What did you Keto today? Part Deux!

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3112

Still laughing at this, it’s awesome :slight_smile:

(Karen) #3113

LOTR marathon
Fellowship of the Ring-breakfast on Weather Top. Crispy Bacon, sausages,mushrooms, eggs

Lunch in Lothlorien-elves are mostly vegan. Dwarves are Keto :stuck_out_tongue: capicola, smoked salmon, nuts, salami, cheeses, Camembert. Fruits-dried and fresh, berries, spiced nuts, crackers and lembas bread for the elves.

My sweet dopey pup

My daughter is eating “leaf” wrapped lembas bread.

And finally dinner with Denathor, including the tomato scene :tomato:


Amazing :joy:

(Karen) #3115

I liked this fermented spread. Daughter is dairy free. Not too many carbs.

(Ellen) #3116

Sheesh @Gaff that fork is worse than @juice! Food looks good though.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3117

Pretenders and wannabes.

(Karen) #3118

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: LOTR Two Towers

Just reached “Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys”

So Keto

(Ellen) #3119

Dagnamit, now I feel the need to re-read LOTR again!

(Heather Meyer) #3120

Ive heard its super easy to make cashew cheese at home. Havent tried it yet but im going to!

(Heather Meyer) #3121

I love LOTR marathons! especially with good food! Though Sam and his brother clearly were not Fung style…

“And what about Elevensies?”

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3122

Not me, I’m the one person on earth who doesn’t love them.

(Michelle) #3123

Make me number 2. I’ve read them and meh is my review :roll_eyes:

(Heather Meyer) #3124

Oh i dont like reading them…but the movies were fab!

(Karen) #3125

Lot of myth and poetry.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3126

I found it to be very hit or myth.

(Sophie) #3127

New Years Day Ham Bone Soup in the crock pot, aka dog torture. I threw in stuff that would probably taste good…the ham bone, cabbage, onion, diced tomatoes, celery, black soy beans and some “faux-tatos”. The radishes looked exceptionally good so I got 2 bunches of them and I was going to include the radish leaves but they were really dirty and I was too lazy to mess with cleaning them too. Whateva.

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #3128

Quick and easy two ingredient snack. Coconut butter and walnuts. Sprinkle walnuts into silicon muffin tray. Bring the coconut butter to 90 degrees. Drizzle over the walnuts, drown those nuts. Place in fridge and wait for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

(Doug) #3129

Presented without comment.

(Heather Meyer) #3130


(Jane) #3131

Hadn’t had a fathead in a while. Plain pepperoni this time with low-sugar Rao marinara sauce for the base.