What are your 3 favourite keto meals?


Like this/ https://www.sugarfreemom.com/recipes/sugar-free-low-carb-sponge-cake/


Variety is the spice of life🙂Me, I just like keeping it as simple as possible. Today my lunch was salted cold pork belly as well as some cold salmon, both leftovers from yesterday’s big fry up of some meat and fish that were reduced in price. Great way to save money. Later this afternoon I’ll just have my usual omelette with bacon I think. Or perhaps some chicken nuggets. Who can say. Some days I only feel like having just one meal, and others up to three. It varies.


What is pork chuck? Today I had pork belly for my lunch, leftovers from my partner’s dinner last night. He bought them and some salmon yesterday because they were all reduced in price and needed using up the same day. Of course, I had already eaten my dinner by then and wasn’t hungry. So today I just ate all the leftovers for my lunch. We’ll be buying pork belly again for our Christmas meal, my partner liked them so much. He is not into keto like me, but still enjoys a lot of the same foods I eat, he just also enjoys eating a lot of carbs. But that works for him as he’s very healthy, much more healthy than me with no health issues, and so he doesn’t need to follow me in my WOE. At least I don’t miss the old carbs anymore, and so long as I continue to see health benefits from keto, I don’t see why I couldn’t be eating this way long term and possibly, if no ill side effects occur, for life.

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Chuck usually means meat from the hindquarters of the animal. But the cuts of meat and the names for them vary considerably from country to country.


Well that one is super complicated compared to mine. Mine only have eggs and optionally a springle of salt, nothing else (usually, at least. I tried various versions but those mess with the fluffiness and the usability). Therefore it’s carnivore so suits my woe way better :wink:
And mine is neutral and I almost always eat it with salty stuff (that’s why salt is optional in it and because eggs almost/totally enough sodium naturally for me). So mine is more like my bread. I ate today’s ones with lard and cheese, respectively. After I toasted them but they never become a proper toast. Eggs stay soft-ish.

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Shoulder cut according to Google.



I thought that is common knowledge but I am aware different countries do things differently and never know how to call my pork “thigh” (they are sold as thigh here and it is the pig’s upper hind leg and butts)… I didn’t find a drawing with that cut and I don’t know exactly where it is, upper part of neck or something*… But it’s a wonderful cut! Not too fatty, not to lean (except when it is and it’s only according to my preferences), in good cases marbled, BEST cut for roasts :smiley: If I could find it more often on sale, I probably would eat it all the time…

I researched the Hungarian word, yep it’s the upper part of the neck/shoulder and apparently it’s called Boston butts in English… But when I researched I got the word chuck, was it wrong…? It’s even possible that Boston butts isn’t the whole “tarja” (the Hungarian word of my favorite cut), I saw many diagrams of pork cuts and they were quite different…

I am confused about cuts since years (when I started to eat meat more than a few times a year) :frowning: Not like I was not confused about the Hungarian words, we have quite a few very special names of rare pieces :smiley: Like “chain”, it’s some longish part around the loin, it’s quite common as I bought pork slabs “with chain”, some extra words are more rare.

Isn’t pork belly horribly fatty? Or not everywhere? Our pork belly is mostly fat but it’s true Hungary focus on pigs with very much fat (our famous Mangalica is even fattier than the pigs for their meat but the meaty ones are very very fatty too when butchered. once I bought a tiny piglet and it was mostly skin and fat, it was crazy. good but I wanted more meat… but it gave me the softest, best lard I ever had the luck to enjoy) and almost all Hungarians eat high-fat (high-carb too, unfortunately).

I can say the same about my SO. He doesn’t eat a bunch of carnivore dish I like but some are quite okay for him, it’s convenient for me. He likes eggs but just in normal form, not my extremely eggy dishes. Except my cheesy baked egg whites, I actually make them only for him. If I eat some for convenience, I add a yolk to mine and instead of the cheese cube in the middle I use a slice of dry sausage if I have it. I am a yolk fan and he is a cheese fan. We both likes sausage but he is fine with vegetarian food most of the time. And he always follows me when I change my meat eating. When I became a vegetarian, he became a vegetarian. When I had meat a few times a year, he did the same but said he could handle it a bit more frequently… And when I tried carnivore, he complained a bit (despite I never forced my meat on him. the more is left for me, the better :smiley: though it’s convenient not to make something else for him) and talked about being a wasteful one to eat meat every day but he apparently changed his mind. He still have vegetarian days but usually very gladly eat meat. With a bunch of grains and vegs, certain things won’t change. But they work for him while not for me. I am open-minded anyway but it’s still useful to see that someone need high-carb and is thriving on it. As he has serious problems right away without his carbs, he can’t get satiated without carbs unless he seriously overeats fat and the latter causes him to feel too stuffed later. But he is health-conscious, it’s important. It would bother me horribly if he ate sugary sweets galore (well he actually do but a little fruit is different from overly much added sugar). We plan several more decades together, in health :slight_smile:

You started super good. You have success and rather few problems already in the beginning, it’s great! Many people on this forum has cravings still, after years. Even if they can handle it, it can’t be always very easy but maybe it’s me, I don’t resist temptation, it’s against my core personality. If I got tempted all the time, it would be very bad for me but I don’t. I may go slow but I don’t sacrifice anything I think or it’s negligible and very much worth it.

I didn’t miss my carbs in the beginning either, they came back later. It took 5 years for most food groups, sugar was the only one that I never missed and don’t like (it’s another matter that I am fond of a few things containing it but it has little to nothing to do with the sugar content, that actually bothers me). BUT I kept too much carbs (as I couldn’t go nearly as low as you did right away) so maybe that’s why. Going very low is special, it changes me much more. I am very sure I never will start to desire carby things I left again.
So I guess you have good chances to not get back your desire towards carbs. Not like I can tell, actually, we are different people too so it’s just vague extrapolation combined with my optimism… And as you weren’t healthy on high-carb (I was), you have even more motivation…


By the way why you have different words for the same cuts? Or not? Is pork loin and pork chop the same? It’s translated to the same Hungarian word (we have “long” and “short” of that though… and ours always come in boneless slabs, without that fun looking handle)…

And we have “shoulder” (I think it’s that part? the Hungarian word actually means scapula. is it okay to call it shoulder?), it’s very very very fatty, way fattier than the chuck and I don’t like it much but it’s way more often on sale and it’s so cheap that I usually can’t resist… And it’s edible and I had 2 days when I had 1000g of it (and it means overeating fat quite seriously for me… protein too) so I easily eat it but I don’t enjoy it as much as a chuck roast. And it doesn’t satiate me as well, apparently. I never went significantly over 700g with other pork cuts (in a day, not in one sitting though my one sitting record is close).

So I can thank the fatty pork shoulder to figure out that even fatty cuts may be not well satiating for me. It’s not trivial for me to get satiated but I have good days when it’s easier. I need to be very close to carnivore for that. Good motivation. Feeling starved after eating since hours isn’t fun.


Hi Shinita. I have to confess I did think the pork belly was rather fatty and I wasn’t actually able to eat all the fat, but I made the mistake of eating them cold. My partner ate them fresh and hot yesterday and claimed they were delicious. They’d probably taste a lot better hot. On the other hand I too tend to find pork chops, apart from where the fat is, too meagre. I’m sure a pork roast like we plan to have for our christmas meal will have the right combination of fat and meat, as a little is really nice, too much and it can get a bit sickly.

Yes our SOs have this in common that they both seem to be doing well on a high carb diet, and don’t really want to give up the carbs. Well why should they if it’s working well for them and they don’t have any health issues. I am doing it for a very specific reason, and wouldn’t expect my partner to join me in this or try and convince him.

However, I do feel it’s going well on my keto WOE so far. As it is so easy to avoid the carbs, not missing them at all. And I definitely find my body inching more towards carnivore.

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Fav breakfast fritta with smoked salmon
Lunch cauliflower leek soup and chicken salad
Dinner steak and salad

I have a few more things I eat regularly but these are my favs. I do enjoy experimenting.


Exactly. As long as there is a decent fat layer for not too much lean meat, it’s okay but I tend to want more fat so I eat up the fatty part and end up with a bunch of lean pork :smiley: It’s not a problem as I have various ideas for the too lean part. It just needs some sauce or lard (I often use the fatty thing in the bottom of the oven pan if it’s a roast), it can be mixed with other things (usually eggs) and fried but I often feed it to my SO who likes his meat significantly leaner. There is no such thing as too lean meat for him. His upper limit is is pork chuck (or the leanest parts of something fattier). While my lower limit was pork chuck but I like leaner meats as long as there is at least a small fat layer and the meat is lean but juicy, never dry.

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Once they’ve got cold, I think they’re best cut into pieces and refried - they turn out way better that way.


Yes I did think of doing that, but they were bought yesterday at reduced price as they were going out the same day so having been fried up once I wasn’t sure I could do it again. The meaty parts were good, but I learned eating fat when it’s cold can be sickly. If we buy them again I will definitely try them nice and hot next time and if they still seem too fatty I’ll chop them up and maybe try to wrap them in bacon.


Fritta with smoked salmon does sound nice. If fritta is what I think, a sort of pancake? I did try to make a fritta myself with almond flour, but it didn’t turn out very good. Never been much of a salad person myself, but I do like now and again to team my meat or fish with some vegetables. Steak sounds fab, I tend to just buy minced beef these days as it’s cheaper.


I eat too fatty meat easier cold but it’s often more enjoyable hot… But if the meat is perfectly fatty, it’s wonderful either way to me :slight_smile:
Of course people are different regarding this too.

But bacon is super fatty too… I would add lean meat then. Or eggs (they are quite fatty but still less than pork belly and feels not particularly fatty anyway)…

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Frittata is like a crustless quiche. Or open-face omelet.

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I have them often. I have a pan that is just right size, I put the meat/fish into the pan to warm up while beating my eggs (2), I add the eggs and put the pan lid, a soild one not a glass one, and set the timer for 2 mins. They come out lovely every time. .


The open-face omelet looks delicious on the photo, I’ll have to try it, pity I’m such a rubbish cook, my partner is far more adventurous than I am with far more cooking skills, I just tend to throw some meat or fish on on the grill or in the baking tray lol. Though my bacon omelet does taste pretty good.


Crustless quiche is nice. I heard about quiche on this forum so I never ate one with a crust but I liked what I got when I used keto quiche recipes. I rarely make them as it requires much dairy and that’s not my style (even if I eat much, I prefer them alone or on top of something), at least not for everyday dishes but occasionally it happens and it’s a big plus that my SO loves it, even more than me as he is a big cheese lover. I use my trusted sylicon muffin mold and his muffins get some vegs (like carrot and brussels sprouts, colorful!) and mine get a slice of sausage or something similar. But sometimes I eat them plain.

Quiche is ridiculously easy, I don’t think it needs cooking skills… Just mix and bake :slight_smile: Okay, grinding cheese too, that’s my least favorite part…

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You can make it without cheese. If it calls for milk, just use water.