflower. The recipes are form https://www.wholesomerecipebox.com

My biggest adjustment is realizing that butter cooks hotter than vegetable oil. This is my first picture submission.


Got back home after 15 hrs. last night, and decided to go ahead and eat 3 - 1/4 lb. Hotdogs.


Today’s TMAD…

*Lunch… Couple Bacon Cheese Burgers on Chaffles. One plain, one with *

IMG_6652 IMG_6651

Dinner… Some Turkey, Yogurt and Cheese. (Actually didn’t eat the Wing but put back for tomorrow.)


Wife also ran up and did a Meat run while I was teleworking… Two whole Top Sirloins, and a half of Delmonico Steaks. Spent the evening cutting/vacuum sealing it all. Also picked up 5 lbs. Hamburger and a few lbs. of Country Sausage, which I’ll tackle tomorrow.


Top Sirloin…


(Karen) #3478

Bacon and eggs fried.

(Karen) #3479

Breakfast fry

(Tracy) #3480

I made the fries and they weren’t bad at all. I dipped them in sugar free ketchup. They are more labor intensive than I’m willing to commit to for a handful, but I was pleasantly surprised.



Lunch… Cottage Cheese, Pepperoni and Cheese. Then 2 Bacon Cheese Burgers and 1/4 lb. Hotdog.

IMG_6663 IMG_6666

Dinner… 24 hr. Sous Vide 2" Top Sirloin.



I won’t bore you with another photo of bacon wrapped beef liver
I somehow seem to be craving this, and since it is nutrient rich, I indulge.


Last night: Felt like having chicken soup (snow outside) but was too lazy to make it. Pulled half a rotisserie chicken and some home made broth out of the freezer, plopped them in a bowl and heated it, covered, in the micro. It definitely hit the spot. :smiley:


Lunch… Top Sirloin, Fried Eggs and Fried Onions.


Dinner… Haddock and Shrimp.



A few days ago: Cleaned out the fridge. Ham, mushrooms, radishes, tomato.


Lunch… Fried Eggs, Onions and Country Sausage. Also had a bowl of Turkey Salad.