What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Susan) #3287

I cooked a turkey yesterday. No sides, just the bird. Turkey with mayo on chaffles.

(Jane) #3288

Bunless burger and half an avocado

(Jody) #3289

Christmas Meat Plate (where I stayed) …

Smoked Turkey and Tri-Tip from the grill.



Lunch… Turkey Chaffle with mayo, salt & pepper. Also ate the last piece of the Banana Cheese Cake.



Dinner… Chicken Livers. Only ate half, and gave half to the Girls. :dog: :dog:


(Laurie) #3291

Thank you for posting the chicken livers, Dave. I’ve been making liver pâté, and its good, but I’m always looking for ways to simplify my cooking. Hey, why not just eat the livers plain? D’oh!


Yep, I just add some sea salt to mine most times. … But I do like frying them up as well.


Lunch, and probably OMAD for today? … Fried Eggs, 2 Bratwurst and 2" Delmonico. The larger piece on the left had a lot of fat, and I only ate a little from it. Rest went to the Girls.



Ended up doing a small bowl of the Wife’s Shrimp, Chicken and Italian Sausage mix she likes making.


(Neil) #3295

Buffalo mozzarella with basil and olive oil:

Burrata with arugula and a fig balsamic vinaigrette:

Smoked brisket point (from Southside Market & Barbecue’s “Brisket Friday” sale on Black Friday) with caramelized onions and parsley, served with caraway coleslaw:

(Candy Lind) #3296

I have that messy burden in the form of native pecan trees that cover my yard & half of my roof (NOTHING grows in my back yard except at the periphery.). If we could get to the nuts before the legions of squirrels, they would be hard to crack but very tasty. As it is, I usually buy mine from Costco or a nearby grove that grows paper-shells.

Fun fact - did you know that pecans and black walnuts are so closely related, you can’t tell what you are observing without 1) fruits or 2) a microscope?

Were you wondering what it is? It’s cheese from sheep’s milk that holds its form when fried.

(Candy Lind) #3297

I was cooking a batch (or three) of chaffles while hungry . So, 1/2 chaffle with Kerrygold & 2 ribs from the post-Xmas prime rib - it’s what’s for breakfast. Hubby really laid the Kerrygold on thick!


Lunch… I made some Shrimp Egg Foo Young, and had some Bacon while preparing it.


These were nice sized patties, so only ate the first two I made…


Actually yielded 3 more nice patties, but I put these away for later. Either my Son or I will eat them later.


(Karen) #3299

Everything looks so gorgeous!

(Karen) #3300

My husband cooked a nice Chinese cabbage, and ground pork mix with five spiceimage

(Laurie) #3301

How was the ground pork? I never buy it, because I can’t get it to taste nice – which is weird because I love pork. Any thoughts on that?

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #3302



Is there a reason for the Kerrygold brand?


Dinner… Salad with Hamburger, Sour Cream, etc.


(Candy Lind) #3305

It’s a bit expensive, so we only use it for special occasions like the holidays. I never buy my store brand butter any more, since I found out what high quality butter tastes like (most times it’s Land o’ Lakes in a tub mixed with olive oil). You can see how yellow the Kerrygold is - compared to store brands it’s really bright, and so good you could eat it with a spoon. We used to see an occasional photo of a dark chocolate bar with a pat of Kerrygold on top of it in this topic.

EDIT: their deli cheeses are delish, as well.

EDIT (again)

My favorite “salad dressing” these days is a mix of salsa and sour cream, especially on a salad topped with grilled fajita meat. But I put it on a plain old dinner salad, as well. We carry this and a homemade Italian dressing when we are on the road.

(Tracy) #3306

Just a tip some people don’t know about. If you stir raw ground beef with water then cook it, you will have perfectly minced beef. You don’t have to stand at the stove and chop all day while grease splatters everywhere. It will remove most of the excess fat when you strain it, but I always do that anyway because I don’t like the greasy taste.