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(Norma Laming) #41

Don’t know if anyone answered this but whipping cream has more fat than single and less than double cream

(mags) #42

Thanks Norma. I think I did suss it out in the end


Greetings from Southampton! :wave:

(mags) #44

Welcome! I’m from South Wales. Hope your keto journey is a great one. We’re here to help if we can :+1:


Peterborough here. So great to see a UK forum, I can’t find some foods here that are available in the States. Pork Rinds especially!

(mags) #46

Welcome! :grinning: From what I understand our pork rinds (scratchings) are nicer than the American ones but are too fatty to grind up to use as a coating for stuff. There are some out there that might be OK but you have to watch in case they have crappy carbs added.

(Allie) #47

Yes this is the issue exactly. I’ve found some called “pork crunch” that look similar to those available in the US, but they’re full of crap I don’t want to consume.

(bulkbiker) #48

Do you have an Asian supermarket near you? Oddly I have found chiccarones at Wing Yip and See Woo. They are I think what in the US would be classed as pork rinds… may contain crap tho… not at home so can’t check… or make you own with pork belly skin . Slow bake in oven then whack up heat for 10 mins to puff up.

(Allie) #49

I do, but they’re regularly shut down by the council’s Environmental Health Dept. so tend to stay clear… :neutral_face: If I find one that may be a safer bet, I shall investigate though, thanks :slight_smile:

(Vijay Bhakta) #50

You could look for something called Pork Crunch in Home Bargains. I have used that for crumbing chicken.

Also, check out Morrisons as they sell pork skin, quite a bit for a few quid and you can make your own

(Sybella) #51

i make my own using the pork rinds, you just have to trim the fat before putting in the oven at low temp. Then fry them up.

(Paul O'Brien) #52

Hi Paul, from London here. Great to be part of this way of life !

(Drew Says "Eat the Salt, you damned stinking Keto ape" Hardcore Label Licka ) #53

SWEEEEEET! Thanks guys your the tops

(Alex Dyke) #54

Hi from Essex! Enjoying this WOE :slight_smile:

(Drew Says "Eat the Salt, you damned stinking Keto ape" Hardcore Label Licka ) #55

Hey Alex
I’m in Harlow where are you in Essex

(Alex Dyke) #56

Not far… Loughton!

(Drew Says "Eat the Salt, you damned stinking Keto ape" Hardcore Label Licka ) #57

Hi Alex that’s cool. Do you know of any good butchers or Whole Foods Shops around you Harlow is a dead end as far as anything like that. I’m trying to put an Essex meatup together! yeah I know wrong time of year for fun in the sun and all that but hey! Lets chat and see what’s what maybe start a West Essex keto support group


(Alex Dyke) #58

I’m a big bbq fan… so I have a butchers based in Hatfield. I try to avoid supermarkets for my meat

He can ship nationwide

I’d be interested in a meat-up, not sure on the demographics, so it might need to pull in those in London / surrounding area etc

(Drew Says "Eat the Salt, you damned stinking Keto ape" Hardcore Label Licka ) #59

Good to hear your a bbq Jedi, over the next few weeks I plan to build a smoker and then go to costco to get some of their field aged beef, and for the next mouth or so I’ll be smoking anything that stands still for to long. :face_with_monocle:

I have herd of these guys, do you know of them? Church’s Butchers Of Epping


(Alex Dyke) #60

Good luck with the build! It’s a drum smoker?

Not familiar with that butcher, have used this one in Theydon Bois

But switched to the Hatfield one as he’s better!