Week 2- no significant weight loss

(Theresa Rooney Edison) #1

I am on week 2 and have only lost a pound a week. I barely eat more than 10 carbs a day and track all my macros on the carb manager app. What is up? When am I going to see this crazy weight loss? Super frustrated and discouraged. Help :frowning:

(Anabel ) #2

I totally got off course with the holidays but I lasted 1 month keto and didn’t start noticing a loss till my third week. I refuse to own a scale since i would drive myself crazy but i could really see it in my face that i had list weight. Dont give up! I’m hoping to start tomorrow back on the keto wagon.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #3

Give your body a chance to get with the program. The dramatic weight loss in the first week is water weight and the dramatic first month weight loss is not typical and tends to happen to men or people with a whole lot of weight to lose. The closer you are to your goal weight, the slower the loss.

Meanwhile your body will use this opportunity to make repairs to your body in it’s own order. You may notice skin changes, less inflammation, etc before you see the numbers on a scale change. Mnay people aren’t fat adapted for weeks! Furthermore, many people see their size getting smaller more than they see the number on a scale decrease. You can also take your measurements weekly to determine if you are losing inches.

This way of eating isn’t magic, it’s hard work, paying attention, being very patient and understanding that it’s doing more than just taking off weight.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #4

What makes you think you’ll get one?
Are you comparing yourself to others?
Not everyone has a large drop in the beginning, just hang in there.

(Theresa Rooney Edison) #5

I am expecting a big weight drop because everyone else is getting one and I am not. This is why I started keto. I need to loose 65 #'s. Just frustrated.

(Queen of Weirdness ) #6

There is no crazy weight loss - this way of eating is for health, with weight loss as a side-benefit. I did not have a lot to lose - I started losing around month three or four.

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(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #8

Don’t get discouraged. You didn’t put on the weight in two weeks, you won’t lose it all in 2 weeks. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work. It just may not go as quickly as you had hoped. Stick around and read about other peoples’ journeys.

(Susan) #9

A pound a week is 52 pounds in a year

(Allie) #10

You’re lacking in patience.
Relax and give it a chance to work.


Week 2 was probably my worst week.

As others have said hang in there.

Losing 1 lb is still significant it means things are changing…

Think in terns of weeks or months not days or a week or two. I’m sure we all wish there was a go faster button but hang in there. It is happening.

Just make sure you nail the 20g net carb limit … and you should be right.

(Janelle) #12

I did lose water weight at first. Then it slowed to a pound a week or one every other week. I feel your pain though. I have about the same as you left to lose. There are a few women on this forum who report really fast weight loss. I’m human and while I’m happy for them, I’ll admit it annoys me. The other “I lost 30lbs my first month!” people are often bigger, younger guys - and they’ll tell you not to count and not to worry, etc but ultimately you you have to do what works for you.

(My husband has waaay outlost me eating what I cook for him. Annoying.)

(Theresa Rooney Edison) #13

Do you know me? i have zero patience :slight_smile: Thanks though. I needed to hear that. I will stick with it. My IBS symptoms seem totally resolved so that is really good news for me so for right now I will take everyone’s advise and focus on the health aspect. Thanks._

(Allie) #14

That is a massive result and clearly shows you’re on the right track. Embrace the changes you notice, weight loss will follow as your body heals x

(Full Metal Keto) #15

Also consider that too rapid of weight loss will result in hanging loose skin which takes much longer to shrink than fat cells. I’m certain that you don’t want to lose weight to look and feel better, ending up with sagging skin which will not look good on you! Be happy with steady slower improvements because you’re doing fine and on the right track.