What book are you currently reading?

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I ordered the Kindle edition, despite not having a Kindle (I MUCH prefer my Kobo :slight_smile: I’ll just read it on the PC.

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Who knew electric flossers existed? Thanks to this book I just found out. I think my dentist would be thrilled if I purchased one, but it sounds kinda scary. Like haven’t we all totally gotten the floss stuck between teeth before? And that moment of panic when you have to figure out how to get it out? And having that happen with electricity? As always, love from the Drama Queen. But this is a seriously good read.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #64

Yes. Yes we have. I have some run in’s with piksters too :face_with_head_bandage:

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Oh, God, I hate those. The little tree-shaped things?

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That’s them :grimacing: I’ll be going along just fine, correct size & all that then I’ll get some sinus swelling & boom - my pikster wants to be a fixture.

(Laurie) #67

How did we go from books to weird appliances? Do you mean an oral irrigator such as WaterPic? I like mine. Well, I hate putting anything in my mouth (other than food), but I like the way it works, and I’m sure it makes my mouth cleaner.

Anyway, what I’m reading:


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Because I am a professional thread-derailer.

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I have a battery operated flosser, you put floss on it and floss while the battery does the hard work. I also have a water irrigation flosser. Which type were you referring to? Both work great. My dental office says to use the water one, but the other one can be used away from water and electic plug ins, so I still have and use them both.

Just joining you off the rail…:wink:

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My dentist has recommend the water pic.

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Thread-drift! In here! #whoknew?

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His original book is what I started on when my husband’s A1C test showed him as just over the diabetic level. He is slowly working his way down out of prediabetic, and his dr. is amazed he is doing that.

I’m currently reading Smart Fat: Eat more fat. Lose more weight. Get healthy now by Dr. Steven Masley.
I am also rereading parts of Dr. Cate Shanahan’s Deep Nutrition kinda comparing what those two have to say.

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I wasn’t complaining! It’s up to me not to blink around here.


Ditto! Thanks for the recommendation! I loved it!

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This book was great.


I love to read, so I came here looking for a new book and now I can’t decide which to get they all look so good. Love this thread!

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I’m way behind the Times (NY Times that is!) I just finished Paulo Coelho The Alchemist.:+1:

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Hi, can you help me please. Im an avid reader of biographies and anything medical…definitely no novels.
In fact I have never read a novel even though I did try once or twice. Maybe its because I have a very inquisitive mind that only likes truth and facts and also narrative anoys me somewhat.

My question…I would like know how to upload the cover of my current book as I havent got a clue how to do it. I have been searching through the site seeking instructions but have given up. Many thanks…


Screenshot the book from a website, or take a photo. Then using the upload symbol (seventh from left), select the file/photo and follow the prompts.

I’m being lazy in not screenshotting the instructions, and I apologise, my bedside table is stacked with reading material, and my kindle is also well utilised. I think it’s nice to be able read widely, not necessarily all keto-based, but that it reinforces knowledge. Sometimes it’s like a ‘eureka’ moment when all the little strands come together and kind of resonate. Some people think you’re nuts eating this way but I’m happy in my smug re-educated self :laughing: