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Thanks for posting that. That’s a very big bag! Trouble is once I’ve opened a bag of anything I find it very difficult to stop eating them. I am interested in getting scratchings that aren’t too fatty so i can crush them up to use in recipes. Apparently our UK ones are much fattier than the USA type.

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Ha!! Just noticed you mentioned your scratchings dealer. Only a foody would think in that way :grinning:

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yep the US ones which I have add strip off the fat but proper scratchings are at the best when they have the fat, that is FACT ha ha !

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My butchers 75p a bag


Hello Everyone, I’m in Croydon. And just about to start - after several day’s reading and calculating and anticipating Pork Scratchings. Hey ho.

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Hi Pat welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Hello Pat,
Welcome, I live in Dorking, not too far from you. Been in Keto for nearly 3 months and also enjoy my pork scratchings too.
Enjoy your journey!


Thank you.

I’m.wondering if it’s possible for us Londoners and nearbys to do a bulk buy of expensive ingredients…

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Hi Pat,
I was researching where to buy grass-fed beef without it coasting an arm and a leg. There are quite a few based in London but not sure how legitimate they are.

After watching The Magic Pill - there is no way I can find the space for a whole cow.


Maybe a tenth of a small fatty cow. How big is a cow?

I suppose it could be possible at the end of the summer before the likelihood of it not eating grass.


‘Waves from Aberdeen ways”
If your wanting to buy beef in bulk try. Green pasture farms. They do cow, lamb and pig as cow share, you can buy a whole and have it delivered all at once or they can split up the delivery’s so you get part now and the rest delivered at separate times. Cow I think they do by whole, 1/2 or 1/10, lamb is I think whole or half (looks like there out of stock at the moment, ) piggy’s is whole or half. And you can get tail, ears etc… :smiley:

I’ve ordered from them before (misc stuff plus a whole pig) and was really happy with the service and product (and no I don’t work for them or anything)

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WOW, I was kind of joking about a whole cow, now I see the possibilities, especially if I get the family to chip in.

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I’ve ordered from them before and brought loads of suet, chicken skins, pork back-fat and rinds and marrow bones. Only wish the marrow bones where bigger and not sliced into discs, but they were still tasty. Maybe we should all chip in and buy a cow?


Thank you.
And maybe a visit to Billingsgate…

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Hi all I’m Norma, a Londoner who’s been living in Ipswich for nearly 10years. I’m lucky that my local butcher has usually seen the beef on the hoof before slaughter and knows what they’re eating.

But these people are also good: Ford Hall Farm though I found their streaky bacon too salty for me. I know of other good places for meat by post, if anyone’s interested

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I’ve been looking at this site… https://www.buyacow.uk


I’m wondering if the companies that provide online cows, so to speak, maybe over butcher from a keto point of view and remove most of the fat. And the organ meat often has to be added as an extra.

So I’m going to enquire of local butchers and I’m hoping the costs will be lower especially if the butchered cow can be collected and not delivered.

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You ask them for what you want! I’ve never come across a butcher who wasn’t happy not to trim off fat


I phoned a butcher in Lincolnshire where my mum gets her meat. This is what he said:

Cow - Lincolnshire Red, a native bread (75% native), higher fat, slightly smaller, late maturing, completely grass fed
Weight of one side - half a cow is 150kg or 330lb
Cost £750 or £5 per kg; beef prices are stable and unlikely to change
There are three qualities of meat in a cow:
top and silverside - 30%
rump, sirloin, fillet, ribeye - 30%
brisket - 40%
And any of these can be cut into different products eg mince or stewing beef, steaks or roasting joints.

He would need to know the numbers of people and how each person wants their proportion cut.