Water Only Challenge November

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Interesting topic and even more interesting comments.

“Your Body’s Many Cries for Water: You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty: Don’t Treat Thirst with Medications”


“Your Body’s Many Cries for Water: You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty: Don’t Treat Thirst with Medications”

This book has recently came to my attention and I read it in two days. Very informative and it sounds like a well written book. Its Preface section talks about how big food and big pharma has sold a picture about food since the dawn of “fat is bad”. I quite enjoyed reading it and I must admit, since it has a critical minded tone about big pharma, similar to us fellow keto-minded lot, I liked reading it even more. Your input would be very helpful though.

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That’s is a gray area. Hmmm. If you do, don’t tell.

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Yes, this means no Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Gray area is carbonated water for me… :stuck_out_tongue:
I wondering about trying to do some subtler version every day and we will see. Like, only water until my first meal (until somewhere between 3-7pm), it would do good to me. No comfort warm liquid in the morning, just water. Sounds nice, no idea how hard to do it. It may be super easy, who knows?


Looking forward to it actually. May even throw in a few Fast, since I only drink water during those, plus I only carry water whilst Hunting, which I’ve also been doing. Plus, I also don’t drink much then either, for obvious reasons. … Now I just need to wait for the gunners to leave the area so I can enjoy some Bow Hunting on my own without the bullet slingers disrupting the peacefulness of the woods. :bow_and_arrow: :deer:

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So apart from wanting to become a super hero, are there any positive health benefits that can be achieved by such a challenge?


I’ll let @KetoType2 give insight on that, since he’ll be the superhero. :man_superhero: I just see it as another nice challenge, such as when I gave up Dairy for a month. - Hmm, I may actually add that in as well?

Doesn’t hurt to abstain from some things from time to time. Never know what it might bring about, and if anything, makes you appreciate some of those things you refrained from consuming for a while too.

For the record, besides drinking quite a bit of water, I also drink Iced Tea, Almond Milk and I do drink the occasional Zevia here and there. So getting back to just water should be nice.


I have drank only water for near on 4.5 years while I hate coffee and that is so not me I 'drank tea to get that ‘hot liquid comfort’ til being carnivore I found tea tannins gave me numb tongue and weirdo dry mouth and more so I dumped it fast. I require no hot liquid in any form, I do best on just darn water :sunny:

Other than regular old cold water every single day, as much as I want, waking up with a 16 oz water intake immediately, I MIGHT rarely do some fake sweetener fruit punch crap by the 1/4 teaspoon in water with some rum as my ‘party drink time’ but I can count those times on both hands thru the year so with it now being my alcohol drink of choice being on plan all other drinks like beer and more went by the wayside easily.

It is a real illusion requiring ‘some drink’ to make ‘your life better’ is just not that, not real other than comfort and yes we all need some comfort in our liquid choice if we do well on it, but if one wants hot then drink bone broth and after a meal and not as a staple.

Yes I am like your animals, I drink water only all the time for years on end but darn, Nov??? I am doing a beach trip in the RV over Thanksgiving and I know I will have a ‘fake sweetened controlled just a tad for taste’ on my rum drink I am wanting to my Nov beach trip and I can’t apologize for that day of going off plan with the challenge, cause damn I went a hell of years of time on not having anything accept water but planning my rum drink for this vacay is now important HAHA SO I SUPPORT ALL but I got a day or 2 in there thru all my years of being water only basically that I can’t commit to all in Nov. :slight_smile:

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As a recovered alcoholic, I agree…. You don’t need it to have fun or lose your inhibitions. When I am at a gathering of folks drinking, they usually think I am drinking too. I guess I now get buzzed from the environment. Or maybe my brain connects the mere presence of alcohol with fun. Whatever… I’m on the dance floor.


well you had a hell of a journey I did not have to live so more power to you Robin!!!

for me liquor thru my time on plan just diminished cause I was a ‘party type back in the day’ but that is longer ago…in that nearing 60 yrs old and time on plan has given me that ‘choose my rare poison times’ of wanting to let loose and I would rather have a controlled drink first than eat something off plan so that is how I roll now.

I don’t dance and no one can get me to do that :scream_cat:
I am so NOT that :100:

but floats our boats for our mental health and each of our lifestyles, heck yea go for it and boogie down

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I’m not saying I CAN dance. I just do! Hah! I’m lucky that I don’t mind being with folks who drink. In fact, if someone is smart enough to order scotch, I might ask for a sniff. :grinning:
I also ditched cigarettes. They had to go together. If I drank, I smoked. If I smoked I drank… to dangerous extremes. I am so thankful that I was able to walk away from both, cold turkey. It took a dramatic wake up call, but I did it. That was probably 9 years ago. My addictive history can be a blessing tho. I know I cannot have just a bite or sip of the forbidden whatever. That certainly made my keto/carnivore journey easier. Just NOPE.


These are my thoughts too. I am just realistic if it’s about my non-water liquids, I have so tiny experience and real motivation to abstain from them…
Because sugar, gluten, grains, lactose, plants? That makes sense and I had times without. And meat and eggs too but for other reasons, not health or challenge.
I only tried to get off from coffee but with very little success. Drinking only unsweetened stuff, black coffee and normal tea (a proper tea never requires sweetening or lemon, or milk except Assam but I would drink it without, I can drink super weak tea just like super weak coffee), that’s normal for me (when I don’t use my richer coffees. but I stopped putting the few drops of cream into the ones I have outside of my proper meals, it’s very recent!) unlike in my distant past but that’s it. Even my very rare lemonades are unsweetened (okay, “water with a few drops of lemon juice” if someone has problems with the name).

But I like the idea more and more. I don’t trust I could do it long but I try to do what I can do now :smiley: Even that should be helpful. And doing it together with others helps a tiny bit :wink: I need every little help if it’s about not consuming things I consider mostly harmless - but it’s still better without.

November is one of my “traditional” carnivore months, I start with no dairy, no coffee and try no water… And it lasts until it lasts but I can restart every day, I don’t just say “oh, day 2, I am spent, that’s it”.

I can relate, my fav whisky is a treat even if I just smell it! :smiley:
And I don’t even have any bad history with alcohol so I always drink some too. A tiny amount once in a blue moon is fine. But I couldn’t afford whisky in the last decade (technically, I could have buy some but it’s a luxury, not needed).

It’s time to get reminded how much I actually like water :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it can hurt, it may help, and will certainly be insightful for each of us, maybe for different reasons, both physically and mentally.

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Yup this is me, not a recovered alcoholic, but I don’t tolerate alcohol. My silliness increases with the crowd and nobody cares when you’re a complete teetotaller. Dancing… I vaguely remember that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


yea in this lifetime when we think about it in full truths, there are A TON OF THINGS TO MODERATE in our life :slight_smile: So yea everyone wise up a tad when we gotta LOL

Kudos to all who ‘saw’ issues and thru strong character it was corrected and addressed and changes made…that is a big sign of a human evolving and changing to the better…I like that----real growth forward!

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Challenge starts Monday.
Yes, you coffee drinkers too. 4 weeks.
I think only Digital_Dave has accepted this challenge. Anybody else?
Please check with your doctor first.


I think most Doctors wouldn’t have any issues whatsoever with someone doing just water. They would probably love it if they did. … As for me, I’m working tomorrow, and then I’m off for 2 weeks for Hunting. So not only will I be drinking just water, but will also be limiting intake quite a bit, since most of my time I will be 25’+/- up in a tree. … Though there is creek not 15 yards behind me, just in case. :smile: But the climbing up and down each time isn’t something I look forward to for that though. So I sip lightly only.

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I thought about it and thought about it… while I waited for my coffee to cool off a bit.

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Ziplock bag

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Water is essential for life: it is the primary ingredient in coffee tree irrigation.