Water Only Challenge November


I had a bad day but I lasted until my fist meal, it’s something! I ate super early today, though… But drinking warm water in the morning when I need hot liquid, it’s a big step for me even if it goes well. But it was easier than on Saturday, less unusual.

I do a better effort in the future (but I better won’t have a headache like today)! I really want “no coffee, only water until my first meal” in the very minimum but we will see.

(UsedToBeT2D) #62

Day 1: I was tired all day, had a slight headache all day, went to bed early, slept about 2 hours more than usual. I think it withdrawal from caffeine.

(Traci Simpson) #63

The closest that I’ve been able to do was last month. I was actually trying to not have heavy cream which for me, meant limiting coffee. I only had it about 7 times last month which is HUGE for me. I just purchased more nespresso pods (espresso sized only 4 oz) so I won’t be joining the challenge. I drink water before my morning walks and all during the day. I like a shot of espresso between 9-11. Good luck!

(Robin) #64

7 in a month! Way to go! Cheers!

(Robin) #65

Probably. I gave up caffeine years ago. I now drink decaf. I no longer remember the difference. You could try decaf and get used to that before giving up coffee completely. But more power to you if you can just bite the bullet and give it up.


I was quite tired too @KetoType2, but from struggling with excessive muds in the hunting area. Makes getting in and out quite difficult, as well as tiring with all the slipping and sliding. Was up at 4:30am this morning and only hunted a few hours before more rains set in. (Like we need any more!) But back at home now and will have to wait til tomorrow to try again. Rains show to be in until tonight, and I don’t mind hunting in it, when I’m seeing Deer. But it’s a long day when you’re not seeing anything. :confounded:

Ended up making up a chart yesterday to track my intake. Drank 5 bottles total for the first day, which is on the low side for me. But should go back up after I go back to work in the third week…


Water only until my first meal… It was very early again, 13:40… But it’s something. I got a headache and as coffee may work (very little chance but I hate all supplements and medicine and suffering too) and it’s a gloomy day anyway, I drank some. I am pleased but now I stop, I probably finished feeding for today…

I drank a lot of hot water in the morning :smiley: It’s over my usual water intake, my usual many coffees can’t reach that and I normally start proper water drinking in the afternoon (unless I exercise which I did today). I doubt this is any better, my body give me signs if it wants water, no matter what.

But now it’s time to stop coffee drinking for real, isn’t it?

(Robin) #68

As a former vegetarian, I admit I used to not think very highly of hunters. Well… so much has changed since keto. I still don’t like how we treat livestock on anything but a farm, but here I am… eating it, which means I am supporting it. We don’t have the space or the means or the money to buy bulk from a hunter. But I need to look into other options here.


No worries… A lot of folks see hunters in a bad light, for one reason or the other & that’s unfortunate. I’ve personally met so many great people over the years whilst hunting, and I can tell ya, they are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. Just regular folks who enjoy hunting, just like folks who enjoy fishing and other natural outdoor activities. It just seems hunters are viewed differently for some reason.

But like with anything else, you have those that do really stupid stuff that gives a lot of people those bad images, and sadly, they can’t seem to help but label all Hunters this way. But I can tell ya, those ‘idiots’ that do those things are not the norm, but the exception. Unfortunately, they are also the ones folks like to bring up the most, just like anything else… it seems to make a more interesting story for them to tell.

For me, I can only be myself and just try to show folks we are not all out there to simply kill things, or to bag that trophy for bragging rights. Most never even see the Deer I take, and though I’ve taken quite a few in my time, I’ve let go way more than I’ve taken. Probably 2 to 3 dozen per Deer that I’ve harvested.

And I’m fortunate that where I live, there is also a lot of public support for hunters. Most of the families around here are well known to hunting and support those who do it properly. And since I walk from my house to the hunting area, I’m constantly speaking and getting nice comments on my way in and out. They may be jogging, walking, riding bikes, etc. along the hiker-biker trail I walk on some, but they all speak kindly and usually ask if I’ve seen any, had any luck this year, or simply wish me good luck. :slight_smile:

I’m also a Harley rider, who’s been riding for over 30 yrs., so I know those thoughts about bikers too…


Also, not sure if you know this, but selling Deer meat is actually illegal. … Folks can give you meat all day, but cannot sell it to ya. (Legally) This is to try and keep folks from going out and trying to make a business out it, which unfortunately some still do. Farm raised animals don’t usually fall under this, but the farmer also dedicates a lot of time & money raising those animals for sales so it is understandable.

I wish I knew someone here personally for this as well. I would much rather purchase an animal from a farm then the store, which is the same as Deer for me. But we do what we need to. :slight_smile: :+1:

(Robin) #71

You’re right… the goofballs always get the attention. I now know so many hunters. My neice’s big family in Michigan are all big hunters. I know better than to judge now. And… personally always had a thing for a guy on a bike. LOL


Yeah, those darn goofballs can simply ruin things for folks no matter the subject ones’ speaking about. But unfortunately, there are always some, no matter how much we wish there weren’t. … I’m kind-of a loner I guess, as I ride like I hunt, solo. Don’t belong to any groups & enjoy them both when I can. :+1:

It’s just nice to get out and do either. … Though I’d see just as many Deer if I actually rode the Harley to the woods these days. - None. :smile: But I’d at least enjoy the ride over walking though. :slight_smile:

(Robin) #73

One of my dad’s sayings is now a personal one too. All the noise at the pool is always coming from the shallow end.


Silver tea :sunny:

Many carnivores just heat up water and sip and call it Silver Tea

I never got into it tho LOL


Hubby is a hunter and most all around me, in the boonies, are hunters plus raise livestock etc. Very rural here.

Hunting is as natural as life can be…but ohhh, don’t shoot Bambi say the city dwellers. But they also don’t realize the conversation is required from those hunts, many deer pass thru over population passing around disease, limited food in bad winters and more so hunting is needed absolutely, plus again, it is a natural life. Yes we aren’t stalking with spears and now have guns but outdoor natural life is a real deal thing but so many in the world are so far removed from what a real natural life is all about on this planet…sad actually.


I don’t like sugarcoating and most euphemisms, I call hot water hot water.
It’s quite nice, I drank many today.
I still can’t drink lukewarm water. It should be very warm or cold, it depends on what I want, how I feel at the moment.

Only water until my first meal at 11:15 - but I really stopped coffee :smiley: I had an egg milk but I used it as food and I need that. I won’t give up my drinks in a food role. Rich coffees aren’t like that, usually, I add things to make it better. But now I needed some extra food and had no mood for anything else.

I am back to water now.

(UsedToBeT2D) #77

Going on day 3…I am starting to recover from the caffeine withdrawal, I think. I rested better last night, no headache today, and feeling not quite so tired. I never knew about caffeine withdrawal…
Caffeine Withdrawal

(I also had very loose BM this morning), but I am beginning to feel quite good.
Water is beginning to be satisfying. Wow, what’s to come in the next 27 days!


Decided to stay up little late last night and forego hunting the morning to watch the Atlanta Braves win the World Series! :baseball: So I will be just hunting the afternoon again today. But it also rained most of the day yesterday too, after it started in the early morning. So the Sun and Wind will hopefully help start to dry things out some more again today. I still only did 5 (16.9oz.) bottles yesterday like the first day.

No issues here myself, but can also say that I thought a nice cold Almond Milk would have been nice with yesterday’s lunch, but the water was fine of course.


Keep on guys! everyone is doinig great and hanging in there!!

day 3…by the end of the month when or if you decide to drink other stuff again it will taste wildly different I am sure :slight_smile:

(Doug) #80

I was going to try the nothing-but-water challenge for November, but without thinking had a cup of black coffee two days ago. :smile:

And, the whole month - which includes the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving - can I be booze-free? No.

But - so far pretty good on carnivore - pork chops, eggs, liver, brisket… Oh yes, and bacon, of course. :+1: