Type1 diabetic and weight loss


I am a 39 years old type1 diabetic since 1998. I started keto in june and in 6 weeks i got my Hba1c from 80 to 58 (9,5 to 7,5) The first 4 weeks I lost 4 kilos.Since then I am loosing and gaining the same 1 kilo. I haven’t been counting calories Only carbs. I am between 15-25 carbs a day. I am 163cm and 81 kg. I find it really strange that I have cut all sugar, chips and bad carbs and I am not loosing weight for the last 8 weeks. Some days I count calories just to check, and some day it is 2000 calories other days it is 900 calories. I am confused about the one who eat a lot of cheese, butter, cream, and then a lot if calories and still loose weight. I have been measuring myself also, there is Nothing different.
I use around 35-40 iE of Fiasp insulin in a pump. I have a Medtronic 670g with cmg.

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How much insulin are you taking? You might be at a point where you can dispense with your bolus doses before meals and get along on your daily dose. You might even be able to lower your daily dose a bit, but you should consult your physician before doing so.

Also, what kind of weight did you lose? Was it lean tissue or fat? How much fat do you want to lose? You might wish to investigate the Type I Grit Facebook group, since they provide support and information to Type I diabetics and are familiar with the ketogenic diet.


I am using 35-40 Units of insulin a day. I am bolusing for protein and I take 1 unit insulin when I eat. If I lower my daily use my bloodsugar will go up. My Numbers are in the middel of 6,5 and 10 all day and night. I have a glucose sensor so I can see what it is all the time.

I was at my endo yesterday and We had to increase my insulin in the morning because of dawn fenomen. That is the liver letting go of glucose in the morning, and I am eating low on carbs so why the glucose come I Don’t really understand.


Oh and I think I Only lost water.

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Keto is a metabolic normalization process, not a quick weight/fat loss diet. Excessive weight is a symptom of other problems. My guess: you’ve got a lot to fix that takes priority over losing weight.

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On a low-carb diet, the insulin from protein is matched by an equivalent amount of glucagon, keeping the insulin/glucagon ratio low. Of course, you are not producing insulin, but you are producing glucagon (we know that because your serum glucose rises so high). That being the case, you may be able to dispense with the bolus dose entirely, which will lower your insulin/glucagon ratio and will help with the fat loss, since insulin is the principal hormone that causes storage of fatty acids in adipose tissue (there are other hormones that become a consideration when insulin is low; the insulin signal predominates, however).

If you are eating low-carb, dawn phenomenon is not so much of a concern. In your situation, I’d be more concerned with getting HbA1C lower, myself. As long as that is in the non-diabetic range, you don’t need to worry so much about fluctuations in glucose.

Also, you’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for only six weeks, so I suspect that as you go along, you will find your numbers trending in the right direction, and your body composition will start to normalise—in other words, you will shed excess fat and may add some lean mass. Since lean mass is denser than fat mass, you may find your clothes becoming looser even if the scale refuses to budge. This is a sign of success, so be sure to watch for it.


I am sorry maybe I didn’t explain myself well. But I have been eating keto for 13 weeks, not 6. I got results in my bloodsugar after 6 weeks and after the first 4 weeks I lost 4 kilos.

I am sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by dispensing my bolus? It may be because english isn’t my main Language. Sorry.
Thanks for answering :blush:


Thanks for your answer. I have been taking bloodwork and it is all fine. And I am in a really good mental place, I’ve been for 2 years now😊