What are your top five condiments?

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Hey guys, what are your five most used condiments…(not including spices).

Mine are:

Soy sauce
Buffalo wing sauce
Lemon Juice


Not counting butter as a condiment:

Hot sauce
Buffalo sauce
Spicy mayo
Sugar-free ketchup
Sour cream

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I may want to check this out.

Ah damn, I forgot sour cream, I eat it often too!

(Running from stupidity) #4

sweet chilli sauce
sour cream
tomato sauce
soy sauce


Full-fat sour cream mixed to the right level of tangyness with a bit of Dijon mustard is a great dressing/dip for all things eggy, hammy, meaty and fishy (like tuna).

Otherwise I mostly like to zhoosh things up with lemon juice, mashed avocado or (sometimes melted) butter. Or just vinaigrette over anything vaguely salad-ish (EVOO + vinegar).

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Sriracha Sauce
Tabasco Sauce
Frank’s Red Hot
Hot English Mustard

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Presumably with ghost peppers chopped into it.

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Wasabi mainly :joy:


Lol, this is why Safi and I will probably never be able to share a meal together… :sweat:

(Diane) #10

More than five (cause I’m like that):

Sour cream
Hot sauce
Dijon mustard
Blue cheese dressing
Lemon juice
Soy sauce
Worchestershire sauce (in very small amounts)

Edit: Oh, cream cheese

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Same same :slight_smile:

Actually, I probably should have had Wasabi cream in their instead of mayo, but I’m really trying to use more mayo currently.

Pretty sure “favourite” isn’t the same as “mandatory” :slight_smile:

(Doug) #12

Hot pepper sauce.
Sour cream.
Bacon. Like the crumbled type you put on deviled eggs.
Vinegar. Couldn’t bear to leave it out.

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I do have both dijon & vinaigrette :wink:

(Diane) #14

I see I’m gonna need to track down some wasabi.

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Vinegar. Couldn’t bear to leave it out.

I ended up deciding it was more of an ingredient around here, but yes, so much of it gets used. And so many different types…

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I wish I could find a small batch mayo recipe that actually works - I hate throwing it out when it gets a bit old :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have been eating Sir Kensington’s mayo. It’s pretty tasty.

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AU$20 for 16 fl oz here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah nah