Want to start with Keto but

(Fredrik) #1

I work on a boat. 5 weeks on the boat, 5 weeks home.
At the boat we have a chef that makes food for us. I cant request what he is going to make. He just makes different foods everyday. But if I want to start with a keto lifestyle I need something to eat when he makes meals that contains rice, wheat, potatoes etc.

Not sure how I am going to do this when my access to the kitchen are 0.

Is there anything I can buy in bulk, so that I can bring with me?.
Must be easy to make, and very fast. “dont have access to kitchen”.

I would really appreciate any help here. I am super new to this and I really want to start tomorrow !.

(Prancing Pony) #2

Could you take some mct oil and eat the meals minus the carbs and add the oil?

If your tummy is ok with fibre there are good keto protein bars out there. Beef jerky or biltong is shelf stable meat. Also cured meat like salami. Tinned fish and meat if the smell won’t get you in trouble.

Those are my suggestions anyway

(Ken) #3

Stop eating the carbs your Chef makes, all the starches and sugars, and if you’re not able to get enough food with the meat, fats and veggie dishes he does make, make up the difference with things like Summer Sausage, Sardines, Pork Rinds, Nuts, etc.

(Fredrik) #4

Well, I would need something to replace the meals we get spaghetti, pizza, dished made from potatoes etc. I eat about 2 to 3 meals pr day. And when I am working I dont have time to cook my own food. Its work,eat,sleep and repeat for 5 weeks. So is there anything I can bring in bulk that i can maybe mix out with water or something ? I really have no clue what to do.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #5

So essentially you have to provide your own food for 2-3 meals per day for about 35 days. If you have no access to refrigeration, and I presume you don’t, your only realistic option is canned and dried foods. You can purchase any number of canned meats/fish in single serve sizes. I suggest single serve to avoid having to deal with partially consumed cans. What immediately come to mind are: sardines, herring filets, tuna, salmon, clams, mussels, corned beef, Vienna sausage, Spam. As for dry goods, there are single/double stick packaged dried sausage like pepperoni (look for brands with the least amount of carbs!), so-called ‘jerky’ (these often contain huge amounts of carbs, so read labels closely!), shakers of dried Parmesan cheese, bacon bits. As for stuff you can ‘mix out with water’ there are whey and casein powders for protein and MCT powder for fat. Also, coconut and palm oils store well at room temp, so you can use these to bump up your overall fat intake, otherwise you may end up eating way more protein than you need. You can augment as possible from whatever meals are provided on ship.

You are, of course, going to need a trunk to load all this canned and dry goods onto the ship! Good luck. Also, you’re going to generate a lot of trash so make sure you’re clear to do so.

(PJ) #6

Well, doesn’t the chef include SOME kind of meat or fish? You could just eat that.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #7

I’ve worked at bush camps and I presume shipboard is very similar. The menu, while varied, is likely to be very carb-centric. Aside from the possibility of steaks and bacon/eggs, it is usually pretty difficult to ‘pick out’ the meat/fat and leave the rest on the plate. For example: how do you eat the ground meat in spaghetti and leave the sauce?

(PJ) #8

Hmmn, that’s true.

The thing is, the ship work is usually physically very hard, so he’s going to need energy. Once he’s fat adapted, no big deal. But before he is, it’s really gonna suck for him if he can’t eat carbs.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #9

Hey @Freddish listen up. @RightNOW is very right! Assuming you’re an ABS and not a radar operator. It would probably be a very good idea for you to postpone your dive into keto until your next 5 weeks ashore. During that time you can get yourself sufficiently ‘fat adapted’ that once back onboard ship, you’ll be deriving your energy primarily from fats/ketones. Otherwise, you run the very great risk of not having enough energy to do much of anything. 5 weeks is generally sufficient time to get past the initial ‘carb withdrawal’ issues that most folks run into and for your metabolism to get at least minimally adept at recognizing fats and ketones as fuel.

(charlie3) #10

I’ve wondered what would I do about food if confined to a hospital bed for a week. I think I’d ask for a couple pounds of hamburger patties and half a dozen hard boiled eggs. Then may be some raw vegetables. I could probably do fine on that for 30 days too. When there’s separate meat or eggs max out on those. With pizza eat the toppings and cheese, leave the crust. Don’t eat grain based or starchy food. If your work is very physical, burns a lot of calories, the carbs have less impact because they’re being consumed.