Vanilla Pudding - less 5 minutes


(Glenn Graham) #1

I feel strange placing this simple method, but I wish I knew about it a couple of months ago. However here it is…
Box of Sugar-Free Jello-O Vanilla pudding
3 cups Heavy-Cream (replaces the Fat-Free milk they recommend)
Mix till thick and refrigerate.

That is it, I am not a foodie, but this stuff is good, simple, and rich. I can only eat a couple of spoon fulls and I and satisfied. So a single box will probably last me a long time.

Strawberry version an alternate version however mine is simpler.


Very interesting. I just looked up the ingredients and 1/4 package instant mix contains 6 g which mostly comes from corn starch. If you are only consuming two spoons prepared product, it comes out to maybe 2 or 3 g.

(Glenn Graham) #3

Yeah, strange labeling. I used the whole box, 24g of carbohydrates total in my pudding. When you whip it up, you get a least 4 cups worth of pudding. To big teaspoons of this stuff is all I wanted. Even if you eat a 1/4 cup of this, you should only get <3 grams of carbohydrates.


I just googled the info…so I was likely looking at a different size box of jello. I think you have a good idea. Quick prep, low carbs. Thanks for sharing.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #5

Thing is, as a general principle, it’s a good idea to avoid having your carbs come from sugar or starch.

Not scolding. If you like it, and you’re willing to chance any downsides, go for it. But for me personally, I’d rather do treats that don’t start with starch or sugar from a box.

(Glenn Graham) #6

Yeah, it is far from perfect, but it gives me a simple treat with little prep or fuse. I still eat out and consume many dishes prepared by restaurants. So I guess I am will to risk it. :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Hanson) #7

Oddly, SF jello gives me terrible sugar cravings. I always attributed it to aspartame. However, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s really the starch. I have to avoid it like the plague.


I bet my kids will like this :slight_smile: