Veteran Questions

(J) #1

Any of you veteran keto-carnos even think much about “ketosis” anymore? It rarely crosses my mind. I just think “Feelin’ good today,” or “Somethin’ seems a little off.” I rarely am concerned about Ketosis. Of course, as some of you may know, I’ve cycled a few carbs back in around heavy lifting sessions, which may very well affect “ketosis,” but -frankly- I’m happy where I’m at. Gaining muscle again, feeling great. Just curious.


Never, and that obsession stopped long before I went to a TKD/CKD protocol. Could care less what my ketone levels are, could care less what my blood sugar is, I know I’m not insulin resistant anymore, I know how I eat won’t change that. It gets checked when it gets checked.

The amount of money (and time) I wasted the first couple years scares the life out of me! I’ve done WAY better the last 2yrs since changing the whole way I think about this than I ever did when I was in Keto Cult crazy mode.

(Allie) #3

Nope. It’s just normal to me.

(Robin) #4

I don’t even know the actual definition of ketosis.
And I’m not asking. Lol. Keeping it simple.

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(Michael) #6

I think about them as I have inflammation which I have noticed causes pain (sometimes very painful testicular) which seems to disappear when I have ketones above about 0.4 consistently. I also like to spike insulin for growth and health. A balance I have yet to attain with sufficient nutrients. Testing and working on it as I can as I normally run around 0.3 to 0.4.

(Marianne) #7

I’ve never considered it right from the get-go. I don’t need one more thing to stress about and I let it go. People here assured me that if I kept the carbs under 20g/day, I’d be in ketosis - no need to measure or worry about it - and I believed them - and they were right!


Sorry, I am truly unable to do it concise :frowning:

I used to say I don’t ever cared about ketosis, just feeling good and staying healthy! Whatever my body needs it for it, if I do it, it’s good! Keto for itself or for some badge, nope. I kept to it for a while to get fat adapted and then I drew conclusions and decided on things. (And got tempted too, I can’t stick to keto for very long. Or don’t want to. More about that later.)

I need extreme low non-animal net carbs for feeling my best as far as I can tell so I try to do that with the odd off day (still with some serious rules if possible). So I suppose I am often in ketosis but only ketosis never was enough so I don’t focus on that.

I don’t have tools to measure ketones or BS or whatever but I don’t need that bother. I play with other numbers, my guesstimated macros :slight_smile: And I have my experiments too and my body happily gives me feedback.

I still do on/off keto as always since my fat adaptation as I just can’t do anything else yet and don’t even think it is a problem until I do it right. I noticed that a carbier day (if my simple sugars are low and the other carbs aren’t super crazy either I suppose) feels okay enough (not as good as a carni day but almost) as long as I have very low-carb days before and after. I don’t do carby days willy-nilly, I just can’t avoid them all the time for various reasons. And I start to have still keto carby days now, so sometimes I manage to leave the near vicinity of carnivore without going too far, sweet! :slight_smile:

Just in ketosis (as far as I can tell when I have that, I have an educated guess) and just out of ketosis feels the same to me. I want to be on the right side of my own carb limits making a big difference. They must be fuzzy as it matter if I eat starches or simple sugars, they probably change due to things too but I still noticed certain amount of carbs act like a fence with very different things on the two sides.
My ketosis carb limit isn’t such a noticeable limit so I only respected it to get fat adaptation. And getting some tiny benefits for the short time I noticed that happened. But now my old carby keto (40g net carbs) is very inferior and dangerous and I have an easier time to stay lower where it’s much better and usually easier so I do that if I can.

By the way I still don’t understand the things with non-ketogenic carnivore but I never can get really curious about it. I feel in my body very clearly that very tiny amount of non-animal items are good for me and I don’t care about ketosis and ketogenic and whatever. My body loves high protein too so I don’t worry about getting 100-130g protein in a meal either. Some people should but it seems the best for me so that’s my goal. Whatever my ketones and insulin and BS does, it’s surely what they should do for me to function properly :slight_smile: My body never complained about that and it’s my body, it knows the best what it needs and wants.

(Karen) #9

Never ever thought about it … too much fussing and just something else to get hung up on. Used to track macros but thankfully i dont have to bother with that since being zero carbs … freedom freedom !

(Ohio ) #10

I’d say it’s a bit reversed for me as an epileptic.

If I’m not in ketosis I start a game plan on the next week or so. I naturally gravitate towards ketosis because I’m not right at all without it.

I have had this happen by accident or stupidity recently because some lightly sweetened nut mixes I thought were safe, weren’t.

(Michael) #11

If you do not mind sharing numbers, what are you min target bHB levels? Just curious here as interested in understanding.

(B Creighton) #12

I’m not actually trying to lose weight anymore. I’m trying to gain muscle, so from this perspective I don’t really care the level of my ketosis, although I have been at it since the beginning of the month, so out of curiosity, I used a strip today, and it indicated I am around a level 4 ketones, which surprised me because I cheated yesterday at my son’s graduation with a little croissant chicken sandwich, a chocolate cookie, and later a large hamburger - with bun. Oh, this morning I also had a grapefruit in my breakfast, but I successfully ate these last year on keto too. Anyway, I am doing keto for other health reasons than fat. Before I really got going I ordered an oxLDL test, and want to compare that with a test after keto probably in March.

(Alec) #13

Ketosis is now a given. I don’t need to ask whether it’s there or test for it. When you eat close to zero carbs it is inevitable, it’s the body’s only choice, it is how it works. And it feels fantastic!

(Ohio ) #14

I stop testing for ketones years ago.

(Ohio ) #15

I tell doctors in my family this and they look at me like I’m crazy. (While they drink beer)


never bother at all. never kinda did so it suits me now too in my personality. not a tracker type. don’t care. only track of priority was carb intake for me and when I went all in carnivore that dropped :slight_smile: I know heading into year 6 of carni my ketones are ‘so not others’ ya know and all burn differently and ‘used’ by the body in a real normal use of ketones as fuel. I don’t fit some ‘ketone mode’ on a pee stick anymore! :slight_smile: I also am not focused ever on putting ‘myself’ into real ketosis numbers thru food manipulation either so.

I also firmly believe----for me–the human body was meant to be a real deal ketogenic burn system. The ‘rely on glucose’ was the ‘secondary’ system for species survival so if I think that, I know I am in the right place for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: