vertical diet


(isaac) #1

You’ve done exactly what Brenda did. Make a discussion under Tips from Oldies and post your information there. It’s simply a comment on the About category entry, so it’ll go unnoticed. I want people to see and read your message! x

(Take time to smell the bacon) #2

To what post is this intended to be a response? Something seems to have gone wrong here.

(Robin) #3

I’m stumped as to the issue, and thus flummoxed as to the solution!

(Laurie) #4

I remember some mention of a vertical diet. A few months ago?

(Allie) #5

Vertical diet is Stan Efferding and it seems really sound to me, whole food based but with more carbs than we like on keto although these are from whole food sources, nothing processed. Designed for muscle and strength gains as well as fat loss.

But, no idea where @isaaccolema actually intended to post this… :rofl: