Water Only Challenge November


Oh, I think ATV’s are nice, if ya have the room and can use them as you say. - Plus working around a Farm would be great. But for me, they would chase more Deer off the property, as most of the others around me already do so much. So I think an E-Bike would be better suited for me, since I’m only a mile or so from the property depending on where I hunt at, and help with not having to walk all the way in. Like it was this morning. Walked almost a mile in and it was only 33°. So I just use a T-Shirt and Jeans so as to not overheat, and then throw on a second shirt and light jacket once I get to the stand. … Still quite cold until I was just coming out. Just got home at 12 Noon. Been up since 4:30am.

Also had a Band of goofball Beagles running all over the place and following me out as well. They were howling and running all around for 90 minutes or so. - Their owner finally started calling them, but they had actually following me back to near the front of the Farm, so I had to turn around and then walk them back down along the creek some until we finally saw him. (Hollered “you got em now?” - he said “Yeah, were you holding them?” … I said “No - but I had to walk them back here toward you since they were following me out instead of coming back to you”. He said, “oh, ok. Thanks.” :unamused: … I don’t mind folks letting their hounds run and all, but damn, just keep them on your own property. He had a large Farm he’s on, but doesn’t pay attention to them, and they of course run all over the place. (I have about 5 videos of the little guys all acting fools, as I was scoping some of the creek bottoms on my way out.)

Also just drank my first bottle of water when I got home. Didn’t drink while in the woods, but don’t think I will be going back this afternoon, being it’s 54° now. Might just do some stuff around the house instead.



Not like I ever even tried an E-bike but it still sounds amazing! :smiley:


They’re seen more as ‘tools’ for outdoor adventures, especially those built like the QuietKat, with huge tires and made for rugged terrain riding. But a lot folks do love them and have a bunch of fun with them either way, whether they’re just cruising mountainous areas, or seeking those private fishing holes.

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So, these e-bikes—where do you download them from, if you want one? :grin:


Well… You… can download a chance to win one? :smile: Actually from the same site I mentioned above as it happens. … But if they do download one to your Kindle :flushed: - I would be a little suspicious! :crazy_face:

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Probably from a 26 year year old man in Nigeria named Tiffany.

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Well, still doing fine just on water for the first week of the challenge. (meaning tomorrow) But I’ve also decided to cancel my leave for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week coming. With the lack of Deer sightings overall, and the stupid conditions of the Farm being mud, I’ve decided to move them to the week of Thanksgiving, which will also give me the week off, since we are already off Thursday and Friday at my work. Plus, Thursday is a Holiday, will pick back up on Hunting later in the week. This will allow me to get caught up some on the past week being off, so that should be helpful.

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Day 7. Doing well. Almost gave in after building some shelves in the garden shed. I really wanted a beer. I had the fridge door open before my willpower kicked in.


I am a Nigerian prince and you inherited an Ebike. Send $25K for legal fees and I can get this Ebike to you :slight_smile: You deserve your inheritance!

Ohhhhh good move on not doing it! I have done that alot of times, right up to that very edge of eating crap or drinking crap etc. and walked away…more times than I ever care to add up so you did fantastic!!

Hey it was, I drank it on this thread, or the I almost drank it but didn’t…so nice to write ya didn’t right? :slight_smile: More power to you!!

I got the Catawba County Beagle Club a few roads over from me. They got a massive amt of acerage fenced in for trial runs and events and the ‘hounds a’bayin’ is insanity when they time off and do their thing…omg they tracked out of their area one time and ended up in full beagle hunt mode in my neighbors fields next to my horse pasture. I told hubby, come see this, a gazillion big beagles all just doing that hunt run thru the fields and then 1 guy stepped out of the woods and I thought, good luck buddy corralling all those hyper beagles back :slight_smile:

Hubby also had someone running the dogs thru their leased land. The dogs are cool definitely but most I have to say have so much NO control over the situation vs. an experienced handler. At least all wear track collars tho.


*Yeah, unfortunately, I’ve seen quite a few get on Deer and run them so far they get lost. Knew one guy years ago who lost three himself over a couple years. But people running Rabbit Dogs is something we have to deal with from time to time. They will run Deer off properties for sure, but they eventually come back once it all calms back down. Might take a couple days, or later that night, but what can ya do? … My wife was watching and laughing at the videos I shot of the little guys yesterday on my way out. *

Yet, some Hunters just can’t give up their passion either. I used to Hunt one Farm that had an Old Guy who lived right next to it, and he loved to run his pups. (He had about 20). But then again, he was 90 or 91 at the time? … Funny thing is, he would have all their leaders attached to one main, and he couldn’t hold them as soon as they took off. His Wife told us people were constantly bringing them back to them but he just couldn’t stop taking them out, and wouldn’t get rid of them since he loved Rabbit hunting so much. :frowning: I get it, but it was a pain to have to stop Hunting to gather them up and bring them home.

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Oh, goody! I can’t wait! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@PaulL, Hey you are the first and foremost heir! Get out that check fast and you got all the glory of that Ebike coming your way :crazy_face: You deserve your inheritenace for that small amt. of remittance for your family lineage to come forth! Glad I ain’t in that family :wink:

oh yes dog hunts are still out there, no doubt about that. But land shrinkage is key on all that. Out west is cougar dogs and more, and still in tact, around me the farmers are selling out left and right cause the old guys did their life, the kids are selling it off for homes and taking the money and running :slight_smile:

But I think dog hunts are becoming way more less and less, well around us here. 30 yrs ago the dog hunts were big, now they are becoming so controlled and smaller with smaller groups even coming to events.

Couple towns over where my parents live on the lake is a big sheep dog event trial farm. They did it all, with it being a massive WAHOO event and now…nothing. Done and over but sad in a way to see how it all goes by the wayside. Not even 1 sheep on the big beautiful property anymore.

Way of the future of course :slight_smile:


Yeah, not just dog hunts, but all forms of hunting are seeing a regular decline each year, which is sad in itself. And of course, that just helps the population numbers for some of these animals to soar way out of control in some cases, such as Deer. Which then causes even more problems, with car collisions and damage to residential properties, and of course, disease. None of these things are better for anyone.

The youths of today, and the ones before them, etc., etc., don’t want to get out and learn about hunting these days. Too much time spent on Video Games, Social Media, etc. Can’t image what its going to be like in another 10 or 20 years. Or if something ever happens where folks would benefit from having this knowledge on hand? It’s going to be a sad time indeed… for some.


I second all you said big time.

Our ‘conservation’ of how mankind controls wildlife thru our use of land and what we require will not be balanced, it is going WAY off balance now! I see it and I know you see it!

Hubby so tried to make our daughter into a hunter and in the end, the phone in her hand and ‘life online’ in some ‘fantasy BS world’ of what it is now trumped any type of ‘real life’ against that. We see it in her. But luckily she will kayak and swim and do hikes cause that is how I take her out in the real world LOL and she is good on all that but hunting was a no go in that we farmed livestock so she gets it all, but gun in hand out hunting ain’t her but I think the ‘phone life’ truly made that not an option at all ya know…well I don’t know but the way forward is so not natural for the young’ins it truly is going to be a very scary longer term future that I see…ok enough, just thoughts HA


Yep, my Son has a Bow and Gun, since he was about 12. And has still never hunted. But at least he knows how to use both and maybe one day he will decide to? Can’t say. But he at least has the tools.

Well, tell ya what. After you cash Paul’s money… um, I mean sell him that E-Bike :wink: you can start looking around for that uninhabited island I’ve been searching for. I’m sure we can come up with a price that will work for everyone involved. :smile: Not looking forward to the downward spiral that is coming…


your uninhabited island is starting at around $250K for the ones up north in the darn super cold areas and anything with a good climate is about in the $800K area if you want supply access easily and more…I know cause believe me I have checked this all out HAHA
years of seeing where ‘we fit best’ has given me alot of research but with my hunter hubby dude…

THANK GOODNESS HE WILL default to all in surf fishing since he loves that also as much as his hunts…so I get it all, a hunt/fish game guy and he will do the surf fishing and shark fishing and ocean boat I promised he can buy if his wants take him there and they do…but he takes me to hot weather, beach, ocean and more which I would love LOL If deer in scope or monster fish on line he hunts it all so I am happy he has that backup in his life to fit us both in :slight_smile: Thank heavens and in the ‘end we fit’ but that is personal for us.

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Since we’ve derailed the conversation to hunting, here’s my story for the day. I took my two female beagles to the river this morning for a run. Usually I don’t let them get too far before calling them back with a whistle. Usually they respond. Today though, they got scent of something especially attractive and took off. I spent an hour tracking them through the dense, tanglewood, woods here in Oklahoma. They were making for a busy highway, and I lost them (could not hear their baying). Every time I was about to give up, I heard a faint howl in the distance, I kept trudging through the dense trees and brush. I had almost given up, expecting to find a dead dog on the highway,or going home without my dogs. It’s a terrible feeling. I worked the edge of the highway, working the the direction I last heard them, and miraculously, in half an hour, they came out of the woods to me. I leashed them, and we walked the 3 miles back to the truck, me scolding, and dragging the tired girls. When we got home, I showered to remove ticks, and the brushed the dog free of ticks. They are now resting comfortably in the house.
Sometimes I don’t like to let them loose, but they love it so much, it’s what a beagle does.
P.S. I could not have gone the distance before Keto. But their was lots of water in the ground puddles for me.

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Oh how dogs love to run! The only time our little guy Paul Petersen the Wonder Dog can run free is when we visit friends in the country or go to the mountains in Colorado. He will return at a whistle… 99% of the time. 1% squirrel factor though. Or, let’s face it… going after cat poop. So make it 98/2%.


Nice story in the end. Glad you got them back too! … Sorry, for the derailment. That was probably my doing to most. :smile: But yep, it’s a bad feeling when you can’t find your pups. Again, glad it ended well.