Vitamins And meds while fasting


(Adriana Ro) #1

Will those break The fast?

(James) #2


(Susan) #3

I read somewhere only to avoid the Oily supplements like Omega’s during fasting, as they have calories and some carbs. The rest are fine =).


Just make sure the supplement or meds do not need to be taken with foods. If they do, go for something like coffee/hwc, some need a bit of fat to do the transporting. I take my supplements when I am fasting and haven’t had any issues.

(Central Florida Bob ) #5

I take an oil soluble supplement that usually needs some help like that. In the morning, I just have it with my coffee/hwc. In the evening, I cut about teaspoon of Kerry Gold butter and have that as a snack. A tablespoon is 100 calories, so I stay under a half.

(KetoQ) #6

Part of the catch 22 with vitamins and fasting is that some vitamins are fat soluable. So you may want to abstain from the fat soluables during the fast, as I sense you’re going to get minimum to no benefit.

But as noted by others, have a bulletproof coffee with your vitamins if you must take them. Now that technically bumps you out of the fast, but my sense is that you’re going to get fasting benefits even with a small amount of fat.