Water Only Challenge November


I don’t think there’s a ziplock on the market that wouldn’t keep me from worrying about a leak or even an accidental opening. :smile: … I do carry an extra ‘empty’ bottle with me, but that only last so long.

I’ve been told some do well carrying an empty hot water bottle too, but I have yet to try those either.


I think that too. Unless there are extreme circumstances and the one in question goes bonkers without coffee or something :smiley:
I don’t have that excuse. I had times without coffee and nothing happened… Except me feeling strange and starting to drink cocoa… Or tea but that doesn’t work unless I want something warm and different from water…

I wondered about loopholes, what is considered drink? :smiley: There are liquid foods…
Just a little thought, I so don’t try to find loopholes, I wouldn’t do the full challenge anyway, I know myself.
I am quite determined not to drink coffee… But how will I survive without warm drinks? :frowning: It’s cold here, I always drank those… Sigh. I suppose it’s not impossible but definitely makes things harder. A summer month should be easier…
Warm drinks are so important for me in the colder months that I even entertained the idea of trying warm water and I HATE not cold water…
I often use warm tea to wake up when my SO can bring it to my bed too… I am a zombie in the mornings… Less so on carnivore but still.

Obviously… By the way, my coffee is really not good. WHY I drink it I still can’t comprehend… Even when I make a tea… I end up making a coffee too.
Yep. I need some no coffee time for sure…

I’m working on running out of cream now so coffee will lose its remaining charm. It’s just the habit. Why this single habit is unaffected by carnivore I don’t know. It stopped all the other addictions right away…

But it would be nice to be FREE…

Well we will see. I think about this challenge every day (while making tea and a few coffees in the morning… I thought about not to, it’s something…), maybe my body and mind will be more accepting when November comes. It helped with fasting in the past, determination has huge power… Not like I am actually determined now, that’s a strong thing I rarely have. But I am willing to try not to have coffee or maybe other non-water things before my first meal and we will see…
I know it’s totally doable, theoretically, even in its pure complete form. I would fail at that but I am supposed to be able to drink only water…

Maybe I should do more workouts, walks, runs… Water is the best thing ever during those, never had a problem with it then :smiley:


Cheering you on from here, this is an awesome challenge. It is a little too ambitious for me right now, but I admire the concept! I am ashamed to say my first coffee is literally one of the highlights of my day and on the rare occasions I’ve tried to give up, that produced something a little like grief. (Must get out more.) So from an addict’s point of view, yes, it would probably be quite a transformative experience to be able to start my day without it. Will you drink sparkling water too? Or strictly still?

(UsedToBeT2D) #44

I am thinking caveman here. Just unadulterated water.
Is there such a thing?


Rock out the November Challenge everyone!!!

Just me but I only drink water every single day…until that darn day I want a friggin’ alcohol drink, which is more rare now the older I get, but I realized I am going on vacation to the beach over Thanksgiving and I know I am gonna wanna hound down a bit of liquor.

I have to disqualify me cause I know I am gonna do it, but I am on that sideline cheering you on like crazy!!!

I really am just water every day. I drink alot of it. I have to say it really is all I want now, I have 0 desire for anything but water. Water, well, just is now, ya know ?

but I realized, are all you coffee people dropping your coffee?

See I never drank coffee, no draw to it so I ain’t one of those coffee fiends, but I know so many love love love it…so is your coffee off the table also? That can be a rough challenge and if you guys are going into it full on…MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS!!!

(Old Baconian) #46

There is, but you have to have a good well or spring to get it from.

Some European brands of bottled water are from famous springs, and they contain only the minerals that come in the water naturally from the source. (Carbonation is a bit iffier, because some of the gas is lost during bottling. So bottlers are allowed to capture the gas as it escapes, pump it back into the water, and still call it natural.) European bottled waters are regulated, similarly to how wines are regulated.

In the U.S., while a couple of brands may be from a well-known source, many brands of water are simply local tap water, bottled and sometimes carbonated.

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Truck drivers use gallon jugs. The civilized ones pour them out in an approved location.

(Doug) #48

I once saw a big green rubber glove come flying out of a truck window (not empty). :grin::smile:


Well, I find that by extremely limiting my liquid intake, especially in the mornings, really helps with this overall throughout the day… And no, it’s also not any frickin’ fun watching your bottle cap tumble and landing 25’ down either! :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (I do keep an extra lid in my bag these days though.) :+1:


I try to do it tomorrow, tentatively… Water is great liquid, I am supposed to be able to do it but I wrote that before…
(I am drinking warm tea now :slight_smile: No more coffee for a while for me. It’s a big step :D)

I just hope I won’t drink something non-water before I properly wake up to remember I wanted to avoid that! As I always, always start with something warm these days. I can use soup in mid/late afternoon but not when I wake up.

It’s a bit exciting - and less intimidating then it was when I first came here… Maybe I still will find it too hard for me but at least I can make a honest attempt and won’t give up before I even try!


I woke up 2.5 hours ago.

It seems that when I feel the need for some warm liquid, I can drink warm water. Wow, it’s still October and I make new discoveries about myself!
When the need passes, I dislike warm water again and drink it colder.

It was easy this far though I can’t say the thought of coffee didn’t cross my mind. But I don’t like the taste lately especially black so there was no temptation.

We will see how long I last on this experimental day.


Getting ready for tomorrows start up @KetoType2… I only have a few things here really, couple Zevia’s and some Tea, but I think I’m also going to try and keep track of the quantity of water I intake each day too? Well, at least I plan to try to. I usually know how much I put in my permanent bottles to refill them, so will just try to keep count of a per day amounts the best I can, just to see what it might account to.

Though I’m off the next two weeks, so my intake is very limited, so the first two weeks won’t be a good count for this. But the second two should be.

(UsedToBeT2D) #53

I am starting now. Just finished a cup of coffee with HWC. For me the hardest part will be the diet soda in the afternoon. If I manage this month, I may drop diet soda permanently.


That’s always a good thing. I found the Zevia’s do pretty well for this, since they’re flavored water. But it is nice to get away from all of it from time to time.

(Michael) #55

I am in. Have not anything to drink but water in months anyway, so no change for me :grinning:. I am here with ya though!

(UsedToBeT2D) #56

Hot, uncoffee, no bitter aftertaste.


I also chose to sleep in today, and hunt the afternoon. So waking to some clear Deer Tea… Apparently it’s extracted from Deer somehow? … BTW, It’s the only Deer I’ve seen yet this year. :flushed:


Silver tea.

a big ZC person who dropped all extras went ‘silver tea’ as a thing for them…hot water to sip.

nothing in it and they thrived having just ‘that darn hot water’ as a mental comfort for wanting to ‘sip hot’

I was always amazed by that. I rarely want hot sip cause I am more into HOT weather in my area so I was not one to require a hot liq. in the morning and I hate coffee and dumped tea. But to me that ‘silver tea’ to me was the best way someone could go forward in that what DO you truly want? HOT sips :slight_smile: don’t have to be anything in it really :wink:
Comfort thru heat only :sunny:

(Doug) #59


Rather a moment of zen, there. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Robin) #60

No coffee? My eyes went straight to the scissors, lol!