What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Surf and turf dinner: Steak, Haddock, mushrooms, melted butter and lemon.

BTW, locally here we have what is labeled as sweet cream butter, can come in off brands, and is is also pure butter.

(Neil) #3448

Petite Breakfast from Marin French Cheese:

A quick salmon poke bowl after a busy day at work:

Shakshuka with ground beef:

Pork meatloaf topped with bacon:

(Susan) #3449

All those foods look so delicious, Neil. Does your wife eat the same meals too? She must love all the food you cook =).

(Neil) #3450

Thank you! She does, yes. Cooking for both of us is always more rewarding than cooking for just myself!

(Ashley) #3451

Deviled eggs, and some doggies. I do mostly carnivore but I don’t shy away from Mayo or condiments on occasion!


Dinner… Chicken Liver and Onions. Also had some Pork Rinds with Cream Cheese dip.


(Jody) #3453

After finishing my FASTEST half-marathon (not official, just because I wanted to), beating my previous record from 7 years ago by 15 MINUTES …

I needed a fast ready meal, so I had 8 whopper patties ($1.10 each) w/ butter (just out of the shot).

(Karen) #3454

@Jody22 well done at knocking such a good time off your previous pb. Did you eat before or after the run? I generally have to exercise on an empty stomach.

(Tracy) #3455

I hope you used your app to save some money at BK.

(Tracy) #3456

They don’t seem quite as interested in eggs as they do meat.


Shrimp and more shrimp…


OMAD… Rotisserie Chicken, small pack of Peanuts and Mixed Nuts.1

(Ashley) #3459

Perrier strawberry sparkling water, burger with some spices and cheese and sour cream.

(Ashley) #3460

Congratulations on beating your record :slight_smile:

(Jody) #3461

I do OMAD, so that was a (18 hour) fasted run … nothing but a little water before I left the house.

(Jody) #3462

I don’t have the app loaded, but the patties were only $1.10 each … so I don’t consider that bad. The Burger King by my house knows how to ring up just the patties … thank goodness!

(Jane) #3463

So you can just order patties from Burger King without anything else?

(Jody) #3464

Sure can. I always say “8 Whopper Patties … Meat only”. They ring up here for $1.10 a patty! You can do the same at most ALL the fast food burger places.

(Jane) #3465

Couple of years ago I ordered a burger from Burger King at the Little Rock airport with no bun and the young girl just blinked at me and said “I don’t know how to do that”. I smiled, said “nevermind” and tossed the bun after I got my order.

ETA: with no bun

(Jane) #3466


You must live in a civilized place! :rofl: