What did you Keto today? Nom Nomvember (Part IX)


Never even heard about such a thing, our normal tomato soup only have tomato, roux and paprika, of course. And something carby it, that varies. Celery leaves suit it too.
But MY tomato soup is egg milk with tomato, still red but not to the same extent and it is just the liquid unlike the traditional one. That’s nice so yep, there are options. Does yours contain some spice (Indian so probably…)? My egg milk one doesn’t, it’s just egg, tomato puree, water and salt. Quite nice. Tomatoes are delicious except the fresh thing at the greengrocery, that’s usually tasteless… That’s why I have my own tomato plants every year, not like I am successful enough but always have some and they are tasty. Too much work (compared to the number of tomatoes we get) and it definitely would be cheaper to buy if but it’s not really possible unless the egg lady have tomatoes and they don’t get rain.
But I can buy tasty tomato puree so tomato soups are easy :slight_smile:

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Beautiful, Jane! :sunglasses:

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Hoping we already have this topic in January…?

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