Vitamin D Supplementation

(Andy Hanson) #1

I’m starting on an EF and am wondering about Vitamin D. It’s fat-soluble, so does that mean my fat stores will provide my body with Vitamin D as I lose fat? Vitamin D is deficiency is linked to poor outcomes in patients with COVID-19. Just wondering if I should be concerned. Thanks in advance.


Not sure I’d bank on that. I’ve no idea if fat loss releases stored Vitamin D but if you are overweight or obese there is a chance (though not a certainty) that you are low in Vitamin D. Depending on where you are in the world I’d at least try to get some UV every day.

(Andy Hanson) #3

Yeah, I’ve been supplementing Vitamin D for years. I walk everyday in Southern California, so I should be getting enough. Just not sure if I should continue to supplement while doing my extended fast (currently 41 hours in) because I don’t want to inhibit autophagy.

(charlie3) #4

I’m taking 50mcg of D3 daily at least until I’m out and about in summer clothing. I try to avoid suppliments and mostly succeed.


If I had been supplementing for years, getting plenty of sun and eating a nutritious diet then unless I had a diagnosed deficiency I’d probably skip the supplements during a fast. If nothing else they’re probably a lot less effective if not taken with food. In an ideal world you’d get a blood test but we’re not currently living in an ideal world :slightly_smiling_face:

(KetoQ) #6

You need to take it with dietary fat.