What book are you currently reading?

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thanks Bondy will try…


If it doesn’t work, you can go back and edit by using the pencil symbol at the bottom. It needs a few seconds to upload, it creates a file/code which becomes the photo when you post.

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Bondy I am now on my iphone. I have found the post but dont understand what is seventh from left???
I also have a laptop, ehich is better to use??


Oh, find the “What did you take a photo of today” thread, post a picture of real rain?


I’m using my iPad, oh - there is an upload button at the bottom of the file upload window. Just choose from photo library.

You won’t break anything, you can edit AND delete a post. Try, try again.

And you can edit if you forget to say something important like open a new post. Or your spelling is at head slapping level :woman_facepalming:

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I only read Biographies or anything on health and medicine. I guess its my inquisitive nature wanting facts and figures. Have just started “fragile Lives” looks very interesting.

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Thanks so much Bondy…got it yaaaay.


I’m also a fan of audiobooks. But I sometimes get the kindle and Audiobook together if it’s really good (and the audio add-on is cheap) because stuff still needs to get done, and there are times where I spend a lot of time driving. And thru iMagic, the two versions sync…

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I just started on this. Not my usual choice for sure, but thinking of the future…


I felt like exercising my brain this afternoon (rare for a Saturday, let me tell you), so I sat down and read almost all of this in one hit:


Very interesting! And reinforcing so much of what I know I should be doing, but have been very slack about lately… :disappointed:

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I’ve read this one, well partly. It got way too sciency for my liking after the first few chapters and I had already got all the info I wanted at that point.


It gets less sciencey and more practical in the later chapters! :slight_smile:

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Not bad. It’s set in 1889, and the style resembles that of books written then. As I mentioned before, I like to read mysteries by foreign authors because they’re different; this author is Argentinian.


I’d read it for the cover design alone!

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I will admit, I’m my early morning and it’s still dark outside mental state, to initially misreading that title… :joy:


Well, it’s plural - two stacks on an endtable.

The last month I’ve been in a brainy phase, no fiction - just enjoying studying chess and doing chess puzzles, while also being thrilled to start reading Michelle Obama’s memoir, and enjoying the little book of philosophical aphorisms by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.



Fiction awaits though… Circe by Madeline Miller!

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I love watching Nina Teicholz on Yutube. One smart
interesting lady.

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Kay, that reminded me of

I read this almost 30 years ago, but it made an impression. A good look at the brain and how devastating some conditions can be; neurosurgery, and struggling against the medical status quo.

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