Weight Maintenance 2018 December Check-in

(Frank) #21

Weight steady and actually down a bit this past month. Towards the end of my “keto Roulette” n=1 I was eating more protein and that pattern seems to be working for me. Upping the protein and including more fermented veggies is making my gut very happy.

(Karen Parrott) #22

Hello all posting for accountability one, I’ve got a cold and that has caused my weight to go up at least a pound. To since I wasn’t feeling good I ate in the evening. That is great but it also causes me to gain weight. So I’m tracking how many days a fast early ( 6am-12 noon or 2) and I’ll be tracking my calories a lot because for me that matters so much.

I am 1 pound under my scream weight and it sucks. But so did the 40 years of morbid obesity and yo-yo dieting. I know I can turn this around. Now to go and do


Goal weight 70kg, sitting around 69kg but it varies. Really want to see 2019 New Year within 1kg of goal. Struggling with some guilt around the amount I’m eating, not normal and I’m working on it. Keto December, my first Keto Christmas🎄

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #24

Hope the cold is better.

Sounds like you have a very early eating window. I tried to switch to earlier eating but it was way to much of a struggle, so I am still pretty much noon to 6pm…

I’m trying to work my way down a few lbs. but honestly, I am delighted I can stay in my weight range eating the way I do now. I am healthier too.

(Dee) #25

I am dropping more weight. I’m not panicking because I said 10 more pounds gone would be fine.
Plus my goal weight (180) is still technically overweight.

I thought I was maintaining for a month or so but then I seemed to have had the whoosh effect and dropped to 176 and have been holding it for about a week now.

I am going to consider for the near future alternate day IF in lieu of daily IF.
It’s just become such a habit but I suspect I need to eat more or add complex carbs.
The second option will be my last pick.


My goal this month is ‘just’ to maintain and be well within my range on New Years day! It is not easy, but I seem to be keeping on the right course. I am having daily fluctuations up and down - totally related to ‘clean’ eating vs planned and unplanned deviations.

However, one thing this time between Thanksgiving and New Years has taught me is that I have NO ability to just do ‘some’ sugar or ‘some’ nuts. I am now counting my days of sustained abstinence from those two personally-addictive substances and I feel much more in control during this treacherous - yet joyful - time. (A trick I heard on a recent podcast). I’m just competitive enough that I don’t want to go back to 0 days!

I hope all are well and healthy and enjoying family and friends and the joy of the season! Peace!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #27

New Year, new monthly check in for the Maintenance Crew.