Two Weeks Later, Still Low Ketones. Really long adaptation?

(Liz ) #41

Agree about the rancid macadamias, when I buy a fresh bag at Trader Joe’s I keep it in the fridge.

(Cathy) #42

Costco usually has mac nuts.


I live in the middle of Maine…no Trader Joe’s , not sure if there’s a Costco…will check though. Yes, my walnuts have been in the freezer, but now seeing the carbs, I’ll “tread more lightly”.


I get mine at Trader Joe’s. I buy salted but will get them unsalted going because I just read something that indicated that the salt makes them more addictive at least as far as macadamias go. All other nuts I get raw when possible


On the hunt for macadamias too. My Costco didn’t carry them. I’m sure the regular groceries will but they can be expensive. Bulk Barn (Canada) frequently has them on sale but even then they are expensive so I have to coupon.

(Annie ) #46

I’m struggling with adapting, too. I’ve been eating low carb and mostly keto for almost 2 years. My typical daily macros are within a few grams of the 75F/20P/5C. I’m not a diabetic, have already lost about 60 pounds, and rarely eat food I haven’t prepared myself.

I’ve just started using a blood meter and testing my ketones. My objective is first to see how long it takes to get into dietary ketosis. I’m on day 7 and have only just reached .32mM today.

Light nutritional ketosis’ is between 0.5mmol/L and 1.0mmol/L and ‘optimal ketosis’ is between 1.0mmol/L and 3.0mmol/L, some experts claim. So I still have a way to go just to reach light nutritional ketosis.

Everything I’ve read indicates nutritional ketosis begins at around day 4. I’m on day 7 and haven’t reached it yet. Each day does seem to double in numbers from the day before, so perhaps tomorrow or the next day.

My typical daily menu is as follows:
Breakfast : Black tea (I rarely eat before 10am)
Lunch: 3 eggs scrambled with 3T cream cheese, 1 serving of macadamia nuts OR sliced boiled ham with cheese slices roll ups (3-4)
Dinner: roasted chicken thighs OR ribeye OR grilled 4oz burger patty (80/20)

My calories are generally around 1300-1500 each day.

I mostly eat the same foods every day, just vary the seasonings a bit. I do not use packaged seasoning mixes. I’m careful to avoid added cornstarch or flours in prepared fools.

I do exercise. I do 30 mins of elliptical 6x week and lift weights 6x a week.

I’m 50 years old, female, have low (treated) thyroid function, and suffer from fibromyalgia. This WOE works to help reduce inflammation which is my primary goal and helps keeps me on track.

(Chantay) #47

I retested this afternoon. Ketones are up to .3, so it’s moving in the right direction. I’ve been keeping protein at or below 60g a day, I’ll try to keep that up and hopefully by early next week I’ll see a more definitive improvement.

(Karen Fricke) #48

Keto Annie try more fat and more calories. When you start, your body isn’t geared up to tap into your own fat stores so you need to give it more fat to start burning fat instead of carbs. If you’re active, 1500 might not be enough calories. I’m fairly sedentary and can lose weight on 1500. Your body might think it’s starving. I know it’s counter intuitive, but much of what we’ve been taught about nutrition and weight loss is wrong.


I have ordered the Mauna Loa brand of macadamia nuts from Amazon before. Got a case with I believe 6 small cans. Kept them great for a long time. Now I have found nuts at my local health food store that are in a resealable bag. I have had no problems with them either.

(Annie ) #50

kcfricke, I was thinking I need to re-introduce coconut oil, since that is one of the foods I cut out when I removed coffee from my daily intake (I can drink unsweetened tea, but I won’t drink unsweetened coffee) to remove all artificial sweeteners. When I did this before, I stuck to 1250 calories and would only lose weight if I ran a calorie deficit through exercise. I believe being hypothryroid, though treated and managed, is somehow affecting how many calories I need for basic function.

(Jane Reed) #51

I used to have this trouble with my host at dinner insisting I eat or drink more than I wanted. When I allowed the food to remain on my plate untouched, or the wine to remain untasted, thus all going to waste, the nonsense would stop.

I bet if your honey saw you take the jars and throw them in the waste basket, he’d get the message. Don’t say anything, just throw them away. It works.

(Karen Fricke) #52

I put coconut oil and butter in hot tea. It’s pretty good.


I love my white tea with coconut oil in the morning. It is comforting, mellow in my tummy with my aupplements, and starts the day off right.

(Brenda Zorn) #54

I like this girl.

(Crystal ) #55

A month late, but your calories are SO LOW! Working out 6 days a week? Chances are your body is stressed to the max and holding onto whatever it can to survive! It seems dramatic - and it is! I went through a life of restriction and broke my metabolism to pieces because of it.
MORE FAT! Less focus on calories, your body will figure that out on its own!
Any news? have you tried anything else??

(Mike W.) #56

Have you had any relief from this? It sounds like you’re dehydrated…


The headaches stopped, thanks. I don’t know if I could have been dehydrated drinking 3 litres of water more or less everyday. I did follow my plan like I mentioned in an earlier post. So I start each morning with a mix of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, pink salt, inositol, super green powder and two glasses of water. I notice I feel good on the days I drink this and the days I miss I tend to have lower energy.

My keto WOE is on auto pilot these days and I’m also not paying too much attention to the scale because the scale is still stuck in the last 10 pounds that I’ve been fighting since I started keto. However my clothes fit better and I feel stronger (I can lift heavier things for long durations). I can see muscle definition increasing in my arms and legs even though I do not work out per se. It’s funny how I’ve stopped stressing about being keto :joy:

This week, I’ve joined a walk challenge at work so I’m putting in a minimum of 10k steps everyday and I’m also practicing IF. It was supposed to be a 16/8 IF but it ends up being an 18/6. It’s fairly easy to maintain this while I’m at work but I’m dreading the weekend when usually I eat just out of boredom. This is a one-month challenge and I hope I will have something to talk about after it ends. Meanwhile the daily 10k steps is the first physical challenge I’ve set myself since I started keto.

(BR) #58

Hey Chantruese, just curious if your blood ketone levels went up? If so, what do you think you’ve done differently?