Water Only Challenge November

(Old Baconian) #81

I haven’t done booze in a long time, but I’m definitely qualitied to start a coffee-only challenge. Shall we do that in December? What say you all?

(Robin) #82

I’ve been practicing all my life for this!


Before Keto, I would have aced a Coffee Challenge with ease myself, being it was mostly all I drank. And If ya do have one, I would highly suggest Decaf! Else you’ll have folks jumping all over the place, and bouncing off the walls if ya don’t! :smile: :crazy_face:

So far I’ve been averaging 5 bottle of Deer Park water each day, since with hunting half the day, I don’t usually drink much at all till I’m back home. Today, I only had 4 bottle total though.

(Doug) #84

:grin::smile::+1::stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses: In!

(Old Baconian) #85

Decaf? We don’t need no filthy, stinking decaf! :grin:

(UsedToBeT2D) #86

After a month of water only, I don’t think that I could handle water withdrawal.
Day 4: Sleep was normal last night. Having a hot cup of Silver tea…seems satisfying somehow.


:rofl::scream_cat: water withdrawl I hear is horrifying but you will make it thru HA I never had to go thru it tho…wee…too funny!

Yea I tried so hard to keep ‘hot liquid’ in my life. It is a comfort but for me in old days it was hot chocolate. I had to give that up point blank and then I subbed in tea and I don’t really like it anyway and then the tannins in it made my tongue numb and mouth dry and weird so dumped it and then I tried the Silver tea too but it was one of those things where I couldn’t fool me, every warm sip of water I wanted hot cocoa LOL Then I tried the bone broth which I didn’t like cause I never used broth in my life and it seemed so off to bother now so in the end, all hot liquid went bye bye. Hey that took a few years of crazy trying all hot liquids I could get my hands on for subs :roll_eyes: but in the end, I dumped them all and don’t require that comfort, but darn when I see those Christmas commercials with everyone getting hot cocoa in big mugs with whipped cream I do get a nostalgic feeling from it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Eh, we all change as we want, when we feel we need it and just follow the path you require and all should be cool for each of us!


I am in for a whole day! I am curious :smiley: Only nodef instant coffee, from 8am until 1pm. Sounds easy - though I will so miss my hot water, I got so used to it, I drink too much I fear and visit the loo more often than I am used to.

I still couldn’t care less if the coffee is decaf or not as long as it’s instant and not bitter! :smiley:

Still doing “water only until my first meal” but I will eat around 3-4pm first today. I only will come and say something if something interesting happens or much time passes in the future. It seems water only until my first meal is ridiculously easy. I like my water and I don’t feel the slightest desire towards coffee during that time. I already was bored with tea before. I still like my egg milks but I drink them rarely, it’s not a fixed item like coffee (was?)…
This far I had zero coffee-free days. I had headache and yesterday I was desperate to fill some hole in me, I missed something but my body refused to tell me WHAT. So I ate and drink everything in the house that wasn’t off-putting for me (it wasn’t a long list).

Good thing coffee has plenty of water! And I reached the point where only a slight smell, flavor and a darker color shows I don’t drink hot water when I drink my weakest hot coffee (the strength varies, I just pour it, the water is everywhere between 50 and 250ml too)… Maybe that’s my way, I drink weaker and weaker coffees until it becomes water? :smiley: Nope, it still would take forever.

(UsedToBeT2D) #89

Day 5: Feeling good, slept great. I consuming less water than I thought, 80-100 oz yesterday. and certainly less liquid overall, without the coffee, soda, tea as a excuse to drink. My thirst is easily satisfied with room temperature water.
My morning blood pressure has dropped about 5 points on each end.


Good to hear. … Though I’ve been limiting liquid mostly for hunting purposes, I also haven’t been trying to make up for it when I’m out of the woods. So you may be on to something about those others being a excuse to drink more. Which would be Tea and/or Zevia’s, etc. for me. … I’ve been under 100 oz. a day myself. - Now I’m sitting here at 4:30am debating on whether to go hunting or get back in bed and do a few things around the house today? Haven’t been seeing anything since they screwed up the fields by tilling so late in the season and the deep muds have been a pain to traverse. But also haven’t had any issues sleeping. But long days a field, all the walking, etc. does well to tired ya out thought. :slight_smile: :+1:


I reached to point where I only drink a single non-water drink and mainly because I need my calories and my staples are off-putting at that point… Drinking is one way to eat more eggs. Eating sweet desserts is another but I try to avoid that if I can, not like I have anything against them but it seems a good idea.

It seems I LOVE water now. It’s nice little water, it’s true, it’s just super hard but the taste is okay. I drank better but most tap water I tried in the country was worse.
I tried to count how much I drink. After 10 glasses in the first third of the world I tried to use a big mug but I totally forgot it in my room and I don’t just go upstairs for it, that’s work. So went back to my glasses. Maybe 16 glasses for the first half of the day… And I typically drink way, way more in the second half, probably not today :smiley:
Drinking water is too addictive, I never knew :frowning: Maybe it’s my current state. And I can’t bring some water to my room to drink it so all is fine, I will have my water… Nope, I always drank it all right away and I did the same. 6dl disappears in minutes. I didn’t bring another, I don’t like the state when I feel thirsty and want to drink more but my body doesn’t let me as I start to get overhydrated…

I bring another 0.6dl water, I drank this glass and I brought it right before I sit down and started to type… I don’t know how much this is in total, maybe it’s not even my 0.6dl beer mug but the 0.5 one… The glass is 1.5dl I think… Whatever, I surely am not dehydrated. And I can’t overhydrate myself.

My SO reminded me that he basically always drinks only water. Indeed. Okay, he drinks booze sometimes (not every month and not much, just like me), coffee about 3 times a year, tea sometimes when it’s ready in the kitchen but very rarely… And that’s about it. He doesn’t even drink milk, just eats it (not every month). He drinks 2 liters at work when he runs and 1.5 when he goes by car. Nice.

I still hate lukewarm water with a passion :slight_smile: Cold and very hot is fine. No idea how cold, it’s fresh tap water and it’s not cold outside so probably… 12-15 Celsius? Nice cold water I like and my SO dislikes :slight_smile:

Okay, I could only finish half of the mug.

This partial water only challenge helped me to survive the carless week without my precious carbonated water :wink: The past tense doesn’t mean I won’t continue to avoid other liquids before my first meal (it was at 3:20pm today) and if I comfortably can, after my meal too… But I will be tempted by carbonated water in the evenings. It seems to be better for my thirst, it’s fun… But my boredness with water ceased to exist.


I like this challenge though I am still not there.
Oh and I stopped drinking coffee. I use it as flavoring in my single non-water drink… Baby steps :smiley: (If I would be able to do water only, I still could eat my coffee. Me and not having coffee, this is… Not easy.)


and that all in trail maintenance for deer stand maintenace. omg hubby on the atv hacking trails to keep it all open, he was whooped like a maniac just trying to get ‘all that deer hunting’ just perfect and the refabs on the deer stand and more :slight_smile: I feel ya DigD! I live with you HAHA


Yeah, I usually have a knack for finding prime hunting locations for tree stands sets when I scout out a place. Even though I use climbers instead of lock-ons or permanent stands. I do have a real nice ladder stand that my Son bought for me last Christmas, but haven’t used it yet. The location I was going to use it on, got sold right after I got it. … The area I hunt in now, I’m sort-of worried about putting it up, for fear of someone, um, ‘borrowing it’. … But would be nice not to have to climb up each time, but instead just climb a ladder. Much easier, but again, bit worried it might walk. I don’t know everyone who hunts there, but more-so, those who trespass. And I’ve been told there’s been some stands that have gone missing some years ago, and I really hate that. I know of two out there presently, and have never thought once about stealing someone else stuff. - I mean, if ya want to sit it some, do so… just don’t steal or break it up out of spite! :angry: … Oh, and I’ve never owned a atv. I’ve always walked in, and dragged out Deer manually. Don’t think for a moment it wouldn’t be nice! It’s a lot of work. But never had enough property to warrant buying one. (Though this land owner wouldn’t mind, since they’ve already mentioned if after I shoot one, I can just pull over there and get it. … That’s when I told them I didn’t have anything to pull Deer out, except a Deer Cart. Which helps, but is still a lot of work. But it’s worth it. :slight_smile:

(Robin) #94

You’re describing a whole different lifestyle here. My version of that is parking in the spot furthest from the grocery store when shopping.


I don’t know?.. Sure sounds like a great Hunter’s strategy to me, and a damn good one at that too.

Putting yourself furthest away from others, going to the places (or spaces) others don’t want to go to… Might just find your own little paradise to Hunt alone. … It would be like a secondary Meat section in the grocery store, but with way better cuts of meat, better prices. And you’d be the only customer. :wink:

I actually think its funny to hear so many Hunters talk so much about patterning Deer, which can be done mind you. But no where near as easy as they pattern us, and quite easily. :smile: We’re in their world after-all, and they know it much better then we ever will. :deer:


Though I mentioned I’ve never owned an ATV, or anything like a 4-Wheeler in my life. … I have been contemplating just recently maybe looking at one of these here. It would sure make getting in an out of the area nice, as well as being able to help get the harvested animal out. Plus, I wouldn’t overheat and could scout easier as well. … But they are a bit costly though. But are quite popular, and quiet to boot.


(Robin) #97

Is it an e-bike? my husband loves his. But don’t let him see this. He isn’t a hunter but does go nuts over any and all GUY accessories. He’s on the roof right now with his new battery powered leaf blower, giving me a heart attack.


Yes Ma’am, those would be the ones. But not just an ordinary E-Bike, but ones made for rough terrain, and more outdoorsy adventures, such as Hunting, Fishing, Camping, etc. Some have tried using a reg E-Bike for this, but soon find they weren’t designed for such treatment they will get with some of these.

They can be used for many, many things. But are quite nice for Hunting. Get in quiet, not leaving scent, checking game cameras, you name it. But also getting in with the gear you will wear the entire hunt. - Whereas now, I have to go just a T-shirt and pants to walk into the area, until I get on stand, or I’ll burn up walking the near mile it is with all my gear, etc. - But I don’t add much once there, just one additional shirt, and a light zip-up liner that helps with wind. I can’t bundle up, since I sweat easily, and overheat. So I have to dress lightly. But it’s been in the low to mid 30’s here lately, and highs just in the 50’s. So it gets a little cold sitting up in a tree, with not much sunlight to help ya out. So being able to suit up, as it were and ride in without sweating would be my biggest relief using one I think. … I don’t think I would want/need the accessories either. Just the bike itself, which they have a lot of. $2500 to $7000 if I’m not mistaken. At least this seems to be the amounts most run.


Um, this is how I clean my gutters too. Much easier to just blow them out, then hand cleaning. So I can’t blame him there!


hubby likes his atv cause he uses it as a workhorse to maintain the deer stands and trails and to carry out his deer when he gets a good shot etc. He has a hunt club. About 12 of them rent a cabin and lands and they all go when they can, most times only like 5 or 6 out of the 12 hunt anymore so a few of them got the place to themselves but part of the hunt lease is they have to maintain the cabin etc to good form so the atv is a great option. Plus he loves that atv cause he uses it on our farm too.

Ebikes are super cool. I was thinking of selling our golf cart that is electric we put in our toyhauler when going on vacation and switching over to ebikes or maybe small scooters but on the fence if I want to do that tho.

With Ebikes more room in toyhauler to fit in the kayaks and such but darn, I do like our little golf cart :slight_smile: