Weekend break and binge showed me WHY I need keto


I was having insane cravings for fruit. Not refined sugar, just fruit. I decided to take the weekend off, pig out on fruit, then go back – not on carnivore but on standard Keto.

So I went to the store and was careful to buy only keto-friendly foods aside from the bananas and mangoes. Did NOT buy candy or ice cream, although I wanted to. Came home and had my binge on fruit, which I will continue today, but Monday, it will be keto only.

I won’t say I failed at carnivore, and I still plan to eat a lot of meat, but not liking eggs was a big drawback and I really missed fruit so much.

I can tell the difference. I had HORRIBLE reflux last night where the acid came up into my throat and burned my throat in the middle of the night while I was asleep. The bloating and inflammation is back already. I’m glad I did this, because it showed me clearly what the benefits of keto are, so it will be easy to go back to it.

I’m not sure I’ll do well on 20g of carbs, so I’m doing 50g at first, working down again to 20g. Have two pork steaks cooking right now for my lunch.

(Robin) #2

Real life lessons. No reason to feel bad. You found out (remembered) how your body feels on fruit. Any sort of sugar brings on a long list of crappy repercussions for me. It becomes easier to say no to those cravings and yes to feeling good.

(Bob M) #3

Not everyone has to go to 20grams. I followed someone on Twitter who lost 80 pounds eating around 80 (or 100?) grams a day. 20 grams is selected because if you’re close to that, you’ll be in ketosis.

I basically never have reflux…except when I eat plants. Sometimes tomato sauce, or something in the sauce, will do this. But not always. But other plants will give me this almost 100% of the time.


There are so many veggies that I used to love that affect me badly now. I love broccoli and cauliflower but can only eat them in small quantities and cooked quite well because of my goiter. Same goes for all the cole crops, all of which I love. I can’t eat tomatoes at all. I put some into a veggie soup once thinking it would be o.k., and had horrible reflux. I used to drink V-8 and eat tomatoes in almost everything or at every meal during tomato season. I do cheat and slip in a BLT occasionally, but only right after I’ve taken my meds. The tomato still burns going down.

This is why I wanted to do keto, because I heard that so many people had been completely cured of GERD on it. I hate not being able to eat things I love, like spicy foods.

(Bob M) #5

I could see that, not being able to eat those foods. You may get some of that back over time. Or you might not.

After going near carnivore for a while, I have found I’m better at eating certain foods than I used to be. I stopped eating hot/spicy foods for a long time, and now I find I can eat them periodically again. So, let’s hope that’s you, too.


Losing fat and being in ketosis are two very different things… I don’t need keto to lose fat (and never lost fat on keto anyway) but if I eat much carbs, I feel worse. Just a tad, nothing that could keep me off from my fruits or anything else but I feel the difference. And I definitely couldn’t do off-keto all the time without feeling way too unwell to my liking.
Fat-loss is just eating little enough for me. Going lower carb may help but there are more factors. I try to minimize my carbs for other things.

About the OP’s problem with fruits… My condolences. I can’t even imagine not eating all the fruits in my garden (and very very few tropical ones) or the vegs I want (not like I like many anymore and the few lost importance as well. but I did it gradually and I don’t want them so it’s cool. being forced to skip them is sad). My fruits are sugary so not ideal for me, I know that from the reaction of my body but it’s subtle enough that I don’t care so much, at least not always… Being forced to keep away have pros but cons too…

Even if you want to eat fruit, can’t you keep it low? Like, my old 10g frozen bananas as a newbie ketoer? Not a whole one. I came a long way and banana is way too sweet for me anyway, my current main fruit is lemon and not much of it.
Some fruits are impossible for me as I barely can stop and I sugar poison myself at some point but it’s fine as long as it’s not in my garden. I simply don’t buy those.

50g may be much but 20g isn’t a must for everyone even on keto. I never could go that very low before carnivore and I was in ketosis and got fat adapted while eating 40g net and way higher total carbs. It wasn’t good enough for me but I needed that time. Now I can do extreme low-carb pretty easily unless I have a too tempting fruit season or something. It never last very long but it’s very enjoyable until it does.

Experiment, I guess, to figure out what works…


You ever try digestive enzymes? I have the same probs with the same ones, but not when I take digestive enzymes.

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I actually kinda wish something like this on everyone who goes keto. Nothing major, just a small nutritional detour into the past that shines a white hot spotlight on all the reasons they made the change in the first place.

There’s a big difference between “I haven’t had a banana in 8 years and I’ve never felt better” and “I had a banana for the first time in eight years and it felt like my esophagus was being melted with a blowtorch.” One’s more poignant, just sayin’.

I don’t call it backsliding or falling off the wagon, I call it scientific experimentation.


how long have you been trying to change?
that is a big key here on your post.

we sugar addicts don’t care if it is refined sugar or fruit…it is sugar LOL

you would not believe the ‘pretend useless chats I had with me to ‘allow’ crappy sugar’ back into my life when I changed my eating plan so…

if more new you are gonna have to battle the monster. Simple as that.

What I did was don’t pretend, allow, or deny yourself the food you can have. Don’t pretend you can have it all and do ok. most can’t. Don’t allow stuff thru your mind in your chat to gain back sugar in any way you can and ‘be ok’ with it cause in the end ya suffer. Also don’t DENY ever ALL the food you can eat on your new eating plan. EAT BIG if you need to eat big and this is key to help change us over.

wish you the best. You are finding you and seeing real truths in the body on how your food effects you. so don’t keep eyes closed…keep them wide open to follow that next best eating path for ya!!

walk your path and keep on track of you and always just keep on truckin’ forward the best way!!

I am 5 yrs zero carb. I ate paprika on chicken and then had 2 rum drinks and a low carb beer and OMG I HAD acid come up into my throat on vacay that I thought was gonna literally take me out. Bad combo of food I let happen. I learned big time on that combo and ain’t ever going down that road again :slight_smile: it was just so bad that it scared me truly on how much acid came up into my throat. never experienced that and I thought, wow, I will never allow that again! ugh

so we all have ‘times’ but if newer on plan, you got alot more work to find you in all this and combat alot of issues. I saw me for that one trigger eating and boozing time that nailed my butt to the wall. I know point blank that ain’t ever going down again :wink: but I also have ‘found me on my eating plan’ ya know.

good luck thru your journey!!

(Bob M) #10

I have heard digestive enzymes are helpful for some.