Varying extended fast and TRE?

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I have been fasting, initially for the control of insulin and blood sugar. I have, surprisingly to me, had a significant weight loss - enough that I believe again I actually could look and feel normal again. The process of fasting has been enough to manage the symptoms of neuropathy in my feet and it has decreased by at least 75%.

But the weight loss has slowed down. It has been a lot tougher to lose weight in the past three months. I am uncertain about changing, as the 42 hour fast 3x a week, with 18 between Sat and Sun has been really manageable. But I am not sure what to do in order to vary a fasting schedule - I simply have never done it.

Should I consider OMAD for a week, then back to 42 x 3? 20:4 for a week or two, then back to 42 x 3? Any thoughts or suggestions as I need to get back on track and don’t want to count calories!

Thanks to you all!

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This is normal. The closer we approach our goal weight, the more slowly the fat comes off. Even the people who lose a hundred pounds quickly find that it takes time to lose the final ten. Moreover, my experience was that after I reached my current weight, my body composition continued to change. I got a pair of pants for Christmas that first year that was too small to wear, but twelve months later, they fit just fine, though my scale weight remained the same during those twelve months. Apparently I had continued gaining muscle and losing fat, even though my weight was stable.

You are doing fine. Keep Calm and Keto On!

(Christopher) #3

Thank you so much! Appreciate the inspiration! 42 x 3 it is!