What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Neil) #3407

More Rogue River Blue Reserve:

Local cashews and pecans:

Butter chicken over cauliflower rice, at the wife’s request:


I need to get back in the habit of taking pics. Roast beef, avocado, radish Kimchi, cottage cheese. Not pictured - mayo and fire ant juice.


Yesterday’s meals… Lunch … Bacon, Sausage links and Deviled Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, Scallions, Mayo and Mustard.

Dinner… Steak/Broccoli Stew and a side plate of Pepperoni and Cheese.

IMG_6596 IMG_6595

Today’s Lunch… Couple BLT’s.


(Jane) #3410

Salad (not shown) and yummy steak. Ella got the leftovers and still licking her chops :grin:


Dinner… Grilled Chicken Bits with sauce, Deviled Eggs and some Pulled BBQ Pork. Some Cauliflower in Butter on the side.




Wow! I always buy good quality, tasty and never pale eggs, the yolk is sometimes really orange but THIS color, for all the eggs… Wow, again.
Do you have some trick to peel the eggs? I tried out everything and hard-boiled eggs are usually okay (not always but usually) but the soft-boiled eggs are another matter.
As I typically eat several eggs per day and some of them are boiled and my fav is soft-boiled, it’s a bit of a problem, not a big deal but still, I never give up the hope to find a way…


I often use and egg stand. You stand the egg in it, behead it and eat it with a spoon. I do cool them off instantly with cold, running water. I find I am able to peel them, use a spoon to make cracks in the wider end then slowly peel that off and move slowly.

(Doug) #3414

Didn’t take an ‘after’ picture here, but ribeyes - sous-vided 145°F or 63°C for three hours, then seared with a torch.


Cold water and careful peeling only works (and often needed) when I have proper hard-boiled eggs. And if I forget the cold water (it happened last time), not even hard eggs peel well (or just some of them).

Sometimes I wonder if my eggs aren’t like other, more successful people’s eggs. They usually surely aren’t too fresh, I know those are problematic and nothing helps.
But maybe it’s just me, I have a few things in the kitchen that just can’t work and they do for most people who actually do them…

But hey, I can easily whip egg whites with some yolk pieces in it, it’s something I can do and others seemingly don’t :smiley: (Or they could but they learned they can’t and never tried. I guess that’s the case.)

(Neil) #3416

Rogue River Blue Reserve, Wensleydale with cranberries, and Murray’s Cave Aged Tarentaise Reserve:

Chinese steamed egg custard:

Burrata over roasted cherry tomatoes, garnished with strawberry balsamic vinegar and fresh basil:

Pork tenderloin with blackberry compote and cumin roasted carrots, served with clotted cream:


Today’s meals…

Lunch… Fried Eggs with Fried Onions, Bacon and Sausage links.


Dinner… Haven’t been to TRH in over a year due to the Covid stuff, so we decided to order some pick up for tonight. Porterhouse, Onions, Mushrooms and a House Salad. My Son also gave me half of his pint of Peanut Butter Fudge Rebel Ice Cream.



(Cathy) #3418

Last nights dinner was steak salad with sauted onions, and homemade blue cheese dressing.

(Jody) #3419

I have an “egg timer” so I pull them at the “SOFT” point and go STRAIGHT to an ice bath. I get about 98% perfect eggs … there is an occasional stubborn egg, but WAY more good than bad.

Another trick that i’ve had success with it poking a hole in the shell (at the fat end of the egg) so the air can escape as it expands from the heat, but this is more for cracking when boiling.

Also, the eggs are HAPPY EGG COMPANY in the blue package. They also have a yellow carton, but the yolks are not as amber and they aren’t quite as good tasting IMO.

(Jody) #3420

Missing my Rebel Ice Cream … I am doing no carb in January (with Steak and Butter Girl and crew). I have some in the freezer for February!


Thanks for the link. Turns out they are available in my area. Cool website, too.

(Jody) #3422

No problem, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you get them!


Giant portion of grilled tenderloin with homemade caper chimichuri, roasted cauliflower and some leftover grilled steak with spicy peanut sauce

(Susan) #3424

Haha I should not read this thread when I am fasting, but all the meals look delicious =).

(Jody) #3425

Boneless Leg of Lamb:


In the smoker:


1.75lb Leg of Lamb, 2 slices Hog Head cheese, 3 soft-boiled eggs, Kerrygold butter (not the other):

Closeup of the Soft-Boiled egg: (Happy Egg Co (in the BLUE container)):

(Karen) #3426

Yummy chicken and cheeses and berriesimage image
Sorry can’t blur the bits of carbs