What are your top five condiments?

(Jacqueline Porter) #41

I make 2 minute mayo with light olive oil (check it out on You Tube). Makes a cup.
Add a little sugar free ketchup (Heinz) for a fabulous rose marie sauce for prawns. Then a cornichon and a few capers for thousand island.
I like sriracha, raspberry vinegar with a little sesame oil and lemon butter wirh capers.

(Allie) #42

I’d class it as a mineral rather than a spice as spices are from plants and salt isn’t…

I googled after responding… edited to add link.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #43

Thanks for that but even a cup is a bit much in a household of only two :slightly_smiling_face: I think I just have to resign myself to throwing some away now & again :cry:

(Jacqueline Porter) #44

Im a household of 1 and it lasts for about 10 days! Maybe I eat too much!

(Allie) #45

I make my own about a cup at a time and it’s only me that eats it. Keep it in the fridge and it’s good for three or four days.

(Running from stupidity) #46

LOL, as if it would still be there in three days.

(Allie) #47

Always at least three days each batch, if it goes past four days (which has happened a few times) it goes bubbly and I throw it out.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #48

Nah! You just like it more than we do :grin:

I tend to ditch the excess after about a week. I’ll just have to plan better &/or eat more of it.

(Running from stupidity) #49

I’m still struggling to believe that there’s any left after the second day.

(Troy) #50

Mustard - many varieties or brands
Hot sauce - same as above
#5 - I will keep open since I like to try others and explore :slightly_smiling_face:


Butter is a staple.

And bacon is a condiment.

(Eric - NSV count!) #52

Recipe please. Yummy.

(Eric - NSV count!) #53

Amish Butter
Texas Pete
Franks Hot Sauce
Mustard - Plain old simple Mustard
Sour Cream
Crumbled smoked blue cheese
Smoked salt - use this daily

Okay that is 7. But who is counting. I think I need to learn to make mayonnaise that is keto friendly.


1 whole egg (or two egg yolks), room temperature
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs white vinegar
1 tsp mustard
1/2 - 3/4 cup of bacon fat warmed to liquid state (not solid)

Blend all with a stick blender while drizzling in the bacon fat.

The more bacon fat you add the thicker/harder the cooled mayonnaise will be.

(Full Metal Keto) #55

@ChrisW Do you dip your bacon in this?


Unfortunately I was out of bacon by the time I made the mayonnaise.


Only Avacado mayo I’ve ever found that can more or less replace the real thing!

(Eric - NSV count!) #58

Thanks. Prepared mustard or powdered seeds?


Olive Oil based mayo
Valentina Salsa Picante
Dijon mustard
Blue cheese/Ranch dressing

(…p.s. I’m back!!!)

(Karen) #60

Oh, and sooooo this!!