Veggies allowed on an egg fast?

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Hi there,

Are Vegetables allowed on an Egg fast? I’m talking about keto vegetables of course (ie not carrots).

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If you eat vegetables on an egg fast, it’s not an egg fast any longer…

Carrots can be keto…

You are ‘allowed’ to do what ever you want…


The egg fast I know allows only eggs, fat and optionally cheese.

That’s one reason I never tried it, I did fat fast instead as that allowed vegetables…
Now I avoid veggies but I still can’t do egg fasts as I need vegetarian carnivore (that I never did but an egg fast would be that. IDK what fats are allowed but I wouldn’t use plant ones) way more eggy and protein rich than that. And it’s boring.

Eggs fasts must be short and I don’t understand what they are good for but of course, each to their own. But maybe you can use something more enjoyable and sustainable to reach similar goals?

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At that point I would call it an “egg and vegetable fast” or short-term-crash-diet. What outcome are you seeking from an egg fast?

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We get this sort of question all the time. Technically speaking, a fast is nothing but liquid; no sources of calories allowed.

But people insist on calling special diets by such names as egg “fast” and bacon “fast,” so I guess we are allowed to do as we wish and still call it a fast. I am currently embarking on my fifth year of a meat, fish, poultry, green vegetables, and coffee fast, myself.


In some instances, the Egg Fast can help you reduce the toxins in your body from years of bad eating. Since the egg fast only allows you to have certain egg items to eat, it greatly reduces your cravings for sugar and carbs. For most people, this is a good thing, because it results in weight loss.

--------You are basically doing a very low kcal ‘egg fast’ with no veg etc to get off plant toxins and reduce plant toxin inflammation etc. and of course it is a fast weight loss trick/tip

that kinda sums it up mostly

HOW ONE COMES off an egg fast is important too cause if ya go big on carbs then every bit of work and effort you put into your egg fast means nothing. a lb. lost will be gained back and new toxins into the body so? just thoughts on that also. Mostly a starving, dieting to lose a few fast lbs. fad out there. Some people love it LOL some hate it :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ve been on keto for nearly 2 years. I’m on the egg fast to break a plateau