Weight Maintenance 2019 January Check-in

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To get us started on the New Year.

Happy 2019 everyone.

Weight Maintenance 2018 December Check-in
(Jane) #2

My goal range is 155-159 and I was at 154.8 this morning, so happy to have made it through most of the holiday season under my goal weight. I fasted a couple of days - one day after Thanksgiving and another after Christmas- and that helps.

I plan another 36-hr fast on Wednesday to make up for the extra red wine I will be having tonight!

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I’m planning the same, but I will have champers, it is my New Year’s Eve traditional drink.


My overall goal is 180 and below. My Christmas goal was 198; dipped to 195. Right at 198 today Dec. 31. So I am on track.

Am figuring I will start 2019 right at 199 and aim to hit overall goal in first week of April. (started at 255 last April.)

Feel confident.


GW 70kg, CW 68.7kg. Anticipate changing my GW to 67kg but my priority is to achieve some exercise goals in 2019. Very new to maintainence, still finding my feet.

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Holding and ketoing on which includes exercise. Not much fussin around!


(Dee) #7

I’d lost 4 more lbs from Dec but gained them back as of today. Holiday alcohol consumption is the culprit, I’m sure. I’m okay with that as I am still below my goal weight.
I lost another 1/2 inch off my waist in the last month and am looking forward to losing more inches there.

Goals: Consume more veggies, extend my workout routine and try EF for potential autophagy benefits at least once weekly.

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This is where I want to be. Like when I gorged on 25 or so Christmas cookies. I didnt care! :grinning:

To maintain over the long term requires some flexibility and a realistic view on things.

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:tada:Congrats on being below target.:tada:

Welcome to the Maintenance Crew.


Well done everyone! Okay! I will be the one who confesses/reports that I did not do well over the holidays. No excuses, just poor judgement. Thankfully we have tools and I will do ZC/Carnivore until I am back below my target weight. Once I am there I think I may need to adjust my target weight a bit lower, but will cross that bridge when I get to it.

This was a hard post to write because I am disappointed in myself. However, honest accountability got me to goal and helped me to maintain for months and months so I am taking courage in that and having a workable plan.
Thanks all and Happy New Year!

(Cindy) #11

My goal is 110-115 and I’m right at 115 this morning. So hanging in there! I stayed in ketosis all thru the holidays, although I ate much more than my normal. Still I’m happy with staying keto!

(Dee) #12

Dust yourself off and keep moving forward. You’ve got this!

(Wendy) #13

I was a little lax during a couple days during the Christmas holidays but I’m still below my original goal and just gained 3 pounds of what I assume is water weight.
I did have more joint pain so it was a good reminder to myself to eat clean and stay keto if I want to feel my best.

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It is always good to stand in your truth. Accountability is very important when dealing with your health and fitness.

Just have plenty of :bacon::bacon::bacon: and get back on track.

(Brandon Schultz) #15

Happy New Year. I am at 223, have dropped 15 pounds since starting a lazy keto 7 weeks ago. Goal weight is 190 so, quite a ways to go, but feeling good and not worrying too much about the scale.

(Karen Parrott) #16

@collaroygal Thanks, always, for starting this thread. Work is insane, took time off for a real vacation with the fam, currently stay-cationing with my college age daughter, she’ll take off for her college friends, and work will still be insane, but I’ll have a smidge more time for posting. LOL

Stayed 100% on track on vacation. Doing a great job of cutting back on total intake, losing weight, and fasting after about 2pm. I have my regular well check (yearly due to post Hashimotos) next Monday. Glad I’m on the down sweep on weight.

Jan 2019 goals, continue to lose weight and keep it off. 1-2 pounds. Welcome newbies. :slight_smile:

(Frank) #17

I year in 2 days ago and humming right along at my original goal weight of 185. Very happy and well fed camper.


That’s some solid maintenance! Nice job.

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Wow so happy to see these posts today. Great job both of you.

Karen, I want to drive my setpoint down a few lbs. but I am determined not to stress out about it. Stress does not do me any good. some people stop eating when stressed out, I am NOT one of those.

Frank, you are rocking this maintenance routine. Well done and keep it going.

I’ m currently in hr. 38 of a fast, coffee w/hwc and water only. I recently realized I can not have bone broth while fasting. I had made up a big batch of it in my Instant Pot and thought I would try an extended bone broth fast. It did not go well. I was so HUNGRY after about an hour after the first cup of it. I ended up having just a one meal a day experience. So I did a couple of days of refeeding, since I had feasted before starting that attempt, and then started this more traditional form of fasting.

It is snowing here today. So no outside walks for me today. I’ll be using jessicasmithtv videos for burning off the glycogen stores.