What are your top 5 Keto meals?

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #22

Samantha and John. Your fried chicken recipes sound good. I’m going to try these this week.

(John) #23

I just came up with that one based on stuff I had bought or had on hand. You might prefer to use skin-on bone-in chicken thighs. The chia and sesame seeds were to add a little crunch. Not a large quantity. I am not sure if the heat from cooking retains all of the nutrients from the flax and chia. I was trying to come up with a replacement for cornstarch or flour, so I just experimented.

They turned out REALLY well. Not just like “ok, I can force myself to eat this but I’m missing something” - I mean like “wow, this is great!” I made 5 of them. I had two for dinner that night, my wife took one to work the next day, and I had one for breakfast the next day. Good reheated, but better fresh out of the skillet - crunchier. Experiment with different oils, and you can put other seasonings in the “breading” based on your preferences.

One tip - I used a meat thermometer to check the temp of the thickest one to decide when it was done. 165F for “done” but 185F for “tender”. I think they got up to about 180 before I decided it was time to eat.

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Thanks John. I’m definitely going to try this recipe over the weekend. I like the chicken skin so I’ll get the skin on bone in thighs.

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I’m also going to make sure the temp is 185. Sometimes my chicken comes out tough.

(Laurie) #26

I try not to cook any more, and to keep it simple. So most of my “meals” are just half a can of salmon or 70 grams of cheese or something like that. Aside from those, my top 5 actual meals would be:

  1. Green Thumb burger with bacon, plus fried onions and sauerkraut (no bun). I like it without cheese; cheese seems to distract from the fresh vegginess. And yes, those are yam fries, the typical ketoer’s not-so-secret addiction.

  1. Konjac (shirataki) noodles (0 net carbs) with tomato sauce, and either sausage or ground beef or pork.

miraclenoodles nupasta

  1. Microwaved salmon patty with mayo and Huy Fong brand Vietnamese chili garlic sauce.

  2. Hot cooked chicken legs from Costco, in the same section as the whole rotisserie chickens.

  3. Chilli mackerel, which is basically a curry. Link to recipe is below; you can substitute or omit ingredients according to whim. Simple and quick, and it always turns out amazingly good!


(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #27
  1. Bacon and eggs

  2. Steak

  3. Sausage

  4. Steak and eggs with bacon and sausage

  5. Pork picnic

(Heather~KWOL for life!) #28

cheeseburger casserole

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #29

I didn’t know yams were allowed on Keto. I just assumed they were high in carbs. Thanks for sharing that. Your menu is very good too.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #30

That cheeseburger casserole looks delish! Getting hungry again.

(Heather~KWOL for life!) #31

Tomatoes, heavy whipping cream, spices, covering the burger garlic onion mix, then loaded up with cheese No yams !!! :rofl:Side view

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Oh! The yam reply wasn’t to me lol my bad lol

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(Running from stupidity) #34

Yeah, about 15g/100. High they def are.

(Ellie) #35

Makes shopping easy!

(Ellie) #36

1 Steak (obviously!), with butter and cream peppercorn sauce
2 Mattshead pizza - every friday evening
3 Chicken or beef nachos - Chicken, fajita spices, sour cream casserole, served with cheese nacho chips and guacomole and more sour cream
4 Bacon and eggs
5 Pork Belly

(Lonnie Hedley) #37

Cooking too. I use an egg cooker for the hard boiled eggs. Frittatas are done in a 6.5 inch cast iron in the toaster oven. Dinner is made in an 8 inch cast iron.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #38

Thanks for the full recipe of the yam free casserole. :grin: The sandwich you posted looks yummy too.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #39

That’s good to know. Still fairly new to Keto so I’m learning something new everyday.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #40

Chicken and beef nachos sound good too. I’ll have to try that. :yum:

(Randy) #42

Crack Slaw
Bacon Cheeseburgers
Crack Slaw
Crack Slaw