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:slight_smile: 2 cups of veggies in cream sauce is pretty heavy. Add in the fish & nuts…yeah, that would hold me for either of my 2 daily meals*. You might be a lot more active than I am…

  • I would most likely eat a little more though. I quit tracking calories once I went to 2 meals a day but would say they’re closer to 900 each. But wouldn’t feel “starving” from a 600 cal meal that’s 3/4 fat.

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You do have to be careful. It’s not a license to stuff your face all day long :slight_smile: Calories in, calories out is kinda frowned on nowadays, but hard to argue that if you’re running a large calorie surplus - regardless of macros - you’re probably going to gain. Unless you’re a bottomless pit teenager…

The difference for me was…eating so much fat and ditching the carbs, I simply wasn’t hungry every 3 hrs. Compared to other diets where I just did calorie deficits, i always felt deprived, hungry, food on my mind all the time. Keto was much easier. I don’t feel like I’m not getting enough food. When I started fasting 18/6 I felt hungry around 10am (my normal eating times are noon to 6pm, fast the other 18 hrs). Still do. But I drink a cup of black coffee or a bottle of water & that “i’m hungry” feeling goes away and I’m fine until noon meal. Before, if i felt hungry & didn’t eat, I felt more & more hungry [hangry], weak, couldn’t get that hunger feeling off my mind. Now it just passes quickly & I’m fine.

For me trick was getting fat high enough & meals proper size that I wasn’t starving by next meal time or obsessing about getting a snack. Getting to truly wanting 2 meals a day, no snacks between, and feeling fine 95% of the time as far as not wanting food worked well. Dunno if i will ever progress to one meal a day. Not feeling it yet that’s for sure, but 18/6 is now pretty routine & I like it.

However, what I can’t do is OVEREAT my noon meal and then still feel satiated/not hungry around 6pm. Had to figure out how much enough was - what kept me feeling fine noon to 6pm. But if i went real heavy and had another 600 calories at lunch, I’d still be just as hungry & ready for dinner around 6. So you do have eat within reason :slight_smile:

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I do think this takes a lot of getting used to. I usually eat two meals a day, most days that I’m not fasting. The amount I put in my bowl is shocking at times. But I don’t have to eat for 7-8 hours afterwards and am not hungry at all during that time.

For me, OMAD is very difficult. I get home too late. I’m often getting home after 7pm and going to bed at 9pm. So, I reserve OMAD for when I can get home not much later than 5pm and also when I don’t exercise (I get too hungry, since I exercise in the morning, to wait until 5pm+ to eat).


I am a newbie so I cant really comment on what will be. But important to hear your experiences. Right now I am amazed that I feel FULL and dont feel hungry for hours. I dont even know if I want to go into fasting. Should I? Isnt keto enough?

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Not everyone fasts. When I started in 2014, I was eating many meals per day, eating immediately after workouts, eating protein before workouts, etc. I still lost weight. I then heard about Jason Fung, and watched a bunch of his videos. I then started fasting slowly (skipping breakfast, then having a bullet proof coffee, then skipping lunch, skipping both bfast and lunch) one or more times per week. That was 1.5 years after I started low carb. I then built up to doing 4.5-5.5 day fasts.I did this to try to recover from the ailments I had.

I do not think fasting is necessary, especially if you are eating two meals a day and feeling OK and things are going well. If you feel you are slowing in weight loss or have other reasons, try some fasting. I personally find fasting to be freeing. If I’m traveling, for instance, I fast until I get to where I’m going. And it’s cheap.

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Really just stay the course & see what your body tells you. Understand how to tell when you are truly hungry (not eating because lunch time, not eating out of boredom or emotional reaction, etc).

You might find if you are strict (no ‘cheat days’), get your meals right with enough fat that you aren’t wanting between meal snacks, you may naturally gravitate toward some type of fasting simply because you do not want food every 4-5 hrs. Or you might find fasting isn’t something appealing to you. No wrong answer.

If you hit a plateau & are no longer losing weight for a while, a fasting routing might break through that.

But don’t worry about it right now is my advice. Pushing to get into a fasting routine before being fat adapted & really ready is likely to just cause frustration & disappointment. Put on back burner until at least 8 weeks into keto diet & then evaluate - unless you simply don’t feel like eating for very long stretches.


Thank you for your wisdom. So nice that the people on here are so experienced, and helpful. I am already noticing that I am not hungry and can go for longer periods without any food.

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Yeah, that’s a noticeable difference for many people starting out. On carbs it was almost like you’re “always hungry”. Every 2-3 hrs have at least some sort of snack. Or “graze” all day long.

So while I have to give up some (ok, a lot of) foods I really do like, the not feeling like I’m starving myself and obsessing abut food all day long makes keto easy for me. Fair tradeoff in my book…although I sure would like some cookies… :slight_smile:


I made some crab cakes with coconut flour the other day- because I had no other flour I could use. They were good albeit maybe a bit sweet. I could imagine this flour could be used for cookies as well. Allulose, coconut flour and some unsweetened chocolate or cinnamon and spices or almond extract- many possibilites.You could make some great cookies. I usually make myself an almond milk “milk shake” when I feel the need for something sweet. I water it down with ice cubes to make it last,. You just add some vanilla extract, erythrit, and sugar free cocoa. I think you can adapt so many foods. I love deep fried, breaded foods. Like chicken nuggets, shrimp, and breaded veal too. I read you can substitute the bread crumbs with coconut or crushed pork rinds. I think one just has to get creative.

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And use beef tallow to fry them in. It can get expensive, but it’s low (very low) in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

I love to fry things. It just takes a while to clean up. Also, since tallow is hard at room temp, I have to heat it up in my sous vide to get it liquid.

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I was surprised starting this diet that getting off the sugar was an addiction. I quite a 30+ yrs nicotine habit earlier this year and quitting the sugar was exact same thing. Not nearly as bad or long as quitting nicotine, but felt very familiar withdrawal. So after that, I just decided to kill off the sweet tooth (since that’s what got me overweight & diabetic in the first place). Not substituting ‘fake sugars’ for real sugar. Just not doing the sweets at all. Granted some stuff like Propel water or protein powder has some 0 carb sweetener so I do get some, but I’m not baking cookies, cakes, & pies substitutes. I overeat that sort of stuff, want to snack on it just becasue I know it’s there, and for me would make it too easy to just switch back to sugary junk food at some point.

I’m pretty much at the point that some heavy whipping cream beaten to peaks along with a handful of blueberries is perceived as a sweet thing to eat. 92% dark chocolate perceived as sweet/good. Some ways to go still, but am comfortable for first time in my life sitting thru a meeting when they bring in muffins, donuts, cookies, sugary sodas, etc and just feeling perfectly fine sipping my black coffee and leaving all that junk alone. I think NOT baking sweet things with Swerve or whatever got me there - if i was still getting that sweet fix, no idea if i could easily just sit 10 feet form a jelly donut & not care. :slight_smile:


never ever even heard of “tallow”


I too feel so comfortable with this way of eating that it is shocking! I guess I have always loved fat, and now I am “ordered” to eat it!
I quit smoking 20 years ago. I figured all the coughing in the morning was not very sexy. Gurgling up your own slime is simply not attractive! Just joking- I always wanted to quit in my forties because I knew there is a time limit on when the damage becomes irreversible.
But I have a question. If you make cookies which are totally keto- with coconut flour and allulose, vanilla extract and eggs and cream- isnt that still keto? I know- I have an eye on the calories. But lets say it is Xmas eve and Have some cookies- that means I have not fallen off he waggon doesnt it? I should remain in ketosis if there are no carbs to digest?

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Rendered beef fat. You don’t want to use seed oils, like peanut, soybean, canola, etc. Lard is also good. If you can get sustainably farmed palm oil, that’s also OK.

Beef tallow is the best, though.

You might be able to get other tallows from other ruminants, depending on where you live. I have to either buy beef fat and make my own tallow or order tallow online.

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The 2 questions I hear very often and really hate are (1) is this keto? and (2) will this break my fast? Reason why is very subjective, no single answer applies to every person, everyone owns their own diet so does it their own way, and too many treat keto diet like it’s a religion or they’re waging a “that’s not keto” jihad across the internet…

So are your cookies keto? I could argue if you’re doing IIFYM Oreos are keto. Others will argue unless you know for sure the sweetener doesn’t cause an insulin response for you, they’re not. Your diet, so you’re the supreme court of is it keto. The people who argue that you count ALL carbs ad would even count carbs in say kale, would tell you the carbs from allulose or sugar alcohols count toward your 20…

For me, I’d say what you describe is perfectly fine FOR YOU. FOR ME, hell no because sugar addiction… Would be like me saying I’m no longer hooked on oxy since I’m doing heroin instead :slight_smile:

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Welcome to weird and wacky keto land where fat is good…

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I started out eating fake foods, then went through a phase where I had none at all, and now I’m in a phase where I have some sometimes. For instance, I plan on making a cheesecake with allulose for Christmas, and my wife and I will try some keto eggnog. I also have darker chocolate sometimes. But I try for this to be infrequent, and it no longer sets off any type of overeating or slow death spiral into carb overload.

I’ve also been doing this for 6 years, so it’s different if you haven’t.


Tallow.Just hard to believe its good for you.I live in Europe so I would have to see if you can even buy it here. i dont think so. Never heard of it.

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Its just beef fat that you melt (render) where in Europe are you?


I think people ask those 2 questions because eating this way and not being in ketosis is a recipe for disaster. Not only for weight, but for the arteries! But I am sure it is individual. I am in ketosis and eating around 25g carbs and am supposed to be eating 20. Lots of things will play a roll. I used to be thin until I discovered chocolate.I am not sure we are that dissimilar.