Weight going up (but still positive because of progress pics)


Hey guys!
I’m trying not to let this get me down, but I am struggling a tad. After a few weeks of gradually losing (with a few bumps), I started stalling. I remained patient. But now the stall is turning into gains. I’m trying not to get discouraged but its hard.

Its been I think 10 weeks. I went from 196lb at 5’3’’ to 178lb. And that number has gradually rose back up to about 186/187 over the last 3 weeks in a consistent upward curve.

I’m noticing the same in my measurements. I was losing inches gradually. But now they are creeping back up.

I eat the same things- bacon and eggs for breakfast, meat and veg for dinner. And feel satiated. I drink a good amount of water.

Do I need to bring more fat into my diet? Its very high in protein; I eat a lot of meat.

However- in staying positive- my progress picture is definitely noticeably better.

Here is my belly comparison. (Keep in mind- because of my back problems, in the After pic, I am sucking in considerably, so it doesn’t look like that at all in person. In fact, my belly still sticks out a considerable amount. You can’t tell because I am sucking in and its a front view) But anyway!

(will post these pics in my originally starter thread too!)

(Scott) #2

Give it some time and watch how many veggies you eat as those carbs add up faster than you think. I add butter and bacon fat to my eggs for a kind of egg fat bomb at breakfast. I was in a prolonged stall until the holidays and a child’s wedding added seven pounds to my setpoint. I eliminated veggies going carnivore to try something new and am getting close to my old stall weight. I like low carb WOE so I don’t stress over any of if. I don’t have to limit calories and can maintain my weight so it is very comfortable for me. Pictures show good progress, keep up the good work.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #3

Not only do we need to worry about “carb creep,” we also need to worry about getting enough energy in our food. Fat is an ideal source of energy, because it barely affects the secretion of insulin and is more calorie-dense, so we need less of it to satisfy ourselves.

You might want to look at your protein/fat ratio and make adjustments. A rough rule of thumb is that there are 7 g of protein in an ounce of most meats, and we want something like 1.0-1.5 g a day of protein per kilo of lean body mass (divide weight in pounds by 2.2 to get kilograms).

So if you weigh 220 lbs./100 kg, and 30% of that is fat, you want 1.0-1.5 × 70 g, or 70-105 g of protein a day. The rest of your diet, apart from a minimal amount of carbohydrate, should be fat, eaten to satiety (so you will get enough, but not too much). Not getting enough energy puts the body in famine mode, in which it saves resources rather than letting them go. So paradoxically, we need to get enough calories each day in order to lose fat.


I’m going to give you different advise than many. What you’re seeing isn’t some random weight gain, or a lot of food the day before tricking the scale it’s a trend in progress. Which is GOOD, because you caught it. Weight loss stopping, followed by a stall, followed by gaining is something to act on. Start tracking what you’re eating, what are your current stats, how physically active are you, have you considered your metabolism may be messed up? Do you know a ballpark of what you eat calorically or how much fat you’re eating daily?


Calories I’m eating about 1200, and I’m so-so active. Walk to and from work (20 minutes each way) and do a bit of light exercise at home a few times a week.

As for fat intake- my macro is 90, but I think I’m eating about 50. My protein macro is 80 and I think I’m eating about that.

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I’m having a very similar issue and have been feeling really down about it. I started keto for 11 weeks and have lost 8 kg total (-10 then +2). I read a ton, track my macros and calories and have been pretty strict. Macros have been between 70-80 % fat and under 20 g carbs (I think that ended up at around 5 %). I’m moderately active (between 6 and 10 000 steps a day) and eat between 1200 and 1700 calories a day. At first I was loosing slowly then I platformed and mow I’ve gained 2 kgs back. Any more tips other than those you guys already gave?

(Susan) #7

Fasting =). I am currently on a 100 hour water/plain coffee/tea/ salt Fast.

I also do TMAD (two meals a day) at 1pm lunch and 4:30 supper for a daily Intermittent Fasting of 20:4 --20 hours of 0 calories a day from 5pm until the next day at 1pm-- only plain water/tea/coffee during those 20 hours (when not sleeping of course) and just the 2 meals, no snacking or calories between those two meals as well.

Welcome to the forum, Meredith =).

(Meredith Norlindh) #8

Thank you!

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Hey there, well 6 steps or 10,000 is a big difference and so is a difference of 500 calories per day. When I was in weight loss mode I was keeping everything consistent on a day to day basis and tracked everything; food and exercise(steps), hours working out.

(Bunny) #10

Looking at your progress pics I would say you need to build muscle right at this point (or you will be trying to starve yourself to death forever and a day) with some kind of resistance training especially squats (most important of all) and if you choose to do that you will need to increase calories and actually gain weight but you will look thinner (like a greyhound) than you do now.

If you don’t build muscle at this point your metabolism just gets slower and slower and then if you decide give up on the diet you will gain back the the fat cells you have shrunk down or forced to let go of it’s lipids (triglycerides) and you now have that in suspended animation and it’s waiting for muscle volume?

I’ve seen it (fail and give up) happen too many times TO BE WRONG and notice a lot of people on the different threads right now talking about stalling or gaining and Paul is trying to tell ya peeps your gaining bone density and lean body tissue; BODY COMPOSITION WEIGHT GAIN so YES your GAINING WEIGHT but in a good way.

And stay away from the dam scale it is a useless tool.

Your trying to build a MASTERPIECE here peeps not deflate balloons and re-inflate them?

(Prancing Pony) #11

I started weights in part because of your comments and despite gaining 5kg or 10lbs my waist is exactly the same size. I can easily carry a 70kg person in my arms :rofl: I’ll take that over starving the scale lower any day! I’m sure eventually my body will get leaner but for now I know I’m future proofing myself and changing my body make up ratios

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #12

This means you are gaining lean tissue, not putting fat back on. Lean tissue is much denser than fat, so you can gain weight while losing fat, if what you are gaining is lean. Strong muscles and sturdy bones are good things, even if they prevent the scale from showing us a lower number.

Because so many people adopt a ketogenic diet in order to shed excess stored fat, we tend to lose sight of the fact that a ketogenic diet is really a weight normalisation diet, not a weight loss diet. Our euphemistic use of the term “weight” when we really mean “fat” doesn’t help, either.