Weekly Cheating - The evolution of my 4/7 ketogenic diet

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I think I have a unique way of applying the ketogenic diet. I’m a 32 year old male software engineer, I’m currently 192lbs, ~19% body fat. I’ve been able to maintain this weight Since October 2016 ± 2lbs. I weigh myself and record it every Thursday. With my current diet plan every week I will generally get up to 198-200 by Monday morning and drop back to around 192lbs by Thursday afternoon.

The evolution of my 4/7 ketogenic diet (4 days on, 3 days off every week)

Throughout my life I’ve always been a heaver guy, nothing too extreme just overweight.

Pre May 2016 - I’m generally healthy, but most of my bio-metrics measurements are starting to creep in the wrong direction (5.7 AIC). I know I need to get healthier but just don’t do anything about it. Diets in the past have never stuck more than 2-3 months.

Late May 2016 - 243lbs
This was the final tipping point for me. I was developing sleep apenia over the last few month and my wife wanted me to get a c-pap machine. I tell her no way, I’m going to lose some weight and get healthier. I’ve been a .NET Rocks listener for a long time and on some episode Carl turned me on to the 2ketodudes podcast. So I started listening and after getting through the first few episodes I realize it is a perfect fit for me. I don’t have any diagnosed disease yet that I needed to cure, I mostly liked the diet because I knew I could get behind the food and love cooking. So I start keto right away, tracking all my food and keeping carbs under 30g a day, most days under 20g.

Mid June - 229lbs (down 14lbs), all signs of sleep apenia are gone! I never saw a doctor about it, but 2-3 times a month I was waking myself up gasping for air. Typically it happened right as I was about to fall asleep I was like I’d forget to breath for a few seconds.

Early August 2016 - 209lbs (down 34lbs), this is when I noticed my weight loss was slowing down a little bit so I start doing 19/5 intermittent fasting Monday - Thursday only eating after work. At this point I was only 9lbs from my goal of 200lbs but I decide to change my goal to 190lbs. I also quit tracking my food because I’ve got a good idea about what I’m allowed in a day.

Early October 2016 - 191lbs (down 52lbs)… Oh shit, I’m at my goal, now what? At this point I don’t want to lose any more weight but I’m really enjoying the benifits of I.F. This is where my weekly cheating starts. I decide that I’m going to allow myself Sundays every week completely off the diet and eat whatever I want. This timing works out really well because of all the football parties my wife and I like to attend and throw (GO PACK GO!). I also decided to start lightly working out, very lightly. I’m only working out 2-3 days a week spending 15-20 mins on an elliptical machine. I typically work out right before my IF eating window starts.

December 2016 - Still 192lbs (down 51lbs). This seems to be working… So I start allowing myself off the diet Friday - Sunday every week. At the same time I also intensify the exercise a little. One of the weekly workouts is replaced with a pretty intense weight training (I’m still sore after every workout). And this is what I’m still doing today.

Disclamer - I don’t necessarily cheat every day I’m allowed, if it is convenient to eat keto I generally will, but if we go out to eat with friends I’m fine splitting a pizza and having some beers. You also have to realize that on those 3 days a week off, I’m much more conscious of what I’m eating and I’m definitely eating a lot less than I was pre-keto.

All comments, questions, and concerns welcome.



Boy, that would be a dream! Weekends off! Best of both worlds!

(Guardian of the bacon) #3

Glad it works for you. I don’t think I could keep my carb consumption under control. I fear old bad habits would surface.

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There’s a dietary approach called “alt shift” which pretty much does as you describe. It didn’t work for me at all but a lot of people seem tho be having success with it.


You are lucky, wow! Wish I could do that.

(Richard Morris) #6

Good job catching a diabetic metabolism before your doctors were aware of it. (5.7% HbA1c is about when they start thinking about it) Also good job finding out what works for you in maintenance.

This is kind of a phasic version of the Atkins program when you reintroduce carbs until you reach your personal tolerance level.

I suspect for people who have fully deranged metabolisms that limit isn’t very high and carb up days would tend to further derange them. One possible problem is it can take 4-5 days to produce enough ketones for the brains demand for glucose to drop long enough for insulin to be low enough to enable efficient draw down of body fat. So for people with deranged metabolisms it’s safer to just increase fat in response to appetite as their body fat reaches it’s maintenance point.