Wedding feast fail - recovery needed

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1

It was impossible to enjoy the wedding weekend without joining in with “regular people’ food a bit.
I’ve eaten all kinds of stuff in a limited way. And loads of champagne etc,
I didn’t even enjoy the carby food!
How best do I recover? Sorry to ask such a stupid question. Best guess is zero carb for a while?


Just live life, your liver doesn’t hold much glycogen, especially if you’re active. Anything your muscles sucked in after that is pure benefit and won’t work against you.


You’ll be OK.

Mainly meats and sea food, but I wouldn’t let it put me off the mustard for goodness sake.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #4

Thanks for the support guys…. I do actually feel ok!
Great wedding but can’t say I miss the old food. Tried to convert a few guests lol

(Bob M) #5

I find I still like the old food, if it’s good. I just don’t like what it does to me.

Yeah, the best plan is just to get back on the wagon. I used to fast a few days afterwards, but that can be tough for me to do now.


I haven’t eaten any of the old food in years, but I assume I would still like ice cream, chocolate cake (no frosting) and Pizza. I can’t think of another thing to add.

(Joey) #7

Needless to say you’ll be fine (which I suspect you already knew)… but trying to convert others to your own eating habits is near impossible. Moreover, trying to do so where the wedding couple painstakingly planned all the details of their reception menu (and you are merely an appreciative guest) could get you in even deeper trouble… for years to come.

Tread lightly on proselytizing keto at such gatherings. Safer to try converting folks to another religion. :wink:

(Robin) #8

Don’t go extreme to make up the difference. Just get back on the same old horse and call it an adventure. You’re fine.

(Brian) #9

Just make today a new day and a good one. You can’t go back and change anything you did previously so don’t beat yourself up about it. And tomorrow hasn’t gotten here yet so don’t worry about that. Just do today. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

I will sometimes have some carby things. Life happens. Normally, that’ll be a special occasion. If those become too frequent or bad habits start to (re)form, then it’s time to become more strict / stern with myself. One-off’s are a non-issue.

So… relax, enjoy today in a good kind of way. Tomorrow, you can just do that again, but by then, tomorrow will be today.



What bellyman says…

(Allie) #11

Just get back on track and forget it.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #12

Thanks again Guys …. Yeah, I really didn’t enjoy that old food. Everything tasted very sweet, even the carb stuff that wasn’t sweet!
Even my partner is looking forward to getting back to our normal diets.
You’re not missing anything guys …. As you already know :grin:


Lucky, I pretty much enjoyed carby fgood years after I first went keto… Carnivore sped up things but I still go off a lot… Less and the carby dishes I like let alone desire gets smaller but still.
You are on the right road :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s stupid. I guess the details are individual but coming back to keto sounds right :wink:
If you are like I was after my wildest times with severe carb poisoning (I reached bellyache and slight nausea, it’s when I really stop, no matter what as it gets way too serious), you go as strict as your woe allows, yep (I did vegetarian keto at that time so I couldn’t do zerocarb but I avoided even cucchini on such days :smiley: and drank a ton of black coffee). If you desire, fast. But if you desire, just do what is normal keto for you. I never understood this off times -> super strict times unless it is the desire of the one in question as it happened to me quite often.

In short: KCKO :wink:


Yep, it’s normal. Even my high-carber SO who eats sweet desserts ALL THE TIME (he couldn’t skip 2 meals… he has cake for breakfast and that is the meal that should keep him satiated for the next 8 hours) and requires fruit to live couldn’t enjoy normally sweetened things just because he stopped eating added sugar when I went low-carb. It went very quickly for both of us. Hence I can eat our own sweets if I really want but not most of the “normal” ones.
It’s very useful.