What book are you currently reading?


I always read this between Christmas and New Year’s. The best book on kindness I’ve ever read, and a good way to prime the new year. Regardless of your religion or beliefs, kindness (to self, to others, to earth, etc.) is a theme running through all of them.

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The riveting, tick-tock account of the largest manmade explosion in history prior to the atomic bomb, and the equally astonishing tales of survival and heroism that emerged from the ashes, from acclaimed New York Times bestselling author John U. Bacon.

I had to stop reading this about half way through, because I was reading it TOO FAST, and I didn’t want to be through with it that soon.

Due to reading this book, Amazon recommended another book:

Don’t let the title fool you. NOT keto friendly. :slight_smile:

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Um… my wish list on Amazon is getting ridiculously long.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #144

I can suffer from book greed :grin: Happily I have a pretty poor memory so can usually enjoy a more leisurely second round with a good book.

(Lisa ) #145

Well I definitely need to read that!


I am currently reading Educated, it is great; beautiful writing, great story and pacing, it’s about a girl who goes to school for the first time when she was 17.

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Currently listening to this one. My wife burns through audiobooks but I rarely listen to them unless they are health related like Nina’s or Gary’s or the like.

A great tip for those who do audiobooks is check with your local library system. If you are in a major metro area they likely have them available for free. They checkout just like any other book but auto-return. It can be a drag though when you have to wait or your library system has books 2, 4 and 5 of a 6 part series. :frowning: You can also do a Google search for “Free Audiobooks” and find places like Openculture.org that have them available for free.

And for hard copies… don’t forget to check your thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army or the like. I picked up Gary Taubes’ “Fat Chance” the other day. $2.99 but it was green tag day so I got it for $1.50. I have seen many others there too like some of Mark Hyman’s and many others.

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The first book is an okay dark Swedish mystery, but there are too many couples with too many children. I’m totally confused!

The second is very good. Seems to me I first saw it on this thread.

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I’d quite forgotten about the Lustig one - thanks for the reminder :smiley:

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Hacking was very good. I listened to it as an audiobook which is what I prefer and it is narrated by Dr. Lustig in most of it. It was not what I expected but was very good nonetheless.

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The Gormenghast books were part of the inspiration for Scientology (Hubbard was a science fiction writer). I believe it’s the middle book, where one of the characters escapes from the castle, and later on has an experience of becoming “clear.” Hubbard later lifted the term.

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Jimmy Moore did not help The Complete Guide to Fasting. I wish it was just Dr. Fung instead. I also found it confusing to read due to the way it had side “thoughts” or whatever they are called.

(Eric) #154


Sidebar narratives confuse me as well. I agree with your comments about Jimmy Moore. I’ve not found him to be very inspiring.

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I don’t like them either, most often I just ignore them so maybe miss some important info :joy:


Been reading this for 30 years!:sparkling_heart:
This brought me out of sorrow many years ago.

I also resonant with Abraham Hicks

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Yeah, a total PITA. I still haven’t finished it because it just pisses me off no end.

The Obesity Code is approximately 37 trillion times more useful.


My favorite book of all time and I read a LOT

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I did LOL @ the Daily Tele blurb on the cover Allie showed, it’s about as meaningful as my meal descriptions :slight_smile:

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Can you say “late to the party”?

Not ALL that far into this, but at this point am seriously impressed with how well it’s written.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #161

Currently re-reading this one. If I recall, some of the advice is dodgy but the stuff concerning how body fat behaves is very interesting,