Water Only Challenge November

(UsedToBeT2D) #1

Who’s with me on a water only challenge for one month?
Only water to drink. No coffee, tea, or artificial sweeteners. Just water in November. You can eat food, but just water to drink.
I remember a guest on the 2KetoDudes podcast and this is a super power. I want to be a super hero.
I need a companion on this journey.


thank goodness food is allowed


:man_superhero: … I might join ya. I already drink a lot of water overall myself, or most the time. But I do enjoy Iced Tea sometimes too, but I also like to get away from it at times. Mainly because there are times I can start drinking too much of it, mostly when doing a bunch of work. But I don’t drink it whilst Fasting though, I only drink water for Fasts. … Just might need a reminder as November gets here. :+1:

(Robin) #4

Zoiks! I drink two things. Water and water with decaf coffee in it. If both of those qualify, I’m with ya… in fact I’m way ahead of ya. Otherwise, I’ll just quietly slip out the side door and be on my way. Have fun, you guys!

(Laurie) #5

Decaf coffee is water, isn’t it?

(Butter Withaspoon) #6

It’s a great challenge, and I’ve just committed to reducing caffeine - 2 days ago - so I’m not ready to go water only. I’ll cheer you on though

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

You must work in the same office that I do.

(Old Baconian) #8

You can pry my coffee mug from my cold, dead hands! :grin:


Ya know, I used to drinks loads of Coffee for over 30 years, 7 days a week and year around. And I even asked my Doctor one day how much was too much? Because I did drink a lot. … He asked how much I drank, and I told him I would do anywhere from 5 to 8 (24oz.) a day. Before I just started making it in my office, where I would go through 2 to 3 pots each day. … He said Man, you need to switch to Decaf! So I told him, that was all I drank anyway. Wasn’t drinking it for the caffeine. Then he simply said, oh ok, well then you’re good. Drink as much as you like… But when I started this WOE, I just stopped drinking any at all, cold turkey. Don’t know why, just did. After about a year and a half I did start drinking the rare cup here or there, but it didn’t last long, and I hardly ever drink it anymore. But it’s why I avoid both Tea and Coffee whilst Fasting, or anytime in between meals. I know they don’t have a lot of carbs in them, but do have some, though negligible. But I do find whenever I drink either, I don’t drink as much water.

(Robin) #10

I’ve been decaf for years. I know my “addiction” to coffee is in my head. I use a bit of heavy whipping cream and those stevia drops, so it’s like a warm hug. Something I look forward to and sit down and truly relish each sip. I don’t really “relish” food anymore. It’s more functional than emotional. Need food, roll up food, stuff food in mouth. Not complaining. I think that’s a safe way for me to live. Food is utilitarian. But my coffee? That’s almost sacred.

(UsedToBeT2D) #11

When we are 110 years old.


Well, I always did enjoy the taste… but truth be told, it also helped with sinuses. I’ve always had issues with waking up stuffy, and most times, not breathing freely like some folks enjoy. Not sure if it’s allergy related, or what. But the heat seemed to always be helpful for this. … Plus, I did like the taste too.

(Karen) #13

I keep talking o myself about drinking only water … thing is I think I lean toward tea because if I feel cold I know it will warm me up. Did think then perhaps when I feel cold I should drink hot water. My gran used to drink a cup of hot water most days in between cups of tea but she always said she like the water flavoured by the tea whereas I like the tea diluted by the water… like a good strong cup. Have tried making my tea weaker which I okay on occasion. I drink chai and Earl grey black without sweetener. I will have a think about this challenge … have about 15 days to consider it. I do like a challenge!

(UsedToBeT2D) #14

It IS scary, drinking only water. I dare all of you.
My dogs do it.
How amazed will be your friends when you tell them?

(Old Baconian) #15

I like the way you think! :+1:

(Butter Withaspoon) #16

I had another day of major caffeine reduction. Definitely feeling a better sleep wake cycle. Not yet water only- I dare not!

(Bob M) #17

I don’t know. I had cataract surgery and had to cut down on coffee/tea. I went to 1/4 cup cold brew + water to get to about 1 cup, from 1/2 cup cold brew + water, and also one cup Pu-Erh tea per day. I’m back up to the latter, and if there is or was a benefit/change to sleep, I’m hard pressed to find it. But I never quit.

(Pascal Menezes) #18

What about magnesium with water, or Apple Cider Vinegar with water? not considered water?

(Old Baconian) #19

The idea of the original post was to see about limiting liquid intake to water and water only. I would say that since magnesium is found in food, adding a bit of magnesium to water shouldn’t affect the challenge, but vinegar seems to violate the spirit of it.

We are all free to do as we wish, of course, but perhaps a challenge involving vinegar should be called a vinegar challenge, instead of a water challenge?


Now that you say… My cats do it… Unless they drink some nice mud flavored water outside… Knowing cats, they totally do it.

If you think amazement of friends is worth of a nice cup of tea or coffee, you never was in love with either :smiley: (Or it’s just me. Making ppl amazed doesn’t really worth much to me. Maybe with some creative work or living until 140, I would like that. But drinking only water…? Everyone should be able to do it. Not when they have access to something else, though… That makes it near impossible for most of us I fear…)

I need my warm liquids in November (I HATE warm water. even lukewarm water. my water must be cold!), I just do the usual No Booze November (super easy as I don’t drink every month anyway) and MAYBE I should go for no coffee week but 7 days sounds so long… Actually, 1 day sounds long but I did it before… Why I drink coffee? So stupid.

But I may try one day :slight_smile: Very bravely and optimistically.

I like challenges and had many. But they never went that far regarding my innocent liquids. Stricter carnivore (but still with coffee and tea)? Okay. But no coffee and tea and not even cocoa (my coffee replacement, works well though not carnivore, not like coffee is but still allowed) and egg milk…? :flushed::scream::sob:

I think purely theoretically entertaining the idea for a little while is plenty from me :smiley: I really like challenges though. But I will have my carnivore November and that’s already strict for me, I need my freedom…

I need to make it less scary. Definitely not a month or this strict. But I so want to get rid of coffee already, not completely but almost. My SO drinks coffee maybe 3 times a year, that’s nice.