Update after 2 weeks


Actually started 3 weeks ago, but testing started the following week.

I think it was going pretty well, but started to fiddle with it to check the impact of few not so keto friendly foods. Here are 2 examples:

and another one last night:

So I guess I went a bit too far. This week no more experiments. Will try to stay within speed limit.

As I mentioned in another thread I’m skipping breakfast and have lunch / dinner at 11am / 6pm. To my surprise I am satiated all the time, I don’t feel the urge to snack. I feel I could even reduce portions a bit more, but then the body is said to go into storage mode and it would be counter productive. Not sure how to asses that threshold.

Weight dropped 3 lbs during the first week and stays there pretty much.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

The way to assess that threshold is to eat when hungry, stop eating when no longer hungry, and not to eat again until hungry again. Your appetite on any given day may not appear to match well with your activity level that day, but over any given seven- or eight-day period, the match between intake and expenditure on an ad libitum ketogenic diet is surprisingly accurate. The body knows what it is doing.