What are your 3 favourite keto meals?


But if I want to eat only eggs, I have easier recipes like boiled or scrambled eggs… It needs something extra. And cheese is lovely but even my recipe uses a huge amount, maybe 100g for 12 muffins…? And cheese pretty much stopped being affordable for me since the price doubled this year. The odd 10-20g is one thing but a cheesy quiche… I never liked most cheesy food where cheese wasn’t just raw on top of something but quiche is an exception if it’s a rarity enough.

I don’t know many quiche recipes, actually just one, it uses cream and cheese. I tried swapping cream to sour cream (for various reasons) and it works but it’s nicer with cream.

But once I made some cool one with quark, I kinda forgot that, why? It was pretty great. Quark (IDK if it’s quark if it’s less creamy than cottage cheese but I have a hard time to say certain things in English), sour cream and dill, that’s a wonderful combo and egg goes with almost everything.

(Bob M) #42

Usually, you partly cook the eggs (with whatever else you’re adding) in the pan, then toss it in the oven. If you can, take it out before it’s completely set (edit: should have a slightly “jiggly” middle).


I simply love cheese. I used to be mad on cheese cake and I still love the idea of a keto friendly cheese cake and I would love to eat a quiche rich with both cream and cheese, but unfortunately my beloved cheese doesn’t love me back. But I seem to be getting away with eating some cream.