Very very extended water fast

(Scarlet ) #1

Hey y’all, some of u may know me as the other keto teen back in the pre-covid teens. I posted an re-introduction bit (currently under review whoops) explaining what I’ve been up to. Anyway in the time I was away, although I was not keto for majority of the time, I dappled a bit in water fasting. First did a couple of 24 hour fasts and then took it further to a 3-4 day fast and now I’m taking it further with a 15-21 day fast (I’ll figure it out as I go along). I’m on end of day 5 and doing well. I’m keeping my electrolytes up and pretty much figuring it out as I go along. I feel great, I feel a pretty heavy depressive episode lifting and so want to keep going. Obviously I set myself some rules and if I feel bad in any way, I’m putting my health first and stopping early but so far I feel pretty good so here we are. Oh and for weight loss which I’m not that concerned with, I lost 3kg I think but unsure cuz my scale is kinda inaccurate. And that’s pretty much it, I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes and etc.